Experimental Log of Containment Chamber ZH-S12-E-024

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The omissions in this document are deliberate exclusion, please do not modify without permission.

—Eli Forkley, Director, DoMc

The individual serve of food, daily necessities and medical supplies are needed to place in Containment Chamber ZH-S12-E-024 periodically, with cleaning. Please do not conduct experiments without the necessary.

Please obey the following regulations inside Containment Chamber ZH-S12-E-024:

  • Do not entitle with any names.
  • Do not give any attributes.
  • Do not use any pronouns to refer to.
  • Do not describe with any adjectives.

Please follow the above regulations while recording the experiment conducted in Containment Chamber ZH-S12-E-024 as well.

Experimental Log:


Action: Named as Walter Oliver

Result: Become.

Note: Walter Oliver had been administered amnestics and the account heading had changed. According to the examination, there has been no anomalous effect on him.

Experimenter: Dr. Robinson

Action: Using pronouns.

Result: Disappear.

Experimenter: Dr. Harris

Action: Give attributes.

Result: Dr. Harris lost all knowledge about class "Euclid".

Experimenter: D-24635

Action: Describe

Result: D-24635 is no longer "strong" after ten seconds.

Experimenter: D-18746

Action: Keep describing until running out of words.

Result: D-18746 is no longer "tall", "thin", "angry", "tired" , "mad", "hurt", "have-hair", "humanoid", "alive" after ten seconds stopped describe.

Experimenter: Researcher Alice

Action: Conduct a conversation without violating the regulation of the containment chamber

Result: No abnormality is observed.

Note: The mental state becomes unstable, the further experiment is not advised.

Experimenter: None

Action: Retrieve the paper from the containment chamber

Result: None

Note: Content on paper


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