Secure Facility Dossier: Lunar Area-32
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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Lunar Area-32

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Specialised Lunar Containment and Research Area

Site Identification Code: LMaImb-Area-32

General Information


Mare Imbrium. Click to enlarge.

Founded: 29 September 1998

Location: Mare Imbrium, Lunar surface.

Site Function: Research, Specialised Containment, Remote Observation

Size: Area of 12.4km2

Anomalies Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Lunar Area-32

ID Number Object Class
SCP-2493 Euclid
SCP-2651 Safe
SCP-2686 Euclid
SCP-2821 Keter
EE-3570 N/A
SCP-3609 Euclid
SCP-3655 Safe
SCP-4379 Safe
SCP-4731 Safe
SCP-4905 Safe
SCP-5775 Euclid

Facility Regions

Surface Level

As per Security Regulation MIA321, all images of the Mare Imbrium region are altered to remove the presence of Lunar Area-32 and anomalous phenomena. Only the buildings on this level are visible on the lunar surface - Sub-Levels 1 and onward are all concealed beneath the surface of Mare Imbrium.

Main Reception: Formerly the entirety of Lunar Area-32’s predecessor, Outpost Thoth-1, the main reception is the main entry point to the facility. Features include:

  • SCP-120 Reception: An airtight room constructed immediately around the ninth destination point of SCP-120.
  • Cargo Bay: The primary access point to the lunar surface, all incoming personnel and resources are processed or quarantined in the cargo bay before entering the site via the main freight elevator.
    • Observatory: A small observatory to enable observation of Earth from the lunar surface. Utilized for large-scale or global observation in situations where digital monitoring is impractical or impossible. Frequently used to conduct observations using SCP-2943-2 instances.

Landing strip: Single landing strip three kilometres in length on the surface of Mare Imbrium. Vehicles that require the use of the runway are currently only in prototype phases; because of this, the airstrip is primarily used for VTVL landings or take-off.

Sub-Level 1

Sub-Level 1 is the containment level of Lunar Area-32. All the rooms on this level (excluding those located immediately beneath other constructs) are designed to be isolatable from the remainder of the facility, and can eject their contents from the facility if required.

Anomaly Medical Facilities: Intended for use to treat anomalous biological entities separately from facility personnel.

Containment Zone: Multiple compartmentalized containment chambers, split into four wings: North, South, East, West. Each containment chamber is equipped with multiple environment sensors, and can be programmed to automatically jettison their contents when certain thresholds are met. Noteworthy containment chambers include:

  • (Former) SCP-2493 Containment Chamber: Interior is filled with helium gas at a pressure of 20 kilopascals, kept between 270 and 285 degrees Kelvin, and the walls are padded with a three centimetre layer of soft rubber. The room is programmed to immediately eject its contents if a burst of radiation is detected. Currently unused,2 but remaining in commission should it be required on short notice.

Anomalous Item Storage

D-Class Personnel Barracks: Located immediately below the facility airstrip. One of the few rooms that are not designed to jettison.

Sub-Level 2

Main Reception: Connected to the surface level facilities via air-locked elevator shafts. Serves as a security checkpoint for new arrivals – connected directly to Security Facilities, to promote rapid response in the unlikely event of a hostile incursion.

Administrative Facilities

Staff Quarters

Common Rooms

Gym: The Lunar Area-32 gymnasium is equipped with several low-gravity treadmills and Advanced Resistive Exercise Devices. Personnel stationed at the facility must undergo a mandatory one-hour exercise session each day.

Minimal Gravity Arena: Informally referred to as the Ender Arena,3 the Minimal Gravity Arena is utilised both as a recreational facility for personnel and as a training facility for Mobile Task Force personnel present at Lunar Area-32. MTF training sessions take priority over recreational sessions.

Personnel Medical Facilities: Not to be confused with the Anomaly Medical Facilities, located at Sub-Level 1. Solely used for treating non-anomalous personnel.

High Speed Rail Station: Used to access the current containment unit of SCP-2493 and SCP-2821. Excavations to connect Lunar Area-32 to other established facilities, such as Lunar Area 13, are currently underway.

Sub-Level 3

Atmosphere Regulator: Maintains a stable atmosphere throughout the facility, analogous to Earth's troposphere.

Failsafe Generators

Research Facilities

Geology Facilities

Sub-Level 4

Due to the importance of Sub-Level 4’s contents to the continued habitation of the facility, personnel not involved with the necessary maintenance or functions of its contents are strictly barred from entering.

Primary Nuclear Reactor

(Prototype) FAM-32 Power Core: Stable power core constructed using technical data and blueprints received from SCP-2493'. Utilises contained neutrinos and gamma radiation from matter/antimatter annihilations to produce large amounts of energy. Currently the only of its kind, undergoing an extensive trial period to ensure durability and safety before others are constructed on Earth.



Staffing Information

Due to the dangerous location of Lunar Area-32, the high-risk anomalies under its jurisdiction and the inherent difficulty with accessing the facility, it is primarily staffed by a skeleton crew. Unnecessary personnel are transferred off-site at the first available opportunity.


Site Director Cyrus Hourdoon

Area Director: Senior Administrator Cyrus Hourdoon5

Asst. Area Director: N/A

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: N/A

Asst. Dir. of Facilities: N/A

Asst. Dir. of Research: Junior Researcher Dillan Polsun

Asst. Dir. of Containment: Junior Researcher Sylver Tolen


Devlin Wiston

Ethics Committee Liaison: Devlin Wiston6

On-Site Personnel:

    Staff Doctors: 4

    Staff Researchers: 16

    Administrative Personnel: 6

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 0

    Security Personnel: 10

    D-Class: 4

    Other Personnel: N/A

Total Population: 40

Site History

Outpost Thoth-1, the predecessor to Lunar Area-32, was conceived in late 1992 following confirmation that the ninth destination point of SCP-120 was located on the surface of Mare Imbrium. The inherently remote, otherwise difficult to access and relatively flat region showed promise for the construction of a highly secure facility, and was approved for construction despite the predictably high expenditure of both funding and D-Class personnel. Construction of the lunar outpost was completed in August of 1995, and one unit of Distributed Task Force Sigma-6 (“Puddlejumpers”) was assigned as a security detail – this unit (Division 5: “Spacemen”) has been stationed on-site ever since.

Following its completion, Outpost Thoth-1 was primarily used as a secure archival location until the discovery of SCP-852 several kilometres away in 1996. As the outpost had not been expected to encounter any anomalous phenomena, it was not equipped to store the object; because of this, SCP-852 was left exposed upon the lunar surface until a method of transporting it to Earth was determined. A second, immobile anomaly – SCP-2686 - was discovered within proximity to the outpost several days later. The inability for Outpost Thoth-1 to contain these anomalies, even temporarily, prompted discussion to have the outpost expanded – these discussions were accelerated by the discovery of SCP-2493, which as proposed by Researcher ████ ███,7 would be significantly easier and safer to contain outside the terrestrial atmosphere. Outpost Thoth-1 was approved for renovations and expansion.

The retrieval shuttle that would be used to transport SCP-852 to Earth was also utilised to transport several boring machines to Outpost Thoth-1; several additional launches were required to transport the entirety of the facility’s prefabricated components, its generators, the multiple components of its environmental control and life support systems, as well as the entire five-man unit comprising Mobile Task Force Gamma-4 (“Blondebeard’s Crew”) and SCP-2493. Construction was completed in early September of 1998; on the 29th, Outpost Thoth-1 was officially redesignated as Lunar Area-32.

Since its redesignation, Lunar Area-32 has been useful in the investigation or discovery of several anomalies involving celestial objects such as the moon, including:

  • Collaboration with personnel investigating SCP-2193.
  • Collaboration with personnel testing SCP-2063.8
  • The constŗucŧįő[DATA CORRUPT]
  • The discovery of SCP-2821, a VK-Class hazardous anomaly, during excavations to connect Lunar Area-32 to Lunar Area 13 via high-speed rail.
  • Retrieval of testing subjects involved with SCP-2923.

Additional Information

New personnel are advised to bring their own protective headgear to Lunar Area-32. Head injuries are common among personnel unaccustomed to the Moon's gravity, and administration will not provide headgear upon arrival. - Site Director Cyrus Hourdoon.

Newcomers are also advised to bring their own medication (especially prescriptions), and bring enough to last for at least nine months. If you forget or run out, there's nothing we can do until the next supply run, unless you're important enough for someone to make a trip through 120 to deliver it. - Dr. Stephanie Hall, Medical.

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