SCP-4000 Contest

SCP-4000 Contest: History!

Congratulations to Peppersghost for taking top prize!

The Top Five

1. SCP-4000: Taboo by PeppersGhost (449)
2. SCP-4444: Bush v. Gore by djkaktus (313)
3 (tie). SCP-4999: Someone to Watch Over Us by CadaverCommander (245)
3 (tie). SCP-4960: Kedesh-Nanaya, Or: Why The Foundation Published Hentai to Awaken a Mesopotamian Love Goddess by DrClef (245)
4. SCP-4100: Future Imperfect by Ihp (211)
5. SCP-4500: Socratic Containment Procedures by MathBrush (203)

Our wiki's been around 10 long years. But the Foundation, the GOIs, anomalies, and the world have been around a hell of a lot longer than that. How did things look 20 years ago? 200? 2,000? 20,000? We look forward to you guys telling us.

So what happens now?

Contest staff and CO members will be putting works in their requested slots by descending order from the winner. If you have entered a slot and have not claimed a slot, please do so in the comments now. If you have not claimed a slot by the 20th, you lose right of first refusal for any particular unfilled slot.

Please do not move your articles yourselves.

Entries by vote total at close

  1. SCP-4000: Taboo by PeppersGhost (449)
  2. SCP-4444: Bush v. Gore by djkaktus (313)
  3. SCP-4999: Someone to Watch Over Us by CadaverCommander (245)
  4. SCP-4960: Kedesh-Nanaya, Or: Why The Foundation Published Hentai to Awaken a Mesopotamian Love Goddess by DrClef (245)
  5. SCP-4100: Future Imperfect by Ihp (211)
  6. SCP-4500: Socratic Containment Procedures by MathBrush (203)
  7. SCP-4004: A Dream Come True by Communism will win and kinchtheknifeblade (196)
  8. SCP-4001: Alexandria Eternal by GentleGifts (188)
  9. SCP-4242: Foundations by WrongJohnSilver (180)
  10. SCP-4057: Save Her by Researcher Blasko (177)
  11. SCP-4008: Wormwood by Mortos (177)
  12. SCP-4069: Out of Range by Cyantreuse (168)
  13. SCP-4321: Sometimes I Look At The Sky So I Can Feel Small by Captain Kirby (164)
  14. SCP-4003: On Cowboys, Catholicism, and the Cretaceous by Uncle Nicolini, Papa Sen and SecretCrow (163)
  15. SCP-4040: At The Bottom Of A Bottomless Pit by DrChandra (161)
  16. SCP-4005: The Holy and Heavenly City of Fabled China by Tufto (160)
  17. SCP-4666: The Yule Man by Hercules Rockefeller (151)
  18. SCP-4200: The World, Idealized by Sterbai (146)
  19. SCP-4445: The Day the Music Died by Adriatica (130)
  20. SCP-4011: History is Written by the Victors by incidental_cabbage (126)
  21. SCP-4006: #MassaTruthetts by DarkStuff (124)
  22. SCP-4002: The Black Moon Howls From Beyond The Edge Of Time by Modern_Erasmus and MayD (117)
  23. SCP-4262: The Essential Thing Is Not To Have Conquered But To Have Fought Well by drbobbobart (114)
  24. SCP-4800: Midnight by notgull (114)
  25. SCP-4300: To Lose One's Soul by Bluedanoob (109)
  26. SCP-4400: This Is Not A Place Of Honor by stormbreath (108)
  27. SCP-4900: A Critique of Man by Gabriel Jade (98)
  28. SCP-4007: Kagemusha by weizhong (96)
  29. SCP-4220: Dark Side of the Moon by A Random Day and The Great Hippo (89)
  30. SCP-4010: Attempt to look at what we accomplished by Utylike (89)
  31. SCP-4848: Cross of Iron by ModernMajorGeneral (86)
  32. SCP-4160: Those Who Don't Learn From History by Jacob Conwell (85)
  33. SCP-4998: Space Available, Inquire Within by scpcrnp (73)
  34. SCP-4884: To Serve Great Man by Gaffsey (64)
  35. SCP-4041: Teach the Controversy by Weryllium (63)
  36. SCP-4017: An Epilogue, Too Late to Matter by 9Volt (63)
  37. SCP-4012: Than Teach Ten Thousand Stars how Not to Dance by LordStonefish (59)
  38. SCP-4224: History Will Be Kind To Me by Dr Aers (59)
  39. SCP-4336: Garfield Minus Garfield by spikebrennan (56)
  40. SCP-4700: Orkney Rising by DrBleep (55)
  41. SCP-4130: Su Alteza Serenísima by Tiefling (53)
  42. SCP-4009: Big Brozart is Watching You by Mendelssohn (51)
  43. SCP-4036: The Republic by BananaRepublic (50)
  44. SCP-4540: History, Together by Roget (50)
  45. SCP-4101: The World's Greatest Teacher is History by LuluTheRadiant (49)
  46. SCP-4013: It Can't Be Allowed To Stop by RazgrizS57 (49)
  47. SCP-4132: Retrochronal Observation Tank by DoctorNovakaine (42)
  48. SCP-4066: The Byzantine Empire Was Secretly Aliens by ch00bakka (41)
  49. SCP-4014: Illicium by Toa_Vine (40)
  50. SCP-4591: Twenty Text Messages by FilaYoung (39)
  51. SCP-4025: Blutfahne by ObserverSeptember (38)
  52. SCP-4015: The Keepers by higans (35)
  53. SCP-4020: It Won't Stop Screaming by Uncannyon (33)
  54. SCP-4890: Dr. Wondertainment's Guide to History by Baronjoe (32)
  55. SCP-4888: The Sunrise Collective by Billith (31)
  56. SCP-4214: Desperate Faith by RustingWithYou (30)
  57. SCP-4410: The Ongoing Development of an Art Form by Zzuxon (29)
  58. SCP-4179: Milestones by Dr Reach (28)
  59. SCP-4199: An Average Joe by Illyrias_Acolyte (28)
  60. SCP-4555: The Last Last Question by EbenezerShark (26)
  61. SCP-4077: City of Gold by Petrograd (24)
  62. SCP-4343: You Will Be Free by W Asriel (24)
  63. SCP-4099: We Die In The Dark by MacWarren (23)
  64. SCP-4079: Saving Archimedes by Logarithmika (21)
  65. SCP-4112: We Have Assumed Control by GibberingEloquence and Hylius (15)
  66. SCP-4000: Overbearing Reality Bender by JanitorCakeworth (14)
  67. SCP-4000: Apocrypha by TL333s (9)
  68. SCP-4600: "Debt" by Vivax (5)
  69. SCP-4931: Knowledge is Power by ashburystreet (4)
  70. SCP-4777: Connolly Was There by Fingo7 (3)
  71. SCP-4055: Archive by GrimmCreeper (-2)
  72. SCP-4102: How We Carried On by Homeless Heterotroph (-3)


  • Be good to each other, seriously.
  • Any contestant who takes unusual and/or negative actions to increase their vote total, or decrease that of their competitors, will be disqualified for the involved contest and potentially banned from further contests (and possibly further disciplinary action).
    • Examples of shenanigans include, but are in no way limited to:
      • Downvoting all of your competitors' work within minutes of them being posted
      • Spamming people with PMs about your work
      • Spurring Malicious Upvoting/Downvoting, whether on your work or anyone else's
    • If you're not sure if something counts as shenanigans, then it probably does, but feel free to ask a Community Outreach Member.
  • One entry per user
  • Collaborations are allowed, but that will count as the one entry for all participants
  • Pre-existing drafts are allowed, so long as they have never been posted to the wiki
  • History will be interpreted very broadly. Dinosaurs are just as historical as the Civil War is, for our purposes. Hell, if you can swing Site History, even that'll count. So long as you can explain how your work relates to history as a concept, in any interpretation, it'll be accepted. The theme is here to inspire, not constrain. If you're not sure if it'll count, feel free to ask.
  • Edits to works are allowed.
  • Contest entries will undergo normal deletion processes.
  • The prize, obviously, is the SCP-4000 slot. Runners up get to choose other Series V slots in order of place.

Contest Minions- Bother these people

Good luck, and here's to another 10 fantastic years!

Many thanks to Zhange for the lovely banner!

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