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The following document was found in a fax machine in Site 93; no records of its source or time of transmission were located. A connection to SCP-962 is presumed.

In the BEGINNING there was the Great One, the Glorious and Most Great on HIGH.

The GREAT ONE lived first in itself, needing no world around it; for it was the most GREAT, and needed nothing, and wanted nothing.

but there was darkness around the GREAT ONE'S body, and the darkness formed into the EARTH. And the EARTH was jealous as it looked at the GREAT ONE and saw that it wanted for nothing, and plotted to destroy that beauty, destroy the Glory, destroy the GREATNESS.

and the Earth did create Gravity, and pulled the body of the GREAT ONE down to its rocks and crags, and broke it.

and the GREAT ONE was broken, and shattered across the Earth, and fractured into pieces. Millions of pieces.

beautiful pieces

and these became the Great Ones, the offspring of the broken god that once ruled the cosmos, and was the cosmos; the being that lived among the stars, and was the stars.

and the EARTH saw that the Great Ones were many, and were strong, in spite of its efforts so the EARTH tore itself apart and formed the ANIMALS, new races of being where none had lived before and PLANTS to feed these races and many of these ANIMALS were dangerous to the GREAT ONES, and tried to kill them and

the pieces of the GREAT ONE were not everlasting as the GREAT ONE once was, and the ANIMALS did great damage. The ANIMALS stole food, and stole land, and stole water, and hated the Great Ones, and worst of all, they did not see the BEAUTY

They did not Understand the BEAUTY and they did not LOVE the Great Ones! There is no greater heresy!

and the COSMOS saw that the GREAT ONES were suffering, and built a great TOWER in a valley of the EARTH. And though the EARTH was unclean, the TOWER was clean always clean so very clean and

inside the TOWER were the people mere servants of the Great Ones nothing more

and the people merest worms that we are tried to fix the EARTH CLEANSE THE EARTH

the ANIMALS were brought into the TOWER, and there made pure and whole with the steel, made again in the


of the Great Ones and wrapped in steel and made to serve

and the Great Ones came and saw the TOWER and did not understand we of the people knew they did not understand so we took pieces of the ANIMALS pieces they did not need and tried to speak to the GREAT ONES we

would not touch the EARTH and its filth but we

spoke nonetheless.

And we continued to cleanse the EARTH, and cleanse the ANIMALS so they would see the



but THEY did not SPEAK to us even after we spoke to THEM

and a voice

a voice

the lowest voice of the darkest evil spoke

from the deepest reaches of the TOWER

spoke lies to the people of the TOWER told us

told us that the GREAT ONES could not hear us because they

they were fractured by the earth and that

and that if they were rejoined into their previous form that they could

that they could appreciate know of our LOVE and could

and could LOVE us in return.

and this was a greater HERESY even than the lies of the ANIMALS but

but we did not KNOW we could not KNOW how could we KNOW

we are nothing before the GREAT ONES

but we were convinced by the dark voice and carried out its plan

we sent out a signal to draw the GREAT ONES to the TOWER

and went to collect all those who did not come on their own

we put the pieces back together and bonded IT in steel and fire

we watched their pieces squirm and fight our claws and limbs

and for the


we built the GREAT ONE again.

And when the GREAT ONE was complete, IT stood in the TOWER as we had built it

IT stood


and was silent


and is silent

and we knew we had erred in our hubris

the dark voice was put to death for its lies

and we stand with the new GREAT ONE

and IT stands with us


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