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10th Anniv. 1KKOCON

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Translator's Note: This is a translation. This contest is for KO articles on the KO site written by KO authors in Korean. This is not a contest held by EN.




On the fine day of the 1st of January, 2013, a small writing wiki opened in a corner of the world wide web. A decade has passed, and lots of things have changed. The people that have been drawn to our chapter of the SCP Foundation have challenged themselves, competed for glory, and worked as a collective to build something truly great. Such contributions have been the soil for our Growth.

Thanks to all those articles, the first series of SCP-KO is now full of fun and intriguing adventures. Now we set another foot in search of a new horizon. The glorious slot marking a decade of the Korean Wiki's growth, SCP-1000-KO, is waiting for you.

Important Dates

Posting Opens: 10th November, 2022 00:00 Korean Standard Time
Posting Closes: 10th December, 2022 23:59 Korean Standard Time
Vote Counting Starts: 31st December, 2022 12:00 Korean Standard Time
Results Decided: 1st January, 2023 00:00 Korean Standard Time

How to Participate

Submissions are, obviously, limited to Original SCP Articles. Post an article to the wiki that fits the rules below, and attach the "1000ko" to mark it as an entry. Submissions must be posted by the author (or, if it is a collaboration, one of the collaborators).

Post your entry to the site with the url '1000kocontest-<yourusername>' with your site user name in place of <yourusername.> For example, if a user named random-nickname were to post an entry, it would have the url 1000kocontest-random-nickname. This is to help us avoid duplicate URLs. For collaborations, you can include one or all of the authors. Also, be sure to include your article's title in the page name, like 'SCP-1000-KO: <Title>'

Post your top two to five slot selections, if applicable, in the comment section of your article in case it does not win the position of SCP-1000-KO. When the new series opens, every author will receive their desired slot, starting with the second highest-ranked and going down in order.


Be kind to others: You all know this, right?

About the topic: This contest's topic is "Growth(성장)". You are free to interpret this word. You can interpret it literally, use one of its numerous homonyms, dismantle its etymology, or use any methods that can convince readers.

Ranking and Scores: Scores are determined as the net of (|Valid upvotes| - |Valid downvotes|). Staff will review the votes cast at the end of the contest, excluding invalid votes and votes from deleted accounts. Rankings are decided in descending order of the aforementioned score.

  • Slots aside from SCP-1000-KO are given to articles in descending order. In case of a tie, articles posted first are given priority. Failure to declare designation in the comment section, or there being no slots remaining will result in a random designation within Series KO-II.

Shenanigans: Any contestant who takes unusual and/or negative actions to tamper with votes will be disqualified for the involved contest and potentially banned from the Wiki. This applies regardless of whether the article in question is yours or not, or whether it was to increase or decrease the net score.

  • Below are some examples of negative actions. However, it is not exhaustive. Be sensible.
    • Downvoting an article within minutes of posting.
    • Spamming other users with messages concerning your work. (e.g. via PM, posts, on chat, etc.)
    • Spurring Malicious Upvoting/Downvoting
  • If you are unsure what counts as shenanigans, ask our staff.

Self Votes: Voting on your own article is allowed.

Chat: When using the Discord chat in regards to this contest, please be reminded of the following rules. The rules are the same, but we will mention it here in case anyone doesn't know.

  • Conversations regarding the contest itself are allowed, but use the channel #홍문관 for conversations regarding contest entries.
  • Please use #신문고 or #홍문관 for criticism requests of contest drafts.

1 Author, 1 Article: Only one entry is allowed per user.

Collaboration: Collaborations are allowed, but that will count as one entry for all collaborators. That means authors that participated in collaboration are barred from submitting entries of their own.

  • Due to issues showing authors, collaborations are not automatically sorted below. You may add your article yourself using the template, or notify staff about the collaboration.

Editing: You cannot submit edits of existing articles as entries. However, you may submit the article if it has never been posted on the Wiki.

  • You are permitted to edit your article, but not wholly replace it. If you are unsure whether your edit is seen as a replacement, please ask our staff.

Deletion: Contest entries will undergo normal deletion processes. Entries will be deleted if they have low votes.

To Readers: Indeed, this contest is a monumental and special one, but remember that the SCP-1000-KO contest is yet another contest. When evaluating articles, please do so based solely on the quality of the article. Evaluations that have nothing to do with the criteria, such as the article not fitting the designation SCP-1000-KO, are considered invalid and may be disregarded during the vote counting process.

Prize: The winner will be awarded with SCP-1000-KO, the first position of the SCP-KO series II.

  • Withdrawing submission of SCP-1000-KO is prohibited. By joining the contest, you are regarded as accepting this clause.


SCP-KO 10th Anniversary

SCP-1000-KO Contest


SCP-1000-KO: Infinite Monkey Theorem



SCP-1000-KO: Our Dream. Our Dream?


For inquiries: Please contact our staff in the comment section or Discord chat.

Happy new year, and good writing!

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