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SCP-SPOOKY-J manifesting in the personal closet of Dr. Filler1 after stealing one of his sweaters.


Object Class: Safe Euclid Spooklid

Spooky Containment Procedures: SCP-SPOOKY-J cannot be faithfully contained due to the nature of its being. In the event that SCP-SPOOKY-J manifests outside of its containment chamber it is to be escorted back to its chamber and recontained.

SCP-SPOOKY-J's containment chamber is a standard humanoid containment chamber with a single-lock security door to ensure simple recontainment.

Description: SCP-SPOOKY-J is visually identical to a typical human skeleton standing 1.72 meters in height and weighing 5.44 kilograms. The skull, face, and jaw structure of SCP-SPOOKY-J is completely flexible and grants it the ability to make a range of facial expressions despite its lack of muscles or flesh. As well, SCP-SPOOKY-J is capable of vocalization and sapient thought.

SCP-SPOOKY-J is capable of vanishing and manifesting at will to any location within 66.6 meters from its original position during the month of any major commercial holiday. Individuals in the location of SCP-SPOOKY-J's manifestation often report a subtle rattling noise originating somewhere behind them. Individuals exposed to SCP-SPOOKY-J and its anomalous effects are to be administered class-A amnestics prior to recontainment of the entity.

When interacting with living human subjects, SCP-SPOOKY-J will typically display verbally aggressive behavior often in the form of insults and challenges to physical altercations. Despite this behavior, SCP-SPOOKY-J has yet to seriously or purposefully injure a living subject out of observable malice. SCP-SPOOKY-J displays an anomalous understanding of individual subjects' mothers and sisters where these relations are applicable.

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