Seasick Sharks
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☦A story that should've been a joke.☦

When they sent me to the ocean, I knew I would never see my family and friends again. I had never seen the ocean before. Never been to the beach. I don't even like visiting the swimming pool. But that's okay. As long as I'm making the world a better place for the innocent and the pure to live in, I'll be fine. Even the strangers, that kind man who looked to me in pity as if he could know my sacrifice. That's what I told myself when I took the injections and the treatments. Even when Stacie saw me after the first session and she threw her engagement ring in my face. As long as Stacie can have a few more reasons to use that beautiful smile, I can bear that burden. I know I can. When I dove into that vast plane of salt water, I held no regrets.

It was with my determination I had lived as long as I had, in complete isolation. I made sure to avoid the ships and the boats. I grew to learn exactly where my targets liked to stay, where they liked to migrate and wander. I knew where to place my fist for the most optimal attack. It was perhaps the most fulfilling time of my life. Even if the world would never know -save for a rare few- that I existed, I knew I was doing good in the world. People don't have to fear swimming in the beaches because of me. People don't have to worry about fishing because of me. Did you know that some sharks have been found at least 4000 kilometers inland? Without someone like me to keep them from getting in freshwater, sharks would overrun our rivers and change the world as we know it! Because of my efforts, people can sleep safely at night. No matter the struggles, I'm sure as long as I keep them in mind, all of this will be worth it.

People have caught me. How? What? I'm not anomalous!

Get me out of here! I won't do any of your testing! I have sharks to punch! Don't you understand the importance of my efforts? Without me, sharks will overrun humanity!

It's been months now I've been here. I've got a system going. I can still save these people. It doesn't matter what they think I am or who they are. They send me sharks. It won't be as effective as it once was, but that's okay. I can still help them; they just don't know I'm doing it for them. For humanity. Nothing matters but the greater good and the greater good shall be through my fists. It is not the most peaceful or the most kind way. But it's the only way to keep humanity safe. I still think of Stacie. I hope she's smiling, somewhere. She'll never know my struggles for her, for everyone. But that's okay.

They've been slowing down. Can't they see the importance of my work?

I see why they've kept me here now. They're here to keep me from helping people. They know what I do and how I'm helping humanity and they cannot be human. They're sharks. How did I not see this before?! They've tricked me all this time, slowing down my work, keeping me from my job. But it's okay now. They don't know what I know. I'm in the belly of the beast and they may think they have me cornered but they've given me more opportunity than ever before to help humans. I can bring down this system myself. It's the only way to keep humans safe from this society of sharks in secret. They want to bring us, humanity, down but I won't let them. I will fight for us all and I will never back down. I will stop their agenda the only way I know works by any means possible.

I've had it so wrong for so long. How could I have been so blind? Stacie was right when she left. I thought I was protecting humanity. I was fighting for the right side. It never occurred to me that I too, loved those spots my targets liked. I never realized I had for so long wandered in the same places they did not because I knew to hunt them but because I…

But I'm still a man inside. I know I am. I'll remove that monstrous part of myself. I'll suppress it. I know how to, I've done it so many times before. I've been training decades for this. I'm a goddamned professional and I know how to fix this. When I do I'll get out of here and do my job right this time. I can still fix myself.

Why won't it work? I know it works why won't it work I know it works I know it must work it must I must keep trying I must keep trying it will work it has to work

I had hoped at first it would go away. I'd remove it, as I had removed all other things. The monster I was would swim away from the man I am. I know what I am. I cannot escape. No matter how fast I swim I can't swim from myself and no matter how hard I punch it's not the monster it is me. Sometimes if I punch myself hard enough I can forget what happened and remember what I was to do and feel determined like I used to feel. If I punch hard enough I know I'll forget everything forever.

Please don't remind me, I want to forget.

Please don't remind me I beg you

please don't make me remember


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