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Welcome to the SCP Foundation March Madness AUTUMN ANARCHY MARCH MADNESS AGAIN Deathmatch Bracket Challenge Hub

-2017/2018 Edition-

Welcome to the third edition of this tournament, which begins, follows, and ends with the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Only instead of college athletes playing basketball, we have dangerous anomalies. Fighting to the death. For glory.

~Hall of Champions~

Tales in the March Madness Canon:

Let The Games Begin by Bryx

2017/2018 Tournament Field and Seeding

Remember! Up to three brackets per user. Please use your Wikidot username to receive credit for your glorious success!



Q: Would we know the parameters of each fighter and how the battles would go about?

A: Yes.

Q: What? Again? Didn't you decide to not do this?

A: No, I decided to get cute with it. And that was a bad call. We're doing the same thing we did before, only this time the old fashioned way.

Tournament Committee

Commissioner: djkaktusdjkaktus

Selection and Statistics: taylor_itkintaylor_itkin

Graphic Design: MaalMaal

Competition Arenas

Round of 64, Round of 32

Region 1: Interior of Titania's Prison (SCP-2932)

Region 2: Interior of the Tissue Dome (SCP-2378)

Region 3: Deck of a Cargo Ship (SCP-455)

Region 4: Daleport Town Center (SCP-1963)

Sweet Sixteen, Elite 8

Region 1: Mann's Spiral Path (SCP-001)

Region 2: Bright's Factory (SCP-001)

Final Four, Championship Match

Region 1: The Tower of Silence (SCP-2303)

Status Updates

Nominations are currently: CLOSED

The field is currently: SET

The bracket is currently: SET

Predictions are currently: CLOSED

The Tournament is currently: ACTIVE

Thanks to Esims Guru for his creation of the combat simulator used in the SCPFMMDBC 2015 & 2016!

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