Secure Facility Dossier: Ex. Site-26

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SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Extraterrestrial Site-26

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Extraterrestrial Storage and Archive Facility

Site Identification Code: NOVA-Site-26

General Information

Aphrodite Nebula, as seen from Earth.

Site Function: Containment and archive of various anomalies and documents

Founded: 3 November 2019

Founding Director: Dr. Aphroditus Asteria

Location: Aphrodite Nebula
(07h 38m 11.24s +45° 27' 30.2")

Cover Story: Rogue planet 968 light-years from Earth
(WISE 073810.77+452730.5)

Size: 509,968,658 km2

A statue depicting Dir. Asteria at Ex. Site-26.

Staffing Information

Site Director: Dr. Aphroditus Asteria

All-Sections Chief: N/A

On-Site Personnel: 1

Anomalies Under the Jurisdiction of Extraterrestrial Site-26

ID # Object Class Codename
SCP-6113 Multiple Temporary Reflections
SCP-6712 Euclid Trade, Build, Protect
SCP-6852 Keter Where Best Friends Are Made®
SCP-77711 Flor Galana As Luck Would Have It
SCP-6947 Archon Around the world, around the world

Notable Documents in Archive

Site Overview

Located 968 light-years from Earth on WISE 0738+4527 in the Aphrodite Nebula, Extraterrestrial Site-26 is a self-sustaining moderately-sized facility responsible for the containment and archive of various objects and documents. Ex. Site-26 is the first Foundation secure facility to be built outside of Earth's solar system. It is also the largest facility as the entire planet's surface is at the Foundation's disposal.

Originally conceived by Dir. Aphroditus Asteria on 28/10/2019, Ex. Site-26 was founded just six days later on 03/11/2019. However, despite the facility's completion, it did not contain any anomalies and lay dormant for almost two years. Its first object, SCP-6113, spontaneously appeared within the confines of the facility and was immediately contained on 24/10/2021.

Ex. Site-26 is manned exclusively by its only resident, Dir. Asteria. Despite this, the facility is outfitted with several living spaces and enough equipment and rations to accomodate any Foundation personnel, members of a friendly GoI, civilians, and humanoids that happen to find themselves at the facility.

Additional Information

Emergency Action Plan

If communication with Dir. Asteria cannot be made within 5 years, Ex. Site-26 is to be presumed lost. If presumed lost, efforts are to be made to withdraw all objects and documents from the site to be placed in the custody of Melody P. Geiger, Deputy Director of the Department of Extraterrestrial Operations and Logistics.

Personnel File

Dr. Aphroditus Asteria

A depiction of Dir. Asteria, circa 1580.

Name: Aphroditus Asteria

Location: Extraterrestrial Site-26

Security Clearance: Level 4

Current Position: Extraterrestrial Site-26 Director

Former Position(s): Site-06-3 Level 1 Assistant Researcher

History: Dr. Asteria gained notable attention from the Foundation as a thaumaturgist with a speciality in reality benders. She was contacted on 28/10/2019 by Foundation recruiters and was hired the same day. Assigned a temporary position to Site-06-3 as a Level 1 Assistant Researcher, Dr. Asteria expressed boredom in her assigned duties. However, her requests for reassignment (made on 02/11/2019), were denied.

Despite this, Dr. Asteria would later found and personally construct Extraterrestrial Site-26. She was assigned as its director on 03/11/2019. Much to Dir. Asteria's dismay, Ex. Site-26 lacked any objects or documents in containment or archive for two years. As Dir. Asteria's performance was put under scrutiny, Ex. Site-26 soon contained SCP-6113. Dir. Asteria remains at Ex. Site-26 to this day.

Profile: Dir. Asteria is a hard working employee with a drive for improvement. She often misunderstands or completely misses social cues from her peers and frequently forgoes breaks. Nevertheless, she has a bright attitude and is occasionally self-indulgent, especially in her caffeine addiction. She also has an apparent obsession with Coca-Cola Starlight as multiple filled bottles of the beverage have been seen scattered around her office daily.

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