SCP Series 6 - Audio Edition

Showcase for the best audio adaptations of articles on this wiki.

For speed and convenience this list is available here by itself, but you can also head over to the main Audio Adaptations hub to see all catalogued adaptations of SCP Series, tales, and more in one huge list.

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5000 to 5099 Audio Links
SCP-5000 - Why? SCP Archives
SCP-5001 - Sacrosanct HUSH
SCP-5014 - Wille zum Leben Triple B
SCP-5020 - LoOpy LiLLy Triple B
SCP-5022 - Kid Heads Site-42
SCP-5031 - Yet Another Murder Monster Site-42; Revenant Fantasy
SCP-5037 - Unsolved Mario Zone
SCP-5040 - 血の涙 ("Tears of Blood") Shaggydredlocks; Site-42; Skeleton08
SCP-5043 - dado's brain​expl​soese​notsr​sogsg​sdgkp​skpls​dhpsd, …uh, the… do, the make the your brains have a blow splosion Aliulo
SCP-5045 - You Get Used to It ASMattR
SCP-5047 - Apartment Hunting Site-42
SCP-5053 - Anything but a stick in the mud Fullham
SCP-5059 - Roll Out! Aliulo
SCP-5062 - The Cleansing Room Site-42
SCP-5073 - Explosively Hot Chocolate Triple B
SCP-5088 - The Empty Pool Site-42
SCP-5094 - Miss J's Whiz Kidz Schoolhouse Site-42
SCP-5097 - Working 9 to 5 Site-42
5100 to 5199 Audio Links
SCP-5101 - Special Containment Procedures Triple B
SCP-5102 - Dear Diary Mario Zone
SCP-5113 - The Life and Times of Chairman Meow and the Woof Tang Clan NaturesTemper
SCP-5140 - EVEREST Maxwell; Skeleton08; TheVolgun
SCP-5145 - I Buried The Sun Site-42
SCP-5147 - The Mannequin Troupe Triple B
SCP-5149 - None of us are blind, Joe. Site-42
SCP-5166 - Inspiration Site-42
SCP-5190 - Footprints in a Blizzard Site-42
SCP-5191 - A Child for Christmas Mario Zone
5200 to 5299 Audio Links
SCP-5209 - File Upload: Source Unknown NaturesTemper
SCP-5250 - Act I: The Lake South, The Deer North Site-42
SCP-5253 - Primeval Precambrians Aliulo
5300 to 5399 Audio Links
SCP-5301 - Angry People SCP-Comics
SCP-5339 - And He Rose Again With a Third Leg Site-42
5400 to 5499 Audio Links
SCP-5403 - A/N: dis is my first post so NO FLAMERZ PLOX!!!1 Site-42
SCP-5430 - A Snake Wearing 48 Sneakers Site-42
SCP-5445 - Food Guro Site-42
SCP-5450 - Fintastic Soup Triple B
SCP-5499 - Cold Comfort Aliulo; Site-42
5500 to 5599 Audio Links
SCP-5508 - Pest Control Triple B
SCP-5512 - A Social Contract Site-42
SCP-5535 - When Even Your Hand Hates You Site-42
SCP-5545 - 𝙰 𝙱 𝙽 𝙾 𝚁 𝙼 𝙰 𝙻 𝙸 𝚃 𝚈 Maxwell
SCP-5554 - Aki Aki! 🍊🐻 Skeleton08
5600 to 5699 Audio Links
SCP-5608 - The Delectable Taste of Cognition Fullham
SCP-5610 - To Put a Cat on Your Head Site-42
SCP-5665 - Assblasting Site-42
5700 to 5799 Audio Links
SCP-5740 - all cop are buddy by dado SCPDataPodcast; Site-42
SCP-5772 - A Counterexample Site-42
SCP-5790 - [DATA KILLED] Aliulo
SCP-5798 - An Interview with the Drain Snake Fullham
SCP-5799 - The Tooth Striders Mario Zone
5800 to 5899 Audio Links
SCP-5805 - You Can't Go Back Site-42
SCP-5812 - Ghostyard Site-42
SCP-5821 - Voregeoisie Site-42
SCP-5832 - Stained Triple B; Site-42
SCP-5886 - The Ballad of Jim Biggio Site-42
SCP-5888 - Pariah King (Or:The Greatest Stories Are Those We Carry With Us) Triple B
5900 to 5999 Audio Links
SCP-5909 - The Endless Shrimp Site-42
SCP-5915 - Minds That Wander Site-42
Apartment 5919 Site-42
SCP-5931 - Nobody Shot Me Triple B
SCP-5950 - Butt Buddies Forever Site-42
SCP-5972 - Let All the Children Boogie Synthetic Alien
SCP-5983 - Nuke York, Nuke York Site-42
SCP-5987 - Sirenhead Triple B
SCP-5999 - This is Where I Died Site-42
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