SCP Series 5 - Audio Edition

Showcase for the best audio adaptations of articles on this wiki.

For speed and convenience this list is available here by itself, but you can also head over to the main Audio Adaptations hub to see all catalogued adaptations of SCP Series, tales, and more in one huge list.

4000 to 4099 Audio Links
Taboo - Taboo Cimmerian; Aliulo; Basement Nerds•
SCP-4001 - Alexandria Eternal The Exploring Series•
SCP-4003 - On Cowboys, Catholicism, and the Cretaceous SCP Archives
SCP-4006 - #MassaTruthetts LecterTV
SCP-4011 - History is Written by the Victors The Exploring Series•
SCP-4018 - Eye TheVolgun; Aliulo
SCP-4019 - Anatomical Abnormality Site-42
SCP-4021 - Mandarin Oranges Bear Hat•
SCP-4026 - guardian "angel" Site-42
SCP-4030 - It Wants to be Free Bear Hat•
SCP-4031 - The Amnesiac Redemption Site-42
SCP-4033 - The Easter Bunny is Dead Mario Zone
SCP-4046 - What do you want to be when you grow up? Site-42; Bear Hat•
SCP-4050 - Oh, The Humidity! Site-42
SCP-4051 - Your Friendly Neighborhood Keter MR SCP•; The Exploring Series•
SCP-4059 - The Jersey Devil Bear Hat•
SCP-4075 - Birds of a Feather Bear Hat•
SCP-4080 - Spotlight Site-42; Aliulo
SCP-4087 - Absence of a Knife Site-42; Aliulo
SCP-4089 - Untoothing Site-42
SCP-4091 - A Boy's Dog Aliulo
SCP-4099 - We Die in The Dark SCP Archives
4100 to 4199 Audio Links
SCP-4107 - Dead Site-42
SCP-4113 - Long is the Way You Must Wander Cimmerian
SCP-4116 - The Nightmare King in The Palace of Dreams ASMattR
SCP-4120 - A Good Boy Bear Hat•
SCP-4135 - Maullard Site-42; Aliulo
SCP-4142 - Stellaraptor Bear Hat•
SCP-4148 - Space Ladybugs Site-42
SCP-4169 - Carbonized Purgatory Bear Hat•
SCP-4182 - There is No Site-5 Eastside
SCP-4192 - As Above Site-42
SCP-4197 - Hollow Aliulo
4200 to 4299 Audio Links
SCP-4201 - Pizza of Mass Destruction Maxwell
SCP-4205 - In The Eyes of the Beholder 🖳 SCP Archives; The Exploring Series•
SCP-4213 - I Scream Cimmerian; Site-42
SCP-4227 - Where lost things go… Bear Hat•
SCP-4231 - The Montauk House The Exploring Series•
SCP-4233 - The Dreadnought HUSH
SCP-4234 - Testicles, and the Sudden Lack Thereof Aliulo
SCP-4243 - Celltown Aliulo
SCP-4252 - Beans and Betrayal TheVolgun
SCP-4254 - Elvis? Mario Zone
SCP-4267 - Down With The Flue Aliulo
SCP-4268 - Eviction Aliulo
SCP-4290 - The Child Hungers Site-42
4300 to 4399 Audio Links
SCP-4310 - The Hero's Journey Site-42
SCP-4330 - A Moment of Silence Aliulo
SCP-4332 - Meat It For All It's Worth Aliulo
SCP-4334 - Nature is Cool Site-42; Random SCP
SCP-4335 - A Welt In The Crucible SCP Archives; Aliulo
SCP-4337 - D-59932 Didn't Die for This Shit Aliulo
SCP-4352 - Storytime Site-42
SCP-4361 - Red is Her Favorite Color Site-42
SCP-4369 - Cassandra: Play Your Part ASMattR
SCP-4378 - Her Noodly Appendage Site-42
SCP-4389 - Big Ol' Eyebrows Site-42
SCP-4394 - Liquid Piano Site-42
4400 to 4499 Audio Links
SCP-4411 - At Long Last Landing Site-42
SCP-4414 - "PEEL" NomadicArchives
SCP-4420 - A Potato Thirst Site-42
SCP-4425 - Chef Arkady's Canned Surprise! Aliulo
Dr. Michaels - Dr. Michaels is not in danger. Site-42
SCP-4430 - The Faceless Live In Evanholly Aliulo
SCP-4433 - Suburban Nightmare ASMattR
SCP-4456-D - No One Expects The Spanish Decommission! Site-42
SCP-4464 - Dogs Could Be Bigger Aliulo; Site-42
SCP-4465 - No Man is an Island Aliulo; Site-42
SCP-4466 - Why the Long Face? Bear Hat•
SCP-4467 - Oh, I Get It Now Site-42
SCP-4474 - Steve, and 0ther Gods Site-42
SCP-4475 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Milk SCP Archives•
SCP-4481 - A Casualty of the Single Worst Astronautical Disaster in History Site-42
SCP-4485 - Such Black Light The Exploring Series•
SCP-4490 - Cruel To Be Kind Site-42
SCP-4499 - YES, ONLY $44.99! Bear Hat•
4500 to 4599 Audio Links
SCP-4500 - Socratic Containment Procedures Cimmerian
SCP-4510 - Avelar Express First Class Prime™! Skele Jones
SCP-4513 - Pounded in the Butt with Moby Dick by my IRS W-2 Tax Form Site-42
SCP-4521 - please raise your voice, my hearing isnt what it used to be Site-42
SCP-4531 - Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Site-42
SCP-4545 - Trojan Horse Aliulo
SCP-4546 - A Sparkling Personality Site-42
SCP-4550 - An Operational Foundation Site Bear Hat•
SCP-4559 - Would You Like a Receipt? Site-42
SCP-4560 - Everything is Fine Aliulo; Maxwell
SCP-4564 - Butthole Surfers Site-42
SCP-4567 - Biological Oil Platforms Aliulo
SCP-4574 - Paleolithic Spear Tigers Site-42
SCP-4595 - WITCH Aliulo
SCP-4597 - Thick-Skinned Man Site-42
4600 to 4699 Audio Links
SCP-4612 - Not All Gods Decompose Site-42
SCP-4647 - Monster Truck Crossing Next 7 Miles Aliulo
SCP-4664 - Nightmare of 20,000 Feet Bear Hat•
SCP-4666 - The Yule Man sithgem; TheVolgun; Site-42
SCP-4670 - Pigs in Blankets Site-42
SCP-4671 - Clarky the Clown SCP Archives
4700 to 4799 Audio Links
SCP-4703 - Perfectly Legal ASMattR
SCP-4716 - The Plutovore's Cookbook Site-42
SCP-4729 - Beauty From Pain Site-42
SCP-4730 - Earth, Crucified Eastside
SCP-4748 - Arctic Whaleways Aliulo; Site-42
SCP-4752 - Mountainous Economics Site-42
SCP-4759 - The Challenger of Donut Taxes Site-42
SCP-4760 - An Eye for an Eye The Exploring Series•
SCP-4763 - Down the Tragedy Well Site-42
SCP-4768 - The Tall Tales of Ulysses B. Donkman Skeleton08
SCP-4774 - The Ninth Planet [citation needed] Maxwell
SCP-4775 - The Absolute Gall NomadicArchives; NomadicArchives
SCP-4780 - Shrunk Aliulo; Site-42
SCP-4789 - Battle for Dreamland Aliulo
4800 to 4899 Audio Links
SCP-4804 - The Pulp is Fictional Aliulo
SCP-4812 - Wrath The Exploring Series•
SCP-4813 - My only way out is to forget I ever need a way out. Site-42
SCP-4821 - You Get What I Never Got Site-42
SCP-4823 - The Whole World Has Gone Bananas! SCP Archives
SCP-4826 - No One But Me Gets To Say When I Die Site-42
SCP-4830 - Head Like a Hole Aliulo
SCP-4833 - The Syncope Symphony The Exploring Series•
SCP-4840 - The Demon Lancelot and the Flying City of Audapaupadopolis The Exploring Series•
SCP-4843 - Take It With Me When I Go Site-42
SCP-4878 - Six-Foot Soldiers Aliulo; Site-42
SCP-4882 - Coordinated Universal Time Site-42
SCP-4885 - Find Him SCP Archives; Eastside
SCP-4892 - The Rotten God Site-42
4900 to 4999 Audio Links
SCP-4910 - "The Grinner" Aliulo; Shaggydredlocks
SCP-4935 - Hereafter The Exploring Series•
SCP-4941 - Forever Yours SCP-Comics
SCP-4946 - You Have Died of Dysentery Aliulo
SCP-4948 - Behind Ajar Doors Shaggydredlocks; Aliulo
SCP-4953 - Burger King Himself Maxwell; ASMattR
SCP-4957 - Cold, Turning Blue Maxwell
SCP-4966 - Tubbioca: Devourer of Souls, Consumer of Secrets, Lord of Munchies SCPDataPodcast; Aliulo
SCP-4971 - Rituals The Exploring Series•
SCP-4974 - The Mouse SCP Aliulo
SCP-4975 - Time's Up Skeleton08
SCP-4982 - Heavy lies the crown. Yurtworks
SCP-4996 - The Demon, The Deal, and The Trashcan Elvis Site-42
SCP-4999 - Someone to Watch Over Us TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien; SCPDataPodcast
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