SCP-1000 Contest Hub

Note: This hub was created by the WikiWalk team in 2022 for ease of accessing the entries and details of Contest for 1000, which occured in 2011.


This is the hub for the 2011 Contest for 1000, the very first "kon", as we so affectionately call them now. Having run from July 27th to September 1st 2011, it was a historic event that would set the trend for the coveted X000 slots for decade(s) to come, shifting the site from a "we're close to 1000 SCPs, prune the list" vision, to "we're close to 1000 SCPs, let's grow bigger". More than five thousand SCP articles later1, we can't imagine what the Wiki would look like without these contests, and without the hype they bring.

Unlike all the other X000 contests, this one took place in a forum thread, which makes finding information about the contest quite the challenge for the curious reader. As a result, we on Staff decided to make this Hub to keep in line with the modern times, and to make everything easier to find.

The contest's theme was: Folktales and/or Urban Legends

Final results:

1. Bigfoot by thedeadlymoose (+46)

2. The White Dog by DrSevere (+39)

3. Nevadan Extra-terrestrial by Salman Corbette (+27)

4. Cockatrice by Dr Gears (+24)

5. The Basic Set by Quikngruvn (+21)

6. Penanggalan by Anonymous (+17)

7. Daredevil Horse by Dr Gerald (+16)

8. The Green Man by Shebleha (+14)

9. The Blue Ridge Phenomenon by Sophia Light (+10)

10. Legend Tripping by Communism will win (+10)

11. The Devil's Music by sandrewswann (+10)

12. The Eternity Ward by Anaxagoras (+5)

13. Ya-Te-Veo by The Raven (+3)

14. The Hitchhiker by AdminBright (0)

15. Sunken City of Ys by Aelanna (0)

16. From Point Pleasant by Dexanote (rating unknown)

If you've read the original thread, you may notice that there are far more entries over there than on this hub; this is because many entries got deleted before the contest ended, as well as due to the rules. The contest rules, while far from being as comprehensive as the current ones, might look familiar to those of you who have seen an xkon unfold:

  • Entries were posted with the title "1000contest<username>", and linked in the contest thread for people to find and vote.
  • Any contestant still in the positives at the contest's end got to choose their spot in the newly opened series.
  • The winner was the article with the highest rating at the end of the contest.
  • Posting was open until September 1st, 2011, at which point Staff would announce the winner.

And the rest is history. Two years later, 2kon followed suit, with improved rules, organisation, and a contest hub. Right now, we're more than halfway through Series VII, so I expect another one of these beauties to take place relatively soon. Here's to a dozen more of them!

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