Secure Facility Dossier: Reliquary Area-27
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Reliquary Area-27

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Theological Research and Emergency Deific Subjugation Facility

Area Identification Code: CAONOT-Area-27

General Information

Reliquary Area-27. Hover to enlarge.

Founded: 24 May 1994

Founding Director: Dr. Vivianne August

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Cover Story: The Saint Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica

Site Function: Research and Development, Specialized Containment, Task Force Deployment, Emergency Personnel Quartering, Administrative

Size: Total Land Area of 3.81km2

Offices and Wings:

  Main Level: Front Building (The Saint Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica)

  Main Offices (Subterranean Lv1): Administrative, Mobile Task Force Deployment

    A Wing (Subterranean Lv1): Staff Dormitories, Medical Center, Temple

    B Wing (Subterranean Lv1): Research Wing, Low Security Artifact Storage

    C Wing (Subterranean Lv2): D-Class Dormitories

    D Wing (Subterranean Lv2): Anomalous Weapons Storage, Apiaries

    E Wing (Subterranean Lv2): Medium Security Holding Wing

    F Wing (Subterranean Lv3): Omniscience Concealed Bunker, Secure Living Quarters

    G Wing (Subterranean Lv3): Sustainable Agriculture Center

    H Wing (Subterranean Lv3): Blessed Water Silos, High Value Containment Wing

    I Wing (Subterranean Lv4): [LEVEL 4 SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED]

Staffing Information


Director Lilith Asimov.

Site Director: Dr. Lilith Asimov

Asst. Site Director: Dr. Oliver Galvin

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Darnell Fortin

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: Penelope Locke

Asst. Dir. of Research: Dr. Marcus Bouchard

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Dr. Randall Bannock

Asst. Dir. of Security: Agent Consuelo Guerrero

Asst. Dir. of Task Forces: Agent Claudia Fiore

On-Site Theology Consultant: Ruth Plaskow Marcus Ambrose Yossi Leiner

On-Site Psychologist: Dr. Alice Pandora

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 11

    Staff Doctors: 47

    Staff Researchers: 115

    Administrative Personnel: 36

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 29

    Security Personnel: 71

    D-Class: 23

    Other Personnel: 57

Additional Information

Conceived in 1987, the land concealing Reliquary Area-27 was originally purchased from the Canadian government to conceal a minor anomalous phenomenon associated with the Saint Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. Formerly designated EE-00915, the cathedral was found to have been within the vicinity of several minor reconstructive events, although it remained unaffected according to Foundation exclusionary archives. After a proposal by the then-burgeoning Department of Tactical Theology, the subterranean portion of Reliquary Area-27 was constructed to serve as a secure site for Foundation personnel in the case of a large-scale K-Class Scenario.

Following construction, Reliquary Area-27 was mainly used as a temporary Foundation housing while being maintained by a skeleton crew of sixty to one-hundred personnel. It wasn't until the discovery and subsequent utilization of SCP-4531-2 that the site took on the containment of several religious anomalies. As of the time of documentation, Reliquary Area-27 is capable of housing and sustaining up to 2,000 individuals. The site possesses minimal containment chambers, instead transferring most anomalies offsite for containment. All anomalies contained on-site have been chosen due to their benefits in the case of a severe deific crisis.

Reliquary Area-27 also acts as the headquarters the Department of Tactical Theology. Headed by Muhammad al-Taqi, the department is responsible for assisting in the capture, containment, and potential neutralization of theological anomalies. Members of the department are often deployed to various compounds to act as liaisons. Examples of such deployments include:

  • Eventual containment of SCP-4795.
  • Continued monitoring and containment of SCP-5998.
  • Reintroduction of theological containment methods into standard Foundation operations.
  • Investigation and reclassification of SCP-3310.
  • Provision of various anomalous armaments and weaponry for task force operations.

For a complete list of documents pertaining to the activities of the Department of Tactical Theology, see Document-IV.

Notable Incidents

Minor Targeted CK-Class Restructuring Scenario
Oct. 1997

Several high-visibility religious locations, including Reliquary Area-27's cover building, were repeatedly affected by a targeted retrocasual anomaly. This resulted in severe alterations to their structures, namely artistic works and architecture. Historical records of targeted locations were found to lack any record of humankind between the 18th and 19th century. Accounts instead focused on the theological developments of entities referred to as the Beneath, who supposedly lived in large interconnected cave systems.

Event Status: Resolved. Publicly accessible records have been altered accordingly to fit the public consensus regarding affected locations. No further mentions of the Beneath in historical accounts have been found, and no evidence of the supposed cave systems have been discovered.

Attempted Takeover by Hostile Group of Interest
Apr. 2002

Members of GoI-0051 ("SAPPHIRE") attempted to raid Reliquary Area-27 in an attempt to procure an unspecified anomalous object. Prior to this, the group was observed transporting several unknown artifacts, although none of these objects were observed during the raid. During the raid, severe damage was inflicted on the site's exterior, although the subterranean site remained unscathed following standard Foundation lockdown procedures.

Event Status: Resolved. SAPPHIRE operatives were subdued and subsequently interrogated. The operatives showed no apparent knowledge of Reliquary Area-27 or any Foundation presence within the area, and were under the impression the cathedral itself housed a powerful religious artifact. Operatives were amnestized, implanted with false memories, and released as to reduce suspicion.

Class-IV Religious Neutralization Event
Feb. 2014

For approximately 14 hours, theological containment procedures within the northern hemisphere experienced a sudden decline in effectiveness. This drop was found to correlate with the disturbance of SCP-5998 following a partial collapse of Provisional Outpost-5998 during a storm. Attempts to fix this issue were temporarily delayed by the continued manifestation of Empyrean entities around the corpse.

Event Status: Resolved. 45 containment breaches and over 168 casualties have been attributed to this drop in effectiveness. Provisional Outpost-5998 has since been rebuilt and further reinforced against inclimate weather.

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