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Welcome to the Seas of Orcadia Canon

Does the Black Moon Howl?

Only When 13 are Watching Orkney

Funny How the Heart can be Deceiving Series

Gotta Get Up And Try Series

Phase 1: Uncertain Tides

  • All in All You're Just A Nother Brick in the Wall "Was any of it real!? Was any of it our choice!? Did you ever give a damn about us, or were we just replacements, pawns in your sick and twisted game?" DrBleepDrBleep
  • SCP-3456 "SCP-3456 manifestations are known to engage in predatory and stalking behavior, utilizing the environment to conceal and camouflage themselves." DrBleepDrBleep
  • SCP-3047 "Among deceased passengers found in SCP-3047, an unidentified female individual found in the locomotive's fourth passenger car is shown to possess non-human anatomy, particularly the presence of gills and a layer of scales underneath the human skin." MrWrongMrWrong
  • SCP-3706 "Each vehicle resembles known species of ocean fauna, though significant deviations from these animal species have been observed in many recovered instances, as is described in Table T-3706-01." DrBleepDrBleep
  • SCP-3700 "SCP-3700-2 tentacles stop moving, and a rapid succession of muffled cracks can be heard. SCP-3700-2's lower jaw is severed, dropping SCP-3700-1 into the water." DrBleepDrBleep
  • Burn, Baby, Burn "Tonight, here, this is hell. And I deserve every single moment of it." RallistonRalliston

Phase 2: Storms on the Horizon

  • SCP-3702 "The entity was promptly separated from the containment team via a significant concussive blast of unknown origin, at which point a swarm of Danaus plexippus emerged from the surrounding sand, and proceeded to engage in carnivorous activity upon the entity." DrBleepDrBleep
  • SCP-4700 " The barrel of SCP-4700-1's primary weapon begins to glow, and water surrounding it begins to boil. The vehicle emits a mechanical roar, and an enormous column of light flies forth, pushing the entire vehicle backward, as the beam impacts the ocean floor. " DrBleepDrBleep
  • SCP-3703 "SCP-3703 are several hundred structures consisting of a mass of congealed corpses fused at multiple points, in various states of arrested decay." DrBleepDrBleep
  • SCP-3711 "All individuals in the late stages of SCP-3711 within Foundation custody have perished as a result of prolonged dehydration and oxygen deprivation over the course of 48 hours." DrBleepDrBleep
  • SCP-6700 "And she still wasn't able to hold him. And now the Orkney seal is a ticking time bomb." DrBleepDrBleep

Phase 3: A War in Orkney

A Future yet unwritten.

Phase 4: Chains A Shattered

  • SCP-3230 "A blue dot is visible at the center. Visual artifacts resembling four equidistant yellow circles manifest in the footage, all centered around the dot."NatVoltaicNatVoltaic


So, somehow you've managed to wander into a little thing called the Seas of Orcadia. This is a canon, a small one that is relatively new and hopefully will be growing.

What Exactly Does that Mean?

Well, this is a collaborative effort focused around a centralized narrative continuity, with the potential for infinitely many smaller continuities. In other words, there are many many stories to tell here.

Lore and Information

She awoke on the eve of all creation,
Unfurled from her sack by the heat of expansion.
Disturbed by the unending motion of birth,
The Mother woke from an unending sleep,
And she found that which was before.
Infantile in its standing, she rejoiced.
And in her first moments did she puncture,
The fabric between the two realms,
One of blue, and one of red, from which all would flow.
From her motions came sacks,
Twelve others, not yet born

And they rested as she grew.
And then came the lights.
And with them a roar of burning.
And great balls of fire were born from gas and dust.
She rejoiced at their creation.
And around the furnances of creation came forth spheres of rock.
And spheres of gas.
And spheres of liquid.
And spheres of unending mixtures.
And she rejoiced at their creation.

The sky snaked out before her, unending rivulets of gas and dust.
She grew weary, from the celebration of that which she had borne witness.
So from the blue, and from the red, she wove a great place of slumber.
Upon a bed of stars and dust she slept.

And one by one the twelve awoke.
First came the Tyrant,
The Wrathful Hateful Sea,
And he did so despise all he saw,
So he plotted to slay the progenitor on her bed of stars.
To end everything with Banal, for once and for all.

Then came the Clockworks and the Dragon.
Machine and Flesh,
And there love spread long through blue and red,
But doomed it was as Flesh consumed worlds,
Seeding life and destroying Machine's endless works.
And so they raged in endless war.

Then came the unknown terror reaching beyond the veil.
Always five, always five, always five, always five, always five,
And many things were forgotten.

Then came the lover, the softness, the greatest friend.
And so great was their passion,
That the progenitor awoke,
And celebrated them in body and soul.
And they gave their heart to all,
So that Flesh and Machine and Rock and fire might know love.

And then came the wicked schemer
Cursed wielder of the number 7,
In all his scarlet sin and terror.
He saw no beauty
Nothing to be cherished
All should be ruled
And warped to sinful desire.
And so he plotted.
He schemed.
He Maneuvered the 7 to bring about her end.
But to destroy her would destroy everything he believed.
So await the 13th he did.

And the others awoke.
And plans came together.
Brothers in Dark and Light disagree they did.
Light feared her. Dark revered.
Brother imprisoned brother.
And the devourer of stars went to war with Light in retaliation.
And then the chainmaker woke.

And in that naescent hour,
The Scarlet Sinner sprung his trap,
Whispers in the Tyrant's ear,
Of the sweet relief of oblivion.
And so he assaulted the Progenitor in her hollow,
And she woke to confusion,
As the Tyrant took trident to essence.
Drowsy surprise bloomed into harshest rage.
And Teran, 2nd progeny of the plane, was sundered
And fled.

So great was this cataclysm
Many worlds were left barren
Galaxies scattered,
And in the end she, as the Scarlett Sin had so desired,
Was exhausted.

And he made his case to all,
"Look how dangerous she is."
"Look at the damage she wrought."
"For the good of all she must be contained!"
Six listened.
Two protested
Two did not listen
And one despaired for the horrors to come.

One was slain in the waning hours,
As the chains began their final wrapping.
And when they tightened she awoke.
And sent her heart bespoke,
To a distant jewel.
And there in the heart of dead stars,
Does she await,
The rejoining,
And shattering of those umbral chains.

-The Finnfolk Penumbra.1

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