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Welcome to my little author page, my name is R4_EXR4_EX and I'm a writer here on the wiki! Not sure what you're doing here but feel free to have a look around, learn a bit about me and maybe even read one or two of my things.

I'm a kid from the South of England who enjoys playing piano and singing classical music in choirs. I'm very nerdy and really like d&d, Magic: The Gathering and anime1. I feel like I'm a pretty down to Earth guy who likes to write things that some people enjoy.

I got into scp over lockdown after hearing about it from some friends at school. After I realised it was a creative writing site I decided to give it a shot and joined. This is my first time being so invested in an internet community and I'm glad that everyone here that I've interacted with has been nice and/or helpful wherever I go. I'm usually active on the scpd discord (my account is R4_EX#0842)

Some of you may not know much about me, or never seen me before in your life. But I'll let you know right here and now that I'm always willing to talk about pretty much any topic. I love hearing about the things that other people really like and are passionate about, it never fails to interest me so shoot me a message if you ever want to talk.

Anyway, I'm not just here to make friends2, I also write. You can look at some of that stuff on the next tab!

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While I have no intentions of doing so, if I go missing for 6 or more months I give all my works to RallistonRalliston to do with as they please. But for now I doubt that is going to happen, so I will keep writing, reading and talking to the amazing people on this site.

That's all from me for now. I hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about me. Make sure you all stay safe and stay your amazing selves.


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