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Notification from The Department of Urban Legend Anomaly Countermeasure, SCP Foundation

Your Personnel ID has been recorded

Personnel are to be informed that accessing related files could affect the threat or divulgence of the object

Any ordinary visitors without special clearance should reach to the ULAC Department for receiving Smog-type Amnestic within six hours after the end of document access, in order to minimize the impact of file access

Item#: ZH-968
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Threat Level:
Spread Level:

Item #: SCP-ZH-968

Object Class: Ticonderoga

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, there is no containment procedures in place, nor the necessity and feasibility for such procedures. The current measure employed by the Foundation focuses on maintaining the status quo of SCP-ZH-968, implemented by the Ukrainian Branch ("UA Branch" as mentioned below) of the Foundation. Active measures against SCP-ZH-968 is limited to concealment of damages caused, and can only be initiated after the end of Russo-Ukrainian War.

Description: SCP-ZH-968 designates anomal phenomena with their origin attributed to one MiG-29 Fighter aircraft (Designated "SCP-ZH-968-UA"). The range of their activity is inferred to cover the territorial airspace above Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. However, any attempts to locate the object, or to reveal its true nature and pattern of its movement have failed so far. With collaborated effort of UA Branch and local civilians to conceal military whereabouts, vast majority of aerial loss of the offense had their attributed perpretrator redirected to be SCP-ZH-968-UA in collective cognition within humanity.

As containment of SCP-ZH-968 inevitably involves alteration of collective cognition of mankind, as well as overthrowing all messages spreaded along with its activity, along with danger to local defensive force and civilians, and possibility to evoke unpredictable reactions from SCP-ZH-968, and therefore leading to infringement against the modus operandi of the Foundation, SCP-ZH-968 has been deemed uncontainable in terms of both feasibility and necessity as a result, and thus assigned to Ticonderoga class.

WARNING: Following Section Classified in LEVEL 2

Any personnel accessing the following file section without LEVEL 2 Clearance will be recorded and face immediate disciplinary consequences.

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    The UA Branch discovered SCP-ZH-968 within [DATA EXPUNGED] hours since State of Full Alert come to effect due to Incident 2022-001 caused by SCP-ZH-223. Researchers in Foundation determined that the appearance of SCP-ZH-968 is causally related to the anomaly of SCP-ZH-223, and therefore delegated the archival duty of SCP-ZH-968 to the Traditional Chinese Branch ("ZH Branch" as mentioned below), while the duty of direct monitoring, security and containment remained on the UA Branch.

    During initial discovery of SCP-ZH-968, the battle loss with their attributed cause redirected are listed as follows:

    • Two Su-35 Fighter aircrafts
    • Two Su-25 Attacker aircrafts
    • One Su-27 Fighter aircraft
    • One MiG-29 Fighter aircraft

    The aforementioned loss was consistent to that suffered by the Russian Air Force in its first day of Kyiv offensive according to the Ukrainian Command.

    Simultaneously, messages about the legend of the "Ghost of Kyiv" have been identified in social media platforms due to civilian activity from Ukraine and other countries, with the alleged kills consistent to the loss mentioned above, and determined to be a result of SCP-ZH-968-UA's behaviour.

    As if there was some kind of force spontaneously emerged shortly after the incident caused by ZH-223, and it is fighting against ZH-223's effect in its own manner. Even though its method seems unrelated and indirect, but it seems that it is trying to stop the subsequent disasters, as well as to encourage the people that know of its existence to join the resistance. Since the disaster takes form of war in this case, maybe that's the reason why it chose the form of a fighter aircraft.
      - Assistant Researcher ███-███ ██████ Lau, Member of SCP-ZH-968 Editorial Team

    WARNING: Following Section Classified in LEVEL 3

    Any personnel accessing the following file section without LEVEL 3 Clearance will be recorded and face immediate disciplinary consequences.

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      During the war between Russia and Ukraine, UA Branch of the Foundation discovered a moving spherical space with low Hume level. SCP-ZH-968-UA was found in the centre of the field during the tracking process. It was also confirmed that the movements of both SCP-ZH-968-UA and the spherical field were identical. The field measured a radius of 3km, consistent to range of the GSh-30-1 Machine gun conventionally equipped on MiG-29 fighter aircrafts. Simultaneously, a spherical space concentric to the aforementioned field with baseline Hume value and a radius of 10m was also confirmed, forming a spherical shell of weak Hume field around SCP-ZH-968-UA with range between 10 and 3000 meters. So far, the retroactive reality bending phenomena were limited to the cause of aircraft damages within the perimeter (See Addendum 1 for information of the only recorded exception). Relevance between this phenomenon and SCP-ZH-223 is still under investigation.

      Addendum 1 - Spherical Weak Hume Field Emission Event: UA Branch confirmed a spherical weak Hume field with radius of 5m was emitted from the perimeter of low Hume level around SCP-ZH-968-UA [DATA EXPUNGED] days after initial discovery, with its Hume level consistent to that of the weak Hume shell around SCP-ZH-968-UA. The emitted field moved towards Southeast beyond Kyiv Oblast, until collision with a cruise missile launched by Russian Military midair above 12km Southwest of Novomoscovsk, Ukraine. Agents from UA Branch discovered a cone made of depleted uranium in the correspondent location, without any discovered object around said location consistent to any cruise missile components.

      The field agents in Foundation found a piece of paper inside the cone with text written in Ukrainian Language, translated into English as follows:

      Кєзтел: When I get back to the venue of celebration, turns out there are two dirt mounts with similar size. There is also a wooden bridge between the mounts, spanning at 20 metres long and 2 metres wide, with a wooden tower beneath its centre. Inscription is found on the tower, with the ritual for beginning of construction presumably held on the top of the tower. Or even, the whole wooden bridge could be built solely for the ritual.

      Кєзтел: In the celebration, my colleagues are sharing cakes with the engineering contractors from another company, while chit-chatting with them. I am mistaken for the pilot by the contractors, and I even heard the people around me comparing the pilot with the "Ghost of KyivПривид Києва", the legend popular at this time.

      Кєзтел: Not taking the rumour seriously, I only expressed my thanks to them, while walking through the celebration. Perhaps, we owe our times of tranquility to those bearing the weight for us.

      Кєзтел: May Glory be to UkraineСлава Україні. May Glory be to HumanityЛю́дству слава.

        - Flight Log of Semi-automatic Aircraft from Zaporizhzhia Zaporizhzhia Engineering Corporation

      Field agents also identified the dirt mounts and wooden bridge at the location where the depleted uranium cone was found, with their size consistent to the description on the paper. However, the inscription on the bridge tower was in an unknown language and therefore untranslatable. No records related to "Zaporizhzhia Zaporizhzhia Engineering Corporation" was found in the Foundation Database, and the association between SCP-ZH-968 and the corporation in question is still under investigation.

      WARNING: Following Section Classified in LEVEL 4

      Any personnel accessing the following file section without LEVEL 4 Clearance will be recorded and face immediate disciplinary consequences.

        • _

        After the emission event of spherical field of weak Hume level, UA Branch reassessed the countermeasure against SCP-ZH-968, and decided to remain the strategy and classifications unchanged based on considerations of civilian safety and Foundation operation.

        Upon comparison with Foundation Archive, ZH Branch discovered consistency between the size of the conic object retrieved from the location on 12km Southwest of Novomoscovsk and the sub-divided warhead within SCP-ZH-385. Personnel responsible to contain SCP-ZH-385 in Site-ZH-50
        were notified of the information related for reference.

        Addendum 2 - Akiva Radiation Pulse Phenomenon and Tactical Theological Opinion: After discovery of SCP-ZH-968, along with the spread of related urban legends among civilians, the UA Branch of the Foundation detected numerous pulses of extremely faint Akiva Radiative Emission within Ukrainian territory, which were most concentrated in places with air strike shelter, residential buildings and military bases. Simultaneously, the Russian Branch of the Foundation ("RU Branch" as mentioned below) reported similar phenomenon within Russian territory, yet with the pulses most concentrated in gathering places within cities.

        Following aforementioned discovery, UA and RU Branches received reports of Akiva radiation pulses occuring all over territories within and adjacent to Ukraine and Russia every day, with those of densely populated areas being the most frequent. With consideration of personal safety, the detailed map of the Akiva radiation pulse distribution has been listed as top secret and accessible only to the O5 Council and personnel directly responsible to investigation of the Akiva radiation pulses.

        The Department of Urban Legend Anomaly Countermeasure ("ULAC Dept." as mentioned below) from ZH Branch of the Foundation compared the data from the series of investigations so far, and reached the conclusion that SCP-ZH-968 influence on collective cognition within humanity had a religious nature. Therefore, ULAC Dept. requested for professional opinion from the Department of Tactical Theology as well as professionals of comparative religion, and thus authorized by the Three Enclosures Council to send such request.

        The Ghost of KyivПривид Києва, Saint Javelin, and The Bayraktar. Angels of Mons, Holy Emperor Lord Guan, and Jehovah Sabaoth. When there is war, there will be legends and faiths of martial deities.
        To stop war with war. Perhaps in another sense, religions of war deities should be seen as people's wish to end wars.
        Collective cognition of mankind is the substrate of urban legends, as well as of religions. It is believed that the legend of the Ghost of Kyiv could also be dealt with like that of the gods of war.
          - 3E-██

        WARNING: Following Section Classified in LEVEL 5

        Any personnel accessing the following file section without LEVEL 5 Clearance will be recorded and face immediate disciplinary consequences.

          • _

          In 20██/█/█, upon inspection of observational records of Akiva radiation pulse phenomenon within Ukrainian territory, UA Branch of the Foundation found that the earliest occurrence took place in midair above the city of Kyiv, simultaneous with the event of confirmed KIA2 of Ukrainian Air Force Colonel О████████ Я█████ О█████████. However, as determined by the Foundation, civilians from Ukraine and other countries would not be able to immediately receive relevant information, thus the causal relationship between appearance of SCP-ZH-968, Akiva radiation pulse phenomenon, and KIA event of Colonel О█████████ is still uncertain.

          Upon enquiry of ULAC Dept., the Department of Tactical Theology replied that although SCP-ZH-968 possesses some features of militaristic religion (Colloquially known as "War deity religion", "Military deity religion" or "Martial deity religion"), there are some fundamental differences between the two, in addition to the fact that SCP-ZH-968 had not formed any official doctrines for the believers yet, rendering intervention through tactical theology unfeasible, and the Department could only provide theoretical advice. The two Departments agreed to remain contact along with the monitoring team in UA Branch, in order to keep in touch with any changes in SCP-ZH-968.

          Like all the anomalies we have seen so far, existence of the Ghost of Kyiv lacks solid proof for scrutiny from mainstream science. However, there is another feature that sets the Ghost of Kyiv apart from the vast majority of anomalies: Even if it must be fake, as long as there exists someone believing it was real, or needing that it was real, then it exists.
          This is the nature of urban legends. Such volatility based on collective cognition of mankind is what the ULAC Department deals with. This is not where tactical theology places its focus on, so it is difficult to solve with tactical theology.
            - 3E-13

          Addendum 3 - Updates on SCP-ZH-968 Anomalous Activities and Subsequent Countermeasure: As Russian military was confirmed fully retreated from Kyiv Oblast since 2022/4/2, in addition to lack of observable activities from SCP-ZH-968, the Foundation prepared to tweak the strategy responding to SCP-ZH-968. Therefore, the Foundation collaborated with the Ukrainian Air Force to experiment with anchoring of its urban legends, and adjustments of strategies according to its future activities until when containment deemed feasible. As of the time of writing, object classifications were tentatively remained as originally assigned until conclusion of the war between Ukraine and Russia. See the details in the following updates.

          Update 2022/3/10: UA Branch of the Foundation reached an aggrement with Ukrainian Air Force to deploy Air Force Major Степан Тарабалка for presentation to general public, inheriting the name of "The Ghost of Kyiv", in order to serve as an anchor of urban legends associated with SCP-ZH-968, as well as a preparation for SCP-ZH-968 containment experiment after complete retreat of Russian military from Kyiv Oblast.

          Update 2022/3/13: Major Тарабалка, the nominee of "The Ghost of Kyiv", was confirmed KIA in airspace above Zhytomyr. Experiment proposal to contain SCP-ZH-968 remained in place.

          Update 2022/4/2: Russia concluded its offensive to Kyiv, and fully retreated from Kyiv Oblast, in order to concentrate its forces for offensive towards Eastern and Southern Ukraine. Frequency of SCP-ZH-968 activity continued to decrease. UA Branch began to establish plans for active containment of SCP-ZH-968.

          Update 2022/4/8: In response to shift of Russian offensive towards Ukraine, general public attention gradually concentrated towards the humanitarian crises all over Ukraine, weakening the spread of SCP-ZH-968. ULAC Dept. started to study the feasibility to adjust the Spread Level Classification for SCP-ZH-968 as an Urban Legend Anomaly. Proposal to change Spread Level of SCP-ZH-968 was withheld since the stability of collective memory of among civilians is still under assessment.

          Update 2022/4/22: The experimental plan to anchor the substance of the urban legend using inheritance of the name of "The Ghost of Kyiv" by Major Тарабалка was leaked to public. UA Branch initiated investigation on the leakage and countermeasures required. Said plan was tentatively abandoned.

          Update 2022/4/30: Ukrainian Air Force accepted a back-up proposal from UA Branch of the Foundation, and released a cover story of "'The Ghost of Kyiv' is a collective symbol of Ukrainian Air Force" to general public, as an experiment to further weaken the effect of SCP-ZH-968 by anchoring the content of its urban legend. ULAC Dept. continued monitoring of reaction from SCP-ZH-968 and urban legends associated with the object, and prepared to adjust its classification accordingly.

          Update 2022/5/9: Since 2022/5/1, the Foundation detected no activities nor reality bending effects from SCP-ZH-968-UA. However, the Akiva radiation pulse phenomenon in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries remained ongoing and gradually spread to the whole world. Upon meetings of the monitoring team, the Foundation passed a resolution in 2022/5/9 to reassign SCP-ZH-968 into Nagi3 and archive the files related after conclusion of war between Ukraine and Russia, with ULAC Dept. agreed to adjust Spread Level of the object afterwards.

          Update 2022/6/25: A self-hit incident occured in a Russian surface-to-air missile system deployed in Alchevsk, Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine. UA Branch of the Foundation identified a weak Hume field identical to that of SCP-ZH-968 left outside Kyiv Oblast for the second time, heading to the place of aforementioned incident and disappeared after the incident. The Foundation failed to locate SCP-ZH-968-UA. The plan to reassign SCP-ZH-968 into Nagi after conclusion of war remained in place.

          Update 20██/█/██: UA Branch of the Foundation retrieved the body of a personnel KIA from Azovstal iron and steel works, Mariupol. The personnel was given funeral of the highest order. The funeral procedures were taken charge of by А.Д., the Head of the External Relations Division in Site-██4.

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