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Decoding the mysteries of the SCP Foundation.

The stories and articles found throughout the SCP wiki can be breathtaking and multilayered, but also complexly hidden between the lines. Even after repeated readthroughs and laconic explanations, sometimes you still don't get the full picture - the context, the nuanced meanings, or the greater story behind everything. The r/SCPDeclassified subreddit is here to help you out and enrich your reading experience by offering clear and readable walkthroughs and essays that delve deep into these multifaceted pieces.

We call our explanation posts declassifications. They incorporate a SparkNotes-style summary of the article, along with heavy analysis of the meaning of their plot elements or symbols. We incorporate quotes from the story, knowledge and links with all of Foundation lore, and our own educated speculation about how it all fits together to create a professionally-written, engaging, and exhaustive declassification.

Our subreddit is a hub of content that celebrates and analyzes the great depth of story that the SCP community has created over the years. We host periodic Ask An Author features, which allow SCP authors a platform for commenters to ask questions about their writing process, any part of their work, and their contributions to the wiki as a whole. In addition, SCPDeclassified's Lore Overviews are helpful and in-depth essays that explore one part of the SCP universe, whether that be the Class of '76, the History of Sarkicism, Pattern Screamers, or a Modern Introduction to the SCP Foundation.

Authors, of course, have the rights to preserve their articles' integrity and meaning, and as such the rights to be exempt from declassifications.

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