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Agent Boyd defending against SCP-5200-J

Item #: SCP-5200-J

Object Class: DARE

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-5200-J is not possible to contain, a public information campaign has been started to help members of the public JUST SAY NO! If any staff member is found considering giving in to SCP-5200-J, they are to be given a stern talking-to, followed by a dance number.

Description: SCP-5200-J is a phenomenon most commonly found in secondary school environments and on the streets, where innocent inner city kids are just trying to get by. SCP-5200-J is a feeling that you have to give in to what the cool kids are doing, or else you won't be cool, right? Giving into SCP-5200-J has many results, the most common being

The most effective way to combat SCP-5200-J's effect is to JUST SAY NO!, which has been proven to be effective in almost 99% of all SCP-5200-J cases.

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