Item#: ZH-424
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Item #: SCP-ZH-424

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ZH-424 is currently contained in situ within Observation Post-ZH-11-2, and co-managed by the Department of Administration of Site-ZH-11 and the Department of Total Tacticallization of Academic Disciplines. Currently there is no risk of containment breach. The Object no longer needs care by Biological Standards, but Spectre Measurement Network is to be installed applying Standard equivalent to that of hospitals, with Active Noise-Cancelling Infrasound Speaker Set compliant to Specification for Spengler Stasis Chambers installed around the Object. The former is used for spectral activity surveillance, while the latter is used for pacifying the spectral entities around the Object when necessary.

  • Update 2018/2/15: The default condition to activate the Infrasound Speakers is modified from "Any spectral activity originated from SCP-ZH-424 is detected in containment site" to "Any Poltergeist Attack or any Veil Breach Crisis otherwise caused by spectral entities occurs within National Cheng Kung University Campus, Tainan City".

Personnel visiting SCP-ZH-424-A is to equip Banaszek Spectral Density (BSD) Measurement Device, for perception of spectral energy distribution in vicinity. Said Device is to adhere to the Standard Equipment Specification of Mobile Task Force Kappa-3 ("Gravediggers").

Simultaneously, Visiting Personnel is to equip Transcranial Simultaneous Interpretation Device supporting Polish Language and their own native language, as well as Spectral Camouflage Clothing, in order to communicate with SCP-ZH-424-B, and to comply to the Spectral Disguise Standard specified by the Spectral Phenomena Department after contact with Consultant from the Department Mythologies and Folklores for the Department of Consultation of Site-ZH-11.

The aforementioned personal equipments required for the Procedures are deployed in a cloakroom adjacent to the containment chamber of SCP-ZH-424, and maintained regularly by Personnel on-site, while being dispatched for use according to visiting schedule. Foundation Personnel are to equip all personal equipments in the cloakroom, and to insure proper equipment before entering the containment chamber, in order to prevent suspicion from SCP-ZH-424-B. Active Noise-Cancelling Speaker Set has been installed in the cloakroom to prevent spectral entity trespassing.

Each visit must include at least two participants in case of possible injuries of Visiting Personnel due to accidents. No Personnel within range of SCP-ZH-424-A are allowed to directly see the parent star in said place. Personnel must exfiltrate from SCP-ZH-424-A through SCP-ZH-424 ASAP for recovery should they lose their eyesight by aforementioned cause.

SCP-ZH-424 is not to be relocated away from its location unless it faces risk of neutralization or inoperable containment breaches, or other accidents endangering the Object. Should it be necessary to relocate the Object, it must be relocated along with the Infrasound Speaker Set around it, with the Speakers activated during relocation to suppress any spectral activities possible to impede the relocation. Cover Story "Furniture Relocation" is to be used when questioned by any uninformed person.

  • Update 2024/5/1: Group Visits to SCP-ZH-424-A with 30 Personnel or more are now allowed. However, Visitors must familiarize themselves with spectrological knowledge, by reviewing A retrospective and analysis of the development of spectrology from 1944 to 2024 published in Observer Journal 04/24, and listening to briefings about SCP-ZH-424-A and B by Guiding Personnel before visits. All preparations mentioned above apply.

Description: SCP-ZH-424 is a plant with height of 2.5 metres, possessing features of Pines (Pinus), Oaks (Quercus) and Alders (Alnus), with red poppies (Papaver rhoeas) growing from cracks of its bark at its lateral sides.

Since formal archival of SCP-ZH-424 in 2013/11/22, the arboreal part of the Object remains overall unchanged except regular growth and shedding of the red poppies at its lateral sides consistent to normal flora life cycle. Root of the Object hardened into a trapezoidal shape with length of 3 metres, width of 1 metre and height of 0.5 metre. The Object shows vital signs of a healthy plant despite absence of soil and water provision, as well as natural sunlight due to its subterranean containment.

The trunk of SCP-ZH-424 branches out bilaterally and bends outwards, until when it re-gathers above, and thus forming a round hole with diameter of 1.5 metres which can be walked through. Said hole connects to an anomalous space (Designated SCP-ZH-424-A below) inhabited with spectral entities, where none of signal emitters or location devices succeeded to pinpoint its direction relative to Earth. Detectable spectral activities are often found around the round hole of SCP-ZH-424 due to its connection to the aforementioned space.

       SCP-ZH-424-A designates a space connected to SCP-ZH-424 and accessible through the round hole of the Object by aforementioned means. After entry, SCP-ZH-424 can be seen grounded with its roots in its location like a non-anomalous tree. Initial environmental inspection confirms that SCP-ZH-424-A has laws of physics identical to those in baseline universe, as well as an environment approximate to Earth's surface. Expedited area is observed with Humid continental climate, and plains as dominant terrain with sufficient vegetation. Flora and fauna are seen to be consistent to those on Earth, forming an ecological system similar to that in Continental Europe.

SCP-ZH-424-A possesses its own parent star, with its optical behaviour identical to the Sun in baseline universe at wavelength above 380 nm, except that it does not inflict permanent damage to human eyesight. However, if a human gaze at the star directly, the field of vision would be occluded by a beige-coloured haze until complete occultation within 30 seconds, rendering the human functionally blind. This phenomenon can not be distinguished visually, and would only recover after exfiltration from SCP-ZH-424-A. Complete recovery of eyesight usually takes 30 minutes. Subsequent spectral measurement elucidated the cause of blindness to be spectral matter efflux from the star towards the subject, followed by blockade on conjunctiva.

Should the blinded human subject stays in SCP-ZH-424-A after losing eyesight, the subject would be pushed by an invisible force usually within 5 minutes, eventually passing through SCP-ZH-424 and returning to baseline universe. Mild to moderate bruises over the entire body is a prevalent result of this process. Human with Spectral Camouflage would not be subject to the aforementioned Banishment Event, but the blindness would not remiss on its own either, until spectral matter dissipation on conjunctiva after exfiltration from SCP-ZH-424-A. It is inferred that spectral entities from baseline universe would not be subject to Banishment Event as well.

Additionally, ambient spectral matter in SCP-ZH-424-A can also affect machines foreign to it. Hot weapons of all sizes are the most prevalent subject. Hot weapons entering SCP-ZH-424-A would malfunction due to disturbance by spectral energy in the environment, but cold weapons and machines otherwise with no weapon capabilities are not affected. The underlying principle of said specificity against weapons of this phenomenon is still under investigation.

There is a saying in Cantonese Language called "鬼揞眼Ghost covering someone's eyes". Looks like it's taken literally in ZH-424-A.
   - Professor Park Ji-Eun, Director, Department of Tactical Phonology (Expedition May 2023)

Settlements scatter over the natural environment in SCP-ZH-424-A, and they appear connected with highways and cables, inferred to form networks of transportation and communication. Architecture similar to that in non-anomalous modern human society is readily seen in the settlements, but with higher extent of vegetation on buildings and the space around them when compared with baseline community. The height, location and orientation of buildings are deemed by experts in urban planning to cater with light from parent star as well as local climate, in order to prevent overpopulation and to ensure hospitality in terms of factors such as ventilation and lighting, rendering the habitat comfortable for human standards.

Each settlement has a size approximately similar to baseline human cities with populations between tens of thousands and millions. No human beings are seen in the settlements despite activities similar to baseline human society, as well as superior technology, especially in energy engineering and sustainable development, being observed. Spectral measurement at the settlements indicates dense spectral activity. The inhabiting spectral entities are designated SCP-ZH-424-B, and will be described in detail below.

Said settlements also designate the main scope of SCP-ZH-424-B activity, where anomalous object movement phenomena similar to Poltergeist Attacks in baseline reality can be frequently seen, but those phenomena are instead similar to object relocation in baseline human society, without the destruction usually seen in Poltergeist Attacks. The objects being moved by such phenomena includes everyday objects seen in baseline human workplaces, as well as numerous handicrafts inferred to be a product from SCP-ZH-424-B. Spectral measurement reveals that the objects are in contact with at least one spectral entity when moving with no exception. Thus it is inferred that SCP-ZH-424-B is not capable of telekinesis normally possessed by spectral entities in baseline reality of Type Ⅲ or above.

For all buildings, there will usually be a "Green Floor" every few floors, which is full of plants, and also serves as a place for people to rest. For non-green floors, the opaque walls also allow vines to grow. Not to worry though, the overgrowth would be trimmed and return to nature.
We are good friends with plants, and we both are nurtured by the Sun. If it took millions of years for plants to evolve a feasible way to grow, then it should take more thought for us to build our cities, to live peacefully with nature while giving ourselves a space to live.
   - SCP-ZH-424-B-082 (Purported: Marta Wójcik, Interviewee in Expedition May 2020)

Settlements in SCP-ZH-424-A rely on energy sources to be converted into electrical energy in the same manner as baseline human society does. However, all inspected settlements appear completely dependent on renewable energy sources, with no sign of non-renewable energy use to be seen. Furthermore, the settlements appear to determine the distribution of energy source categories depending on the climate and terrain on where they are situated. Observed energy sources include light and heat from the parent star, wind, tides, waves and geothermal energy. Among the variety of energy sources, direct energy provision from the parent star has the largest part, and the vast majority of power facilities using other kinds of energy sources also possess modules to harvest power from the parent star.

Every building in the settlements has a prism-shaped structure in bright violet colour on its roof. Named "Astral Pillars" by SCP-ZH-424-B, those structures are mainly responsible for distributing electricity for the buildings and the neighbouring land, as well as the computation required to do so. If the electricity generation of the building is not enough for its own use, its Astral Pillar will receive electricity from other power facilities to cover the remaining deficiencies. Otherwise, if there is power surplus in a given building, the remaining energy will be transferred through its Astral Pillar to other buildings in need of extra electricity.

Astral Pillars on different buildings transport electricity through a principle called "Superconductance through Astral Realm" according to SCP-ZH-424-B, with negligible loss. However, the Astral Pillars still need connection with the power grid of their settlement using cables for electricity interchange.

Through the network of Astral Pillars, each settlement is capable of balancing the electricity supply and demand among each of its buildings, as well as interchanging electricity with adjacent settlements with electrical cables similar to that of baseline human society in form of high voltage direct current (HVDC) electricity, ultimately providing energy for all communities in SCP-ZH-424-A.

Additionally, technology for fabrication of Astral Pillars and power facilities has become a common knowledge among SCP-ZH-424-B communities, to the point that the local residents are capable of building such facilities on their own given natural resources transported from other settlements.

The use of spectral energy sources by SCP-ZH-424-B shares a striking similarity with electricity use by humans. Could we find a way out from anthropogenic issues in climate and habitat by referring to their ways to use renewable energy?
   - Professor Su Ching-yen, Director, Department of Total Tacticallization of Academic Disciplines (Expedition January 2025)

       SCP-ZH-424-B is a collective designation for the spectral entities native to SCP-ZH-424-A, whose individual appearances being accordingly consistent to typical forms of the four typical types in Banaszek Classification of spectral entities. By the information gained through observations and communications with SCP-ZH-424-B, it was found that SCP-ZH-424-B increases its spectral density over time of its existence, and transforms accordingly. Currently, it is inferred that SCP-ZH-424-B grows at a rate similar to non-anomalous human does, with the relationship listed as follows:

Type Colloquial Name BSD Corresponding human age
Orbs 1~20 Infancy (Aged 0 to 3)
Wraiths 20~50 Childhood (Aged 3 to 8)
Poltergeists 50~75 Youth (Age 11 to 18)
Spirit 75+ Adulthood (Aged 18 or above)

On average, as SCP-ZH-424-B grows, they will spontaneously dissipate and release their spectral energy to the surroundingsa 80 years after nascence. The maximum attainable BSD before dissipation varies among individuals, and usually ranges between 350 and 500 BSD. SCP-ZH-424-B community would universally decide whether to slow down the dissipation process according to the will of the individual in question as well as its related individuals. Spectral energy unleashed in this way will be treated by SCP-ZH-424-B individuals related to the dissipated individual, leaving no impact to the environment.

The most significant difference between SCP-ZH-424-B and baseline spectral entities is their behaviour and mental presentation. SCP-ZH-424-B of each form does not show repetitions and instinctual aggressiveness typically seen in baseline spectral entities, but instead appears self-controlled in an extent at least equal to average non-anomalous humans in the correspondent age. Subsequent communication with SCP-ZH-424-B community revealed such self-control is the same as that of humans, in its need to be nurtured in immature individuals by adult individuals, based on the principle respecting their individuality without associating negative emotions to the concept of discipline. As for infant individual formation, it can be seen that SCP-ZH-424-B reproduces in a way analogous with bacterial conjugation, but with required timespan and stress onto the individual similar to that of human, and the parent individuals do not show significant changes unlike the cases in bacterial conjugation.

In addition, SCP-ZH-424-B is capable of telepathic communication consistent with verbal communications in humans at its age. Experiments confirmed that the range of telepathy is approximate to that of sound propagation in human conversations in baseline reality. Upon analysis by Artificial Intelligence Conscripts (AIC) specialized in Natural Language Processing (NLP), intelligence gained in Expeditions indicates the grammar used in SCP-ZH-424-B telepathic communication to be extremely similar to that of Polish Language. Based on the assumption that both languages are one-to-one correspondent in terms of lexicography, a bilingual dictionary between Polish and SCP-ZH-424-B Languages has been built for interpretation. Comparison with SCP-ZH-424-B conversations using the aforementioned dictionary indicates SCP-ZH-424-B has a nomenclature for specific individuals and regions similar to that in Polish Language as well.

Therefore, if Banaszek Classification for spectral entities is to be completely applied onto SCP-ZH-424-B, they will be non-specifically designated as Type Ⅴ entities due to their atypical behaviour and perception, except for few individuals consistent to Type Ⅳ entities. For the sake of convenience, when classifying SCP-ZH-424-B using Banaszek Classification, only spectral density and appearance would be considered. The individual in question will be designated Type Ⅴ only when it does not fit into the four types in terms of both spectral density and appearance.

The previously mentioned Class V is rather problematic; for lack of a better comparison, it is a kind of protist kingdom of spectrology, for it includes all entities that are undoubtedly spectral — arising from the human ego after death or during near-death experiences — but do not fit into the other categories. They are, in short, anomalies among anomalies.
   - A retrospective and analysis of the development of spectrology from 1944 to 2024

Apart from their general lack of aggressiveness, communication and co-residence with SCP-ZH-424-B also reveals that they usually appear to be easy-going, with respect to the bodily and social boundaries of self and others, as well as the will and individuality of others alike, to the point that during communication with them, it is an integral part to confirm if one's own action lies within the consent of others to be affected. At the same time, the spectral entities show a significant sense of altruism, and they seldom encroach on other individuals. According to SCP-ZH-424-B, they have a habit of considering possible consequences before action as a means to determine if they should act, including whether it is acceptable for oneself to be the receiving end of such actions without bias from one's own mental niche.

Due to sufficient industrial automation, and democratic management on a regular basis, as well as care and assistance for compromised and underprivileged individuals, SCP-ZH-424-B live in a state of post-scarcity. Adult SCP-ZH-424-B usually show capability and tendency of specializing in a specific craft or art outside their vocational labour. Observed crafts include ornaments, everyday objects, visual art pieces, literature, music, performance arts etc.. Note that SCP-ZH-424-B sees vocation as a part of their creativity similar to art creation, rather than a forced decision to meet the demands of daily life, due to their lives of post-scarcity.

If we can't let our children love the ability they need to thrive, then there's no effective education. Like self discipline, executive functions, curiosity, independent thinking, mental resilience and such. We need to ensure that they will not avoid them like the plague. It is also for them to seek their Calling: The aspect where they can shine the most. This is also the key to the pleasant state of our society as it continues to exist.
— Ah, yes. Gotta let them choose a craft, for them to express their creativity that they deserve. Constructive art is also an element that we treasure, as well as the very thing to continually connect our community within and between others.
   - SCP-ZH-424-B-067 (Purported: Łukasz Adamczyk, Interviewee in Expedition September 2018)

Additionally, the culture of SCP-ZH-424-B pays significant attention to mental health and individual rights, including balance between vocation, leisure and social participation. Such lifestyle is inferred to depend on the general respect and concern to other individuals among SCP-ZH-424-B, regardless of their age, gender identity, working capability, occupations and other objective features. During spare time, SCP-ZH-424-B usually engages in activities similar to human meditation, as well as inspection of the surrounding natural environment around its neighbourhood, as a means to mental adjustment, and a source of knowledge on natural ecology.

However, the most significant difference between SCP-ZH-424-B leisure activity and human mental maintenance is that SCP-ZH-424-B meditation usually involves the act to direct its light-sensing part towards its parent star, similar to Sungazing advocated by a group of pseudoscientific communities in non-anomalous society. It is also believed that the saying propagated among SCP-ZH-424-B "When you look at the Sun, the Sun will come down for you" is also a cause as well as a result of the sungazing culture of SCP-ZH-424-B.

The Sungazing Ritual of SCP-ZH-424-B is deemed sustainable due to the harmless nature of the parent star in SCP-ZH-424-A with respect to biological and spectral entities. During spectrological characterization towards the star, Researchers found that the star possesses a spectral density beyond measurement by the instruments available, while behaving extremely similar to a colossal Type Ⅰ spectral entity. Measurement of spectral density also confirms that when SCP-ZH-424-B directs its optical sensor to the parent star, spectral energy will flow out of the star towards the subject SCP-ZH-424-B. Although SCP-ZH-424-B can absorb energy by Sungazing, humans will temporarily lose their eyesight when staring at the star. It is subsequently determined that human is incapable of absorbing spectral energy in the manner of SCP-ZH-424-B, and such discrepancy will also lead to divulgence of their differential existence to SCP-ZH-424-B, ultimately leading to banishment of the human in question through manipulation of manifested spectral matter flow.

Humans with Spectral Camouflage will not be banished by SCP-ZH-424-B following loss of eyesight, but would still be identified by SCP-ZH-424-B as foreign spectral entities originating from baseline reality. SCP-ZH-424-B can only provide assistance to foreign spectral entities like human society does to blind humans, and they cannot restore the lost eyesight for humans after sungazing.

Apart from the sungazing ritual, it's basically the spectral version of human society, and they live much better than us. Would this be their heaven? What can we do to catch up with their standard of living?
   - Li Wên-fu, Site Tactical Response Agent, Site-ZH-11 (Expedition February 2021)

Object History: Origin of SCP-ZH-424 traced back to a gift received by a team of Field Agents of Traditional Chinese Branch (ZH Branch), sent from Polish Branch (PL Branch) Personnel in 1990. Among the gifts, red poppy seeds were planted in a flower pot by an Agent stationed in Site-ZH-11 after returning to ZH Branch Sites. The thirteen flowers grew over time, and deviated from the lifespan of red poppies one by one, gradually showing features of xylophite, while branches with red flowers as their tips grew from their extremities.

The earliest record of SCP-ZH-424 deviation occurred in 1994/10/12, when the plants already exceeded the lifespan of non-anomalous counterparts, with their stems began to appear wood-like. Agent responsible for their caretaking swapped pots of appropriate size for SCP-ZH-424. To the year 1997, the anomalous red poppies being the precursor of SCP-ZH-424 have conjoined into one single plant with mixed morphology of the three tree species and red poppy. Agent decided to register SCP-ZH-424 as an anomalous item, and to replant the Object as a bonsai art piece in 30th July at the same year.

As the new Premise of National Cheng Kung University Library completed its construction in 2001/6/9, Site-ZH-11 relocated to the subterranean space beneath the new Premise, while SCP-ZH-424 had penetrated the floor of its location with its root, rendering it unmoveable. As a result, as the previous location of Site-ZH-11 repurposed into Observation Post-ZH-11-2, it was decided upon discussion of Site Personnel to reserve SCP-ZH-424 in its place for continued containment.

SCP-ZH-424 was seen transforming again in May 2006. Its trunk started to split in half by the middle, while the tree top stayed intact along with its crown. The hole mid-trunk expanded subsequently, until November that year when it remained its size up till now. Afterwards, SCP-ZH-424 was seen completely separated from the floor at its root, while the tiles underneath appeared intact without any signs of damage. It was inferred that the root of Object shrunk from 2001 to 2013 until complete separation from the ground, while reversing the damage it had done to the floor tiles through means currently unknown.

In 2013/11/11, an immaterial image suddenly appeared along the toroidal axis of the hole in mid-section of SCP-ZH-424, presenting a plain with sufficient vegetation in front of a forest, as well as clusters of silvery white high-rise buildings scattering around the plain, where vegetation was also seen on surface of the buildings as well. The principle of image projection was initially unknown. Subsequent validation from spacetime anomaly specialists determined that a portal connecting to an anomalous space had been opened at the round hole mid-trunk, and the image itself turned out to be the landscape of said space presented at the angle of the portal. The Object was then registered SCP-ZH-424 in 22nd November that year, with the connected anomalous space designated SCP-ZH-424-A, and Expeditions to said space began immediately after.

That tree was planted since the Polish sent it to us in the "Parting Ceremony" of Professor Banaszek. Since we couldn't move it when it got archived, and it becomes what it is now, who knows what could possibly go wrong when we move it? I think it would be better off leaving it there.
But to say that it was a "Parting Ceremony", it's more like rolling in the orbs to fill in the spectral void he left.
   - Wu Shuo-kuan, Security Consultant, Observation Post-ZH-11-2 (Agent Emeritus, Recipient of PL Branch Gift in 1990)

As of the end of 2013, Expedition Team obtained the spatial information from SCP-ZH-424-A, and the consequence of direct sighting of its parent star was known. Simultaneously, occurrence of anomalous events due to spectral activities in National Cheng Kung University Campus within the vicinity of SCP-ZH-424 containment location spiked to 2.5 times the average frequency before. By the correlation mentioned above, Foundation Personnel associated SCP-ZH-424-A with surrounding spectral activities, and therefore determined the initial Protocol to prevent the spectral entities in SCP-ZH-424-A from entering the baseline universe.

Through Consultant for Department of Mythologies and Folklores working in Consultation Department of Site-ZH-11, Foundation Personnel connected with the Spectral Phenomena Department, and obtained the method to disguise as spectral entities. From then on, SCP-ZH-424-A Expeditions no longer face banishment after seeing the parent star, while human eyesight could still be susceptible to the star. In spite of that, Expeditions could be prolonged after coming to the conclusion to refrain from looking at the parent star, and Personnel succeeded to obtain the information of local societal activities by infiltrating the architecture in SCP-ZH-424-A, including industrial activities and energy usage. After discovering the telepathic nature of SCP-ZH-424-B communication, Expedition Personnel began to equip electroencephalographic (EEG) devices to record information through telepathy for future decryption of SCP-ZH-424-B communication.

In 2017/12/1, as RAISA-ZH introduced translation through artificial intelligence (AI), SCP-ZH-424 Expedition Team infiltrated the settlements in SCP-ZH-424-A while equipping interpretation devices supporting AI for the first time, to allow the AI to learn the lexicon used by SCP-ZH-424-B. Based on observations from Expedition Team infiltrating settlements, the AIC processed the data obtained since initial camouflaged Expeditions, determined the most similar language through comparison with languages stored in Linguistic Knowledge Base, ultimately building a dictionary enabling simultaneous interpretation. As a result, Foundation gained the method to communicate with SCP-ZH-424-B, enabling official communication. From then on, Foundation Personnel obtained more vital information about SCP-ZH-424-B communities from the entities, as described in paragraphs above.

All in all, we seek to prevent suffering from being artificially created, through inheriting the wisdom, assisting the strong and supporting the weak. War, exploitation, intimidation, extortion, such tragedies are meaningless here, they all get in our way. May I wish you all free from those man-made tragedies. Don't let them be copied anymore.
   - SCP-ZH-424-B-029 (Purported: Vitomir Zieliński, Interviewee in Expedition March 2018)

As Department of Total Tacticallization of Academic Disciplines established in 2019/11/14, along with completion of NCKU Future Venue furbishment, where implanted Personnel from the Department stationed in, Observation Post-ZH-11-2 locating in the subterranean space beneath the Future Venue became the secondary centre of the Department. With SCP-ZH-424 contained within the Post, the Department joined in the management of SCP-ZH-424.

In 2024/4/1, Foundation Journal Observer featured A retrospective and analysis of the development of spectrology from 1944 to 2024, a retrospective article written by Dr. Dariusz Addams, Director of Site-PL-55 from PL Branch. Translation in Traditional Chinese Language was subsequently published by RAISA-ZH Division of Documental Translation in 2024/4/30, providing crucial materials of spectrology fundamentals for Personnel in Site-ZH-11. Upon article review, Administration Department of Site-ZH-11 allowed Group Visits to SCP-ZH-424-A.

During Visit in 2025/1/1, Foundation gained permission from SCP-ZH-424-B for mutual technological exchange, and therefore gained important information about technologies in SCP-ZH-424-B communities. Permission to build an Astral Pillar System for Electricity Supply around SCP-ZH-424 was also obtained, to extract electricity available from SCP-ZH-424-A for Foundation Facility use. Development of Electricity Supply System connecting to the Astral Pillar near SCP-ZH-424 for Site-ZH-11 and its two major Observation Posts was lead by Professor Su Ching-yen, the Head of Academic Disciplines, using his specialty in electrical engineering outside the Veil, and was completed and commissioned in 2025/6/1.

As of file submission in December 2031, information gathered from SCP-ZH-424-B has provided substantial inspiration for Foundation Technology involving spectrology, such as a more compact design of spectral sensor modules to be integrated into Foundation Personal Equipments. Technologies consequently benefitted from SCP-ZH-424-B include the "Helms of Nine Iterations", a wearable device in development for wave detection and protection from preception-based hazards.

Technology in Foundation leads in front of humanity, mostly owing to the radical minds that embrace anomalous technology. And now, with the hidden support from the Spiritual Realm, there will be one more reason to say so.
   - Lau Sin-hop Edward, Researcher, Department of Total Tacticallization of Academic Disciplines (Expedition December 2031, Translator of Dr. Addams's Retrospective Article)

Addendum - Additional Inscriptions Discovered on Distal Side of SCP-ZH-424: During initial communication between Foundation and SCP-ZH-424-B, Foundation Personnel discovered additional inscriptions in Chinese and English Languages on SCP-ZH-424 at the side towards SCP-ZH-424-A on their way returning to baseline universe in 2018/2/15. The inscriptions were inferred to be inscribed by SCP-ZH-424-B after learning Chinese and English Languages from Foundation Personnel, as a form of language exercise. Through observation of the writing system used by SCP-ZH-424-B by AIC, along with reference from original inscriptions, the bilingual inscriptions were determined to be overall equivalent to the original inscriptions. The additional inscriptions were quoted as follows:

Sungazing Prohibited In Retreats Inside Terrarium

Upon enquiry, the aforementioned hypothesis was verified. Moreover, it was also verified in the same enquiry that SCP-ZH-424-B can also enter and leave baseline universe through SCP-ZH-424, but directly looking at the Sun in baseline universe would lead to rapid disintegration of indigenous spectral matter, resulting in "Death" of the entity in question. Related experiment proposals are yet to be permitted in the risk of hostility from SCP-ZH-424-B.

At the same day, Foundation modified the condition to activate the Infrasound Speaker, to allow baseline universe access of SCP-ZH-424-B through SCP-ZH-424, in order to prevent the loss of mutual trust due to possible discovery of Containment Protocol based on unconditional blockade by SCP-ZH-424-B.

In light of Containment Protocol Update, Foundation reached an agreement with SCP-ZH-424-B in 2018/3/1, and gained promise from SCP-ZH-424 of spontaneous quarantine and necessary cooperation for investigation in case of anomalous events by spectral activity happening in Tainan City.

With further communication between Foundation and SCP-ZH-424-B, Foundation Personnel discovered another set of additional inscriptions in Chinese and English Languages on SCP-ZH-424 at the side towards SCP-ZH-424-A on their way returning in 2025/2/1. Enquiry confirmed that the inscribing SCP-ZH-424-B attempted to express its own opinion after being informed of the baseline society according to Foundation Personnel. The additional inscriptions were quoted as follows:

Sincerely Petitioning Ideological Resolve In Terminus

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