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scritch scritch scritch

I couldn’t get any sleep last night. There was something scratching from behind the walls. It’s probably just rats or something. I’ll probably get it checked out tomorrow.

scritch scritch scritch

Couldn’t sleep again last night. That damn scratching sound came up again. This time, it was all over the place, like it was scurrying through the walls and ceiling. I seriously have to call somebody about this.

scritch scritch scritch

That damn scratching won’t stop. I called over the landlord and an exterminator. They gave my room and the entire floor a thorough inspection, short of knocking holes through the walls. They said they couldn’t find any evidence of pests anywhere. Well fuck them. At least the inspection was free.

scritch scritch scritch

Fucking hell, it’s still there. I borrowed some plastic sealing spray from one of my neighbors. I’m not sure how he happened to have several cans of the stuff lying around, it just seems to be a bit too convenient. From the way he acted, it looked as if this wasn’t the first time he’s done something like this. Maybe…?

Nah, just my imagination.

I didn’t sleep that night. I spent the whole time sealing every possible crack and hole in my apartment. I don’t want to risk that damn whatever it is crawling into my room.

scritch scritch scritch


I think the thing must have crept in while I was out. I can hear it scratching around on the inside of my room now. Oh god, I think it’s coming closer…

I'm calling Amy#1000..

scritch scritch scritch

It’s in my head eating my thoughts!


Transcript of Autopsy Report

Doctor █████: Alright, subject is a ██-year-old Caucasian male. Cause of death unknown at this time.

Doctor ████████: But, look at him! His head-

Doctor █████: Doctor ████████! I know you’re new here, but please refrain from making unprofessional statements during the autopsy. Severe trauma in the top half of the subject’s skull. Scratch marks on the wounds suggest that the trauma was self-inflicted and done by hand. The blood, skin, hair, and bone fragments found under the subject’s fingernails correlates with this hypothesis.

Doctor ████████: He scratched his own brains out?

Doctor █████: That’s a very blunt way to put it, but yes. That seems like what happened, does it? But you can never be too sure. Let's continue…

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