SCP-5000 Contest

SCP-5000 Contest: Mystery!

At its core, the SCP Wiki has been an attempt to expand upon, and perhaps solve, the mysteries and riddles posed by SCP-173 on /x/ more than a decade ago. What is the Foundation? What are SCP objects, and where do they come from? What in the world is an 'HMCL supervisor'? As the fiction has expanded, the mysteries have only gotten more and more complex. Now, for SCP-5000, you shall be posing more. Perhaps you'll solve them as well. That's up to you.

Congratulations to Tanhony for taking the SCP-5000 slot, and a sincere thank you to all participants! Seeing the work that you have produced for this contest has been an absolute delight, and both I and the wiki thank you all.

Entries by Vote Count at Closing

  1. SCP-5000: Why? by Tanhony (596)
  2. SCP-5999: This is Where I Died by Shaggydredlocks, TheeSherm, VolgunStrife, Woedenaz, Modern_Erasmus (300)
  3. SCP-5001: Sacrosanct by Yossipossi (295)
  4. SCP-5002: A Death in Containment by psul (292)
  5. SCP-5500: Death of the Authors by Ihp (278)
  6. SCP-5005: Lamplight by Tufto (248)
  7. SCP-5370: Chessland by Taffeta (231)
  8. SCP-5003: Powerless by Captain Kirby (229)
  9. SCP-5555: Made in Heaven by A Random Day, Rounderhouse, Uncle Nicolini (202)
  10. SCP-5423: The Empty Room by DrEverettMann (177)
  11. SCP-5004: MEGALOMANIA by djkaktus (175)
  12. SCP-5006: Trust No One by RockTeethMothEyes, TheMightyMcB (166)
  13. SCP-5007: Bass Strait by Dr Balthazaar (156)
  14. SCP-5100: Chronophobia by Sterbai (153)
  15. SCP-5060: North Sentinel Planet by Jacob Conwell (150)
  16. SCP-5432: Let There Be Bright by Nameless Mediocre (136)
  17. SCP-5666: When a Mind Flies Into the Sun by Lamentte (127)
  18. SCP-5087: When Have They Gone? by HammerMaiden (124)
  19. SCP-5600: A December To Remember by ManyMeats (110)
  20. SCP-5069: The Eightfold Path by ch00bakka (104)
  21. SCP-5055: Pandora by T Rutherford (103)
  22. SCP-5050: The Dragon of Mittenwald by JackalRelated (96)
  23. SCP-5010: Murder, She Redacted by Uncannyon (94)
  24. SCP-5321: The Spoiler by GrimmCreeper (94)
  25. SCP-5995: The Viper And The Newborn by SoullessSingularity (89)
  26. SCP-5012: There Is No Escape From The Bottomless Pit by UraniumEmpire (88)
  27. SCP-5777: Irrational Exuberance by Lambda Fairy (84)
  28. SCP-5998: Man, Ascendant by Cerastes (81)
  29. SCP-5790: [DATA KILLED] by MaliceAforethought (81)
  30. SCP-5931: Nobody Shot Me by Hydrails-EPSILON (75)
  31. SCP-5051: Severance by Weryllium (71)
  32. SCP-5008: HUSH by rattles (70)
  33. SCP-5800: The Fifth Gate by notgull, Connor MacWarren (69)
  34. SCP-5900: PITCHBLACK by aismallard (68)
  35. SCP-5052: The Hand that Mocked and the Heart that Fed by GentleGifts (64)
  36. SCP-5300: Ship in a Bottle by MirageTD, Habitual_Snubnose (61)
  37. SCP-5009: Catch-22 by tupacofficial (59)
  38. SCP-5018: The Broken Rose by JakdragonX, IronDruid (59)
  39. SCP-5111: Fermi, Exterminated by Popsioak, WinterShadow (58)
  40. SCP-5037: Unsolved by ScarfDyedShadow (56)
  41. SCP-5997: The River of Mnemosyne by swordlover87 (52)
  42. SCP-5225: The Abyss Stares Back by Deadly Bread, XilasCrowe (51)
  43. SCP-5682: A Brief Moment of Revelation by stormbreath (51)
  44. SCP-5011: Man of Steel by Anonymous, jinjja (50)
  45. SCP-5013: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things by ModernMajorGeneral (44)
  46. SCP-5700: So Says I by ItsDenali (44)
  47. SCP-5708: From Asgard With Love by DrAkimoto (38)
  48. SCP-5454: Terratoma by Mortos (36)
  49. SCP-5204: Dance On The Shore by Dyslexion (35)
  50. SCP-5099: The Holy Lance by Cyvstvi13 (31)
  51. SCP-5760: A Quiet Night by Dr Astari (27)
  52. SCP-5737-EX: Entheogen by OriCat (27)
  53. SCP-5317: Misdirection by Logarithmika (26)
  54. SCP-5400: System Error by slashannemoo, Dr Ore (26)
  55. SCP-5678: The Bamboo Thicket by Oboebandgeek99 (25)
  56. SCP-5128: The Source by Magmablack (24)
  57. SCP-5014: Wille zum Leben by OthellotheCat (23)
  58. SCP-5335: The Freudian Split by MalyceGraves, plaidypus (21)
  59. SCP-5775: Deimos by Spider_Jaws (19)
  60. SCP-5015: (Not) All Who Wander Are Lost by Doctor North, pr0m37h3um (19)
  61. SCP-5505: Hook, Line, And Sinker by Penton (18)
  62. SCP-5121: Ev'rwyn Spire by FourMinorSix (14)
  63. SCP-5536: From the Prison Moons by Doorhandle (11)
  64. SCP-5016: What lies beneath by Dr Grym (8)
  65. SCP-5566: The Scientific Method by Quinnen, Scented_Shadow (7)
  66. SCP-5017: Hard Landing by GerrymanderBassist (5)
  67. SCP-5830: Ahtohallan by kg583 (4)
  68. SCP-5030: Junior Researcher Bolívar, deceased during a Containment Breach on 21/12/18 by Jakuwoski (3)

Special Thanks

Contest Marshal TSATPWTCOTTTADC and Contest Assistant Edna Granbo went above and beyond to aid in running this contest, often carrying the brunt of the work on their own backs. This contest simply would not have been possible without their invaluable assistance.

Raddagher made the lovely banner for our contest, on exceptionally short notice, which was and continues to be very much appreciated.

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