HMCL-ZH is re-examining the object class of SCP-ZH-072 and appointing a research department.
Until the reexamination is completed, all related investigations and records are in charge of the Site-ZH-02 Site Security Division (Director Yi Xuan-Hu).

— Dir Tai Zhao-wen, RAISA-ZH Lead

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Clearance Level 1: Clearance
Containment Class: euclid
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/vlam
Risk Class: #/caution

Special Containment Procedures

Currently, there are no effective special containment procedures, but strengthening security measures is suggested to effectively reduce the loss caused by SCP-ZH-072.

Relevant announcements have been posted in Site-ZH-02 and disseminated through the Site News. All personnel should be aware of any notices.

In the event of any abnormal drug loss, immediate notification is required, and the consumption of all non-individually packaged food/drinks within the site must be suspended until the drug is recovered.


SCP-ZH-072 is a series of abnormals occurring in Site-ZH-02 since 09/10/2020, including but not limited to:

  • Partial footage loss in CCTV recordings without anomalies.
  • Additional browsing records.
  • Item theft.
  • Item relocation.

It is currently suspected that a certain entity or entities (referred to as SCP-ZH-072-α) are responsible for these phenomena. However, information regarding this entity is unobtainable and cannot be regularly recorded.

For more details, refer to Addendum 1.

Addendum 1

The following are the reports of incidents related to SCP-ZH-072. Personnel please report if any is found.

Incident Log-072-121120

Date: 19/10/2020

Location: multiple locations of Site-ZH-02


Multiple personnel reported sightings of an unidentified entity resembling a male Asian wearing a black hooded windbreaker, dark blue jeans, and a waist bag. The entity, approximately 1.7 meters tall, occasionally carried a plastic bag. Personnel claimed that upon being aware of their presence, the entity would immediately depart.

After multiple reviews of the CCTV recordings, it was discovered that no entities or anomalies appeared in the reported locations. Only partial footage loss was observed (see attached image). The following is an approximation of the entity's movement route based on the reports:


Image captured by the CCTV 2F-C-132, showing no personnel or anomalies.

Time Location
13:14 2F Corridor outside Staff Canteen Toliet (see attached image)
13:30 2F Staff Canteen
13:45 2F Lift Lobby
14:27 3F Documentation and Data Archives Row "M" of Reference Book Archives
15:14 3F Printer in the corridor outside Documentation and Data Archives
15:37 2F Stairs
15:56 B4 Storeroom
16:07 B9 Office of Division of Memetic Engineering
16:21 B9 Office of Division of Memetic Engineering
16:42 B9 Office of Division of Memetic Engineering


  • Established an investigation project (SCP-ZH-072) for the "partial footage loss in CCTV recordings without anomalies" and conducted a retrospective review of potentially related cases.
  • All reported staff members underwent a medical examination, revealing the ingestion of a certain amount of Class W mnestic drugs. However, there were no corresponding records of drug administration.

Incidents Related to Browsing or Documentation

The following information is obtained by comparing the recent incident reports from the Data Archives with CCTV recordings.

Time:09/10/2020 11:54

Location: Terminal 0250B, 3F Data Archives

Detail: The alarm was triggered due to unauthorized browsing, but upon investigation, no browsing records were found, and there was no evidence of personnel using it based on the CCTV recording. Therefore, it was deemed to be a false alarm.

Time: 09/10/2020 13:05

Location: Terminal 0234C, 3F Data Archives

Detail: The guard noticed the light from a terminal during the patrol and proceeded to investigate. The terminal was found to be on a browsing page, yet no individuals were found in the vicinity. A Level 2 security clearance pass belonging to Dr. Young was recovered from the card reader of the terminal.

The following table is compiled by manually comparing browsing records with CCTV recordings. It may not include all SCP-ZH-072-related incidents accurately and in real time.

Date Browsing Records
09/10 SCP-347
10/10 Light Meter User Guide
10/10 Guide on Human Anomalies Containment by the Ethics Committee (2019 Edition)
11/10 SCP-5031
16/10 SCP-4773-2
16/10 Fundamental Memetic I
16/10 Division of Memetic Engineering
19/10 Fundamental Memetic I
19/10 Memetic: Introduction
19/10 Dr. Apoyn's PC
20/10 SCP-ZH-072
15/11 Site Incident Data Base 151120
15/11 Floor Plan of Documentation and Data Archives

Incidents Related to Item Theft

Notice from Site-ZH-02 Site Security Divison

The Security Division had suspended the request to review the CCTV for the loss below 15000NTD due to SCP-ZH-072. Please keep an eye on your Personal Belongings

— Yi Xuan-Hu, Site Security Director

Date Location Items
10/10 B4 354 Apparatus Storeroom A Reflected Light Meter1
17/10 B6 375 Pantry Room A mini cheese cake
17/10 B1 234 General Guardroom The key and the spare key of Storeroom B9-264
18/10 B9 Room AM 055 Two bottles of W Class mnestic drugs2
16/11 3F Documentation and Data Archives The items stored in Evidence Locker 198, refer to the Addendum.

Other Possible Relevant Record

Time: 15/11/2020

Location: B9/F Storeroom B9-264

Details: Due to the loss of the key and the spare key on 18/10, the room remained inaccessible until a maintenance worker was assigned on the recorded date. There were unusual changes in the room, the door of the room was discovered would open and close automatically with the partial footage loss without anomalies by comparing the CCTV recording after the key was lost. The following are the observed changes:

  • Shelving units moved to the wall side.
  • The following items have been recovered and are currently stored in Evidence Locker 198, awaiting official classification and archiving.
    • A receipt believed from GoI "Mujin-Getsudō-Shū" (無尽月導衆), the addresser information seems to be encrypted. See more in the appendix
    • A notebook, with lots of indistinguishable ink scribble. See more in the appendix
    • One set of the simple bedding
    • One set of black clothes
    • A creased Observer: An SCP Foundation Journal 2020 Issue 9
    • Copy of Fundamental Memetic I Chapter One, with a small amount of indistinguishable ink scribble
    • Slight amount of junk


Postscript: On the following day (16/11/2020), there was an intrusion into the Documentation and Data Archives, resulting in the loss of the aforementioned items. On the same day, it was discovered that the door to Storage Room B9-279 was unable to open.

Addendum 2

The anomalous product online shop of the ninja mutual aid GoI "Mujin-Getsudō-Shū" "Ningu No. 055【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】", some of the content is believed to be related to the project. Further investigation is currently underway.

List of Ningu | List of Ninpo Scroll | Order History


Ningu No. 055【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】


¥ 5000/2 Pills

¥ 20000/10 Pills

※Not Available for Lending
Delivery Method: After the payment is confirmed, the package will be delivered by【Summoning TechniqueKuchiyose no Jutsu 】automatically.

Ningu Information

  • Type: Drug・Consumable
  • Suitable Mission: Information Acquisition・Assassinate (Only applicable to individual ninja missions.)

Ningu Explanation

The Ningu No. 055【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】 is a medication used for invisibility. We followed clues from the Biography of Nagarjuna and travelled to India, where we discovered a prescription for a green pill composed of 70 different medicinal herbs. We then modified and developed it into its current form. To use the 【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】, divide it in half, with one half swallowed and the other half ground into a powder with 20 mL of water. Then, apply it to behind both ears and the back of the neck. After waiting for five minutes, the effects take hold.

As the name suggests, the 【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】 is capable of concealing the user's presence. By stimulating the user's potential, it eliminates both the user and accompanying items from sensory triggers (including visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, and certain extrasensory perceptions). The pill's effects also include the ability to erase any evidence of the user's presence during its effectiveness.


The effect of 【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】 is to conceal the user, but it does not provide protection against the dangers associated with invisibility or eliminate physical traces left behind.

Moreover, the invisibility effect is essentially irreversible until its effectiveness wears off. If you need to use the 【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】, please make adequate preparations for emergency measures such as first aid and evacuation.

Please note that before using it.


Q: What is the size of one pill, and how is it packaged?
A: Each pill weighs approximately 15 grams with a diameter of about 3 centimeters. Both the two-pill and ten-pill packages are enclosed in a covered wooden box, and the expiration date is printed on the individual oil paper packaging of each pill.

Q: Does 【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】 contain any allergenic ingredients?
A: Since natural ingredients are used, they may unavoidably contain allergenic ingredients. If you have allergies to nuts, gluten, or shellfish, we strongly advise against using the product. We recommend visiting a nearby medical facility for an oral provocation test.

Q: Does【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】have any side effects?
A: Based on our tests, there are currently no significant side effects. However, some users have reported perceiving things that are normally invisible in daily lives.

Q: Can 【Nagarjuna Stealth Pill】 help me bypass machine detection?
A: Yes, based on our tests, it can effectively eliminate all recorded images, sounds, and physical interactions.

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Rating & Comments

★ 4.6


standard-icon.png N.J.

Successfully infiltrated GOC

This is the most effective product I have used among all similar ones. I easily infiltrated the base of the GOC Far East division and obtained the requested documents. Moreover, there were no traces left behind even when I passed by the guards and entered the field of view of the CCTV.

standard-icon.png ゼンゾウ

It made me forget something important

Although the pills are very effective, the notes I wrote during the effectiveness became completely unreadable afterwards and made me forget important things. I was scolded maliciously by captain before recalling it.

standard-icon.png 忍道不到

Seeing strange graffiti

The invisible effect is great. After the mission was done, I tried to look for "things that are normally invisible in daily lives" mentioned in the side effects. And I really find some strange freshly renovated graffiti on the torii near my home. Does anyone see some similar "things that are normally invisible in daily lives"?

standard-icon.png 卍鬼島㊣忍者卍

Service is good

Even though there is no delivery by【Summoning Technique】for overseas buyers, the store still provides a free shipping offer for the first order. And the quality of the products is excellent, I will definitely buy it again.

standard-icon.png SAJURA


The product is very useful and helps me complete the task easily. But when I was bypassing a school on the way back, I heard some annoying sound at the school gate. Has anyone had a similar experience?

standard-icon.png 卍鬼島㊣忍者卍

The effectiveness doesn't wear off

I accidentally took twice the amount, and it has been five hours now, but it seems like the effects haven't worn off. What should I do?

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