Secure Facility Dossier: Site-04K


Secure Facility Dossier

Gangwon Research and Monitoring Facility


38.6█████ — 128.3█████

One, General Information

Founded: 1982

Founding Director: Dr. Kang Doo-il (KIA)

Location: Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Cover Story: (Main Site) Military facilities, (Observation Posts) Abandoned GOP1 barracks, TOD bases, etc.

Site Function: Surveillance of anomalous incidents in Gangwon area and Korean Demilitarized Zone. Obtain military secrets from South Korea and North Korea. Maintenance of old data center facilities. Research and Containment.

Size: (Main site) Area of 2.24 km2


Site-04K of the SCP Foundation Korea Regional Command was established in Geonbongsan Mountain, Goseong-gun, the northernmost part of Gangwon-do, for the purpose of complete surveillance and removal of the paranormal blind spots. Site-04K is monitoring the North Korean border area and the coastal border for that purpose. Site-04K's observation posts can control the surveillance system (long-range camera), detection system (iron fence light network sensor), and control system of the ROKF(Republic of Korea Armed Forces).

The surveillance system operates as intended by the site in case of an emergency, and at this time, the camera display in the situation room of the Korean force is censored and only black screens are displayed. ROKF usually understands this situation as signal paralysis or failure, so no additional cover story work is required. If the observation posts send a false signal and the Korean Task Force is dispatched, the foundation can use it for special operations.

Site-04K was used only as a monitoring site for several decades after its establishment, but the regional characteristics that are difficult to access and the security added to the surveillance network of the Korean military were highly evaluated, and even carried out research and other duties. Since it has the advantage of protecting research results from external forces, the establishment of departments has been promoted and achievements are being made in various fields.

Two, Facility Compartment


Structure map of Site-04K.

All facilities under the Site-04K are equipped with underground facilities and are designed to hide entrances in case of an emergency.

  Surface Complex — Living facilities, Security posts, Garrison.

  Elevator Shaft — Elevators and stairs are located.

  B1, Dormitory Facilities

  B2, Depot

  B3, Operation and Research Wing — It also serves as an administrative facility.

  B4, Containment Wing — It also serves as a PoI and D-class detention. Class Keter entities are handed over to other nearby sites.

Three, Staffing Information

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Site Director
Kang Yoon-sang

Asst. Site Director
Lee Dae-hoon

Asst. Dir. of Personnel
Han Eun-young

Asst. Dir. of Facilities
Ju Sung-hwan

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Asst. Dir. of Research
An Young-gil

Asst. Dir. of Containment
Kang Hyun-hee

Asst. Dir. of Task Forces
Kim Seo-wook

ROKF-Foundation Liaison Officer
Yeon So-ha

On-Site Personnel:

    Military Infiltrator: 48

    Observation Post heads: 7

    Department Heads: 4

    Staff Doctors: 16

    Staff Researchers: 32

    Field Agents: 43

    Administrative Personnel: 16

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 31

    D-Class: 8

    Other Personnel: 24

Four, Current State of Affairs

ID Number Object Class
SCP-442-KO Euclid
SCP-486-KO Euclid
SCP-540-KO Euclid
SCP-744-KO Euclid
SCP-815-KO Euclid
SCP-816-KO Neutralized
SCP-822-KO Thaumiel
SCP-823-KO Euclid
SCP-841-KO Safe
SCP-843-KO Keter
SCP-845-KO Safe
SCP-858-KO Euclid
SCP-859-KO Safe
SCP-860-KO Safe

Five, Internal Departments

  • Head of Department: Dr. Heo Kyung-wook
  • Chief of Section 1: Dr. Ra Eun-hee
  • Chief of Section 2: Dr. Kim Ju-hyung
  • Chief of Section 3: (Vacancy)

Sleep anomalies department research and contain anomalies found in dreams. See the following topics for related documents.

  • Head of Department: Agent ███

ROK Armed Force Monitoring Department worked as DMZ Monitoring Department3 at the beginning of its establishment. At this time, most of the personnel were scattered in each GOP company to carry out infiltration missions, but over time, the game changed as the scientific boundary system was established in the ROKF.

After the successful hacking of the ROKF surveillance system, the mission scope of the department was expanded to the entire DMZ, and recently it was upgraded to the ROKF Monitoring Department as it could operate outside the border with North Korea. Their technological value has been revealed by operating in places unrelated to the military, but the need for direct infiltration operations remains, so external work is only providing remote support. See the following for related documents.

  • Head of Department: Researcher Lee Seon-a

One, Love the purity of coincidence. Two, Share That love with your family. Three, See the following for related documents.

  • Head of Department: N/A

Temporal Anomalies Department will detect and research paranormal threats. See the following for related documents.

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