SCP Series 2 - Audio Edition

Showcase for the best audio adaptations of articles on this wiki.

For speed and convenience this list is available here by itself, but you can also head over to the main Audio Adaptations hub to see all catalogued adaptations of SCP Series, tales, and more in one huge list.

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1000 to 1099 Audio Links
SCP-1000 - Bigfoot SCP Archives
SCP-1002 - Demisers Audio Archive
SCP-1003 - Tapeworm Child TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; Audio Archive
SCP-1004 - Factory Porn TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien; TheFoundationLogs
SCP-1005 - The Painted Man Audio Archive;
SCP-1006 - Spider Proletariat Brendaniel; LORE; Eastside; Audio Archive
SCP-1007 - Mr. Life and Mr. Death Audio Archive;
SCP-1009 - The Beautiful World Audio Archive
SCP-1010 - The Green Man Audio Archive;
SCP-1011 - Humanization Process HauntedReader
SCP-1012 - Secret Chord Audio Archive
SCP-1016 - The Bloody Key Synthetic Alien; Reel to Reel
SCP-1020 - An Important Letter Audio Archive
SCP-1021 - Exit Audio Archive
SCP-1022 - Suspiciously Clean Coat Audio Archive
SCP-1023 - The Glass Seismograph Audio Archive
SCP-1024 - The Basic Set Morbid Memories; Ordinary Men; Audio Archive
SCP-1025 - Encyclopedia of Diseases Eastside
SCP-1029 - Scratch 'n' Sniff JPEG Audio Archive
SCP-1030 - Anything Golem Morbid Memories
SCP-1033 - 33 Second Man Audio Archive
SCP-1034 - Dollmaker's Kit Eastside
SCP-1037 - Rotbolt Audio Archive
SCP-1038 - An RCA Cable Morbid Memories
SCP-1039 - The Gathering Doll HauntedReader
SCP-1045 - Candle of Life Site-42; Morbid Memories
SCP-1046 - A House Without a Bedroom Ordinary Men
SCP-1047 - Vengefully Ironic Street Signs SCP Jack
SCP-1048 - Builder Bear Liisn; TheVolgun; Site-42; Audio Archive
SCP-1049 - The Bonetaker Owl Audio Archive
SCP-1055 - Bugsy NomadicArchives
SCP-1057 - Absence of Shark Site-42; NomadicArchives; Morbid Memories
SCP-1066 - Instant Education Morbid Memories
SCP-1072 - Memory-Replacing Disc Reel to Reel
SCP-1076 - The Only Child Ordinary Men
SCP-1089 - The IC-UC SCP Archives

1100 to 1199 Audio Links
SCP-1102 - The Blue Ridge Phenomenon Audio Archive
SCP-1103 - Dr. Wondertainment Young Surgeon's Transplant Kit Audio Archive
SCP-1104 - Nose Crab ClayXros; TheVolgun; Reel to Reel
SCP-1106 - "Grow Your Own Child" Kit HauntedReader
SCP-1107 - A Signal HauntedReader
SCP-1108 - A Swamp God NaturesTemper
SCP-1110 - Videos of a Robbery Synthetic Alien
SCP-1111 - The White Dog NaturesTemper
SCP-1123 - Atrocity Skull <Space_Race>
SCP-1124 - Xenoplague TheVolgun
SCP-1127 - A Film Festival SCP Jack; Ordinary Men; Eastside
SCP-1130 - A Handy Shortcut HauntedReader
SCP-1141 - Entrepreneurial Spirit SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1146 - Psycho Printer TheVolgun
SCP-1147 - Adaptive Plum Tree Dr.REDACTED
SCP-1148 - Imperfect Image TheFoundationLogs (1/2), TheFoundationLogs (2/2)
SCP-1151 - A Handy Marker Eastside
SCP-1152 - A Common Raccoon TheVolgun
SCP-1157 - Bifurcating Man Reel to Reel
SCP-1160 - Effective Containment Trevor Kyler
SCP-1162 - A Hole in the Wall Ordinary Men
SCP-1165 - Minus Level NomadicArchives
SCP-1167 - Disembodied Robot Head TheVolgun
SCP-1170 - Romantic Ghost TheVolgun
SCP-1171 - Humans Go Home SCP Archives; Site-42; Brendaniel
SCP-1173 - The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace SCP Archives (1/2), SCP Archives (2/2)
SCP-1174 - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald Reel to Reel
SCP-1177 - The Coupon Cutter Site-42
SCP-1180 - A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts SCP Jack
SCP-1193 - Buried Giant TheVolgun
SCP-1195 - Child's Storybook Ordinary Men
SCP-1197 - Room For One Ordinary Men

1200 to 1299 Audio Links
SCP-1207 - Not a Mirror TheVolgun; Morbid Memories
SCP-1227 - The Family Man HauntedReader
SCP-1228 - The Fan Club Ordinary Men
SCP-1230 - A Hero is Born Liisn; TheVolgun; Brendaniel
SCP-1233 - The Lunatic Eastside
SCP-1238 - Tunnelfish Morbid Memories
SCP-1241 - Livin' With Werewolves sideshowfreak7; SCP Jack
SCP-1242 - Doppelganger Virus Reel to Reel
SCP-1244 - Universal Stopwatch Morbid Memories
SCP-1247 - LaBeouf Viewer Brendaniel
SCP-1265 - The Mesozoic Preserve TheVolgun
SCP-1268 - Mass Hysteria Site-42
SCP-1274 - Dance Craze Ordinary Men
SCP-1280 - Mematodes TheVolgun
SCP-1281 - The Harbinger TheVolgun
SCP-1285 - The Wooden Movie Prop Ordinary Men
SCP-1293 - Squeedle Deedle Dee! Ordinary Men
SCP-1294 - The Laughing Fox HUSH
SCP-1295 - Meg's Diner Ordinary Men
SCP-1299 - Drowning Tub TheVolgun

1300 to 1399 Audio Links
SCP-1302 - Loss Chaser Morbid Memories
SCP-1307 - The Person Sharpener TheFoundationLogs
SCP-1313 - Solve for Bear SCPDataPodcast; Audio Archive
SCP-1315 - The Hardest Game Morbid Memories; Reel to Reel
SCP-1316 - Lucy the Kitten Feline Espionage Device NomadicArchives
SCP-1329 - The Aquarium Reel to Reel
SCP-1331 - Mouth Soap Ordinary Men
SCP-1336 - 5,000 Dots Reel to Reel
SCP-1341 - "JUNGLE IN A JAR" TheVolgun
SCP-1351 - Moebius Cave HUSH
SCP-1352 - Sentient Whirlwind Eastside
SCP-1356 - Rubber Ducky Pumpkin Queen
SCP-1360 - PSHUD #31 TheVolgun
SCP-1370 - Pesterbot Maxwell; Site-42; ScpGregyb
SCP-1379 - Stab Your Inner Child Ordinary Men
SCP-1381 - Cats' Cabinet Random SCP
SCP-1382 - Save Our Souls Eastside
SCP-1387 - Giant Seagull Airlines LecterTV
SCP-1388 - One Size Fits All Superoos® Brendaniel
SCP-1399 - Another Way of Hearing Ordinary Men

1400 to 1499 Audio Links
SCP-1403 - Electric Goldfish Morbid Memories
SCP-1413 - SPORTSBALL Foundation Archives
SCP-1425 - Star Signals Midnight Channel
SCP-1427 - Extinguishing Stele TheVolgun
SCP-1431 - Scavenger Hunt! Brendaniel
SCP-1432 - Doll DVD Ordinary Men
SCP-1437 - A Hole to Another Place Eastside
SCP-1440 - The Old Man from Nowhere HauntedReader; Ordinary Men; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1446 - Metaphysical Graffiti Researcher Redacted
SCP-1450 - Iridescence SCP Jack
SCP-1456 - "You've Won!" LecterTV
SCP-1459 - The Puppy Machine NomadicArchives; TheVolgun
SCP-1461 - House of the Worm SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Morbid Memories
SCP-1463 - Comprehension/Invasion/Evasion TL333s
SCP-1470 - Telepathic Spider TheVolgun; NaturesTemper; Geno Aranea
SCP-1471 - MalO ver1.0.0 Morbid Memories; TheVolgun; SCP Jack
SCP-1472 - Multiverse Strip Club TheVolgun
SCP-1486 - "Benny" HUSH
SCP-1489 - A "Ghost Train" SCP Jack; HauntedReader; Eastside
SCP-1491 - Camera man Ordinary Men
SCP-1497 - Visual Perfection Dr.REDACTED
SCP-1499 - The Gas Mask Stealthy Zoroark; Eastside

1500 to 1599 Audio Links
SCP-1504 - Joe Schmo TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-1505 - Paradoxical Avian Propagation Morbid Memories
SCP-1506 - Aerial Arachnid TheSCP
SCP-1507 - Pink Flamingos TheVolgun
SCP-1510 - The Tarnished Legionnaire HauntedReader
SCP-1514 - Star Wars Shaggydredlocks
SCP-1524 - A Small Business Ordinary Men
SCP-1536 - Doppelgängers HUSH
SCP-1545 - Larry the Loving Llama Brendaniel; Ordinary Men; Mario Zone
SCP-1550 - Dr. Wondertainment's Custom-Pets™ TheVolgun; HauntedReader
SCP-1551 - Repeating House Eastside
SCP-1555 - Facility SCP Archives
SCP-1559 - Birdsoul In Your House Ordinary Men
SCP-1584 - www.floatationdevice.███ Morbid Memories; SCP Jack; Ordinary Men
SCP-1591 - Fallen Star Site-42
SCP-1595 - Out of Time Ordinary Men

1600 to 1699 Audio Links
SCP-1600 - Philosopher's Cheese Ordinary Men
SCP-1609 - The Remains of a Chair TheVolgun; Ordinary Men; Researcher Redacted
SCP-1613 - The Spoken Fool NomadicArchives
SCP-1618 - Gilded Urinal Morbid Memories
SCP-1624 - Heartworms Morbid Memories
SCP-1633 - The Most Dangerous Video Game Maxwell
SCP-1634 - Dental Crown Cinema SCP-1634 SCP Archives
SCP-1638 - Silence Site-42
SCP-1639 - The Jazz Station Shaggydredlocks
SCP-1642 - Dr. Wondertainment's Insta-teen Tablets™ Ordinary Men
SCP-1654 - Tuned to a Dead Channel Shaggydredlocks
SCP-1656 - Jealous Limbs Ordinary Men
SCP-1657 - MAN EGG Brendaniel; TheVolgun
SCP-1660 - Unearthly Forest LecterTV
SCP-1663 - Containment Site 1663-0 Site-42
SCP-1669 - Self-Terminating Loop Maxwell
SCP-1675 - Goose Terminator Morbid Memories
SCP-1678 - UnLondon SCP Archives; TheVolgun; Synthetic Alien
SCP-1679 - Post-Mortem Peoples' Choice Brendaniel
SCP-1680 - Tyler TheVolgun
SCP-1689 - Bag of Holding Potatoes TheVolgun
SCP-1698 - You Can't Get There From Here Ordinary Men

1700 to 1799 Audio Links
SCP-1715 - Online Friend TheVolgun
SCP-1724 - Soul Meter Reel to Reel
SCP-1727 - Auto-Heaven Ordinary Men
SCP-1733 - Season Opener Maxwell; Nick D'Alberto; SCP Jack
SCP-1753 - Vertigo Morbid Memories
SCP-1762 - Where The Dragons Went NomadicArchives; TheVolgun; SCPDataPodcast
SCP-1770 - The Maker of Chains TheVolgun
SCP-1776 - The Patriot's Folly SCP Jack
SCP-1781 - The Moonlight Theater Site-42
SCP-1788 - The Adults TheVolgun
SCP-1795 - The Star Womb Eastside
SCP-1797 - Kitten Flu NaturesTemper
SCP-1799 - Mr. Laugh Ordinary Men

1800 to 1899 Audio Links
SCP-1812 - Extralunar Meme SCP Jack
SCP-1819 - Darkness is Only Skin Deep. Reel to Reel
SCP-1828 - An Accurate Dollhouse ClayXros
SCP-1836 - Mother in the Ice TheVolgun
SCP-1839 - Reproductive Methods of Bony Fish Site-42
SCP-1843 - God of Lambs Randomini
SCP-1846 - Maize Angel Site-42
SCP-1847 - The Rake Morbid Memories
SCP-1849 - Telepathic Parrot Morbid Memories
SCP-1850 - Accipiter sopwithii Eastside
SCP-1861 - The Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer TheVolgun; ASMattR
SCP-1867 - A Gentleman SCP Archives; SCP Jack; HauntedReader
SCP-1875 - Antique Chess Computer Site-42
SCP-1886 - The More The Merrier Reel to Reel
SCP-1893 - The Minotaur's Tale HauntedReader

1900 to 1999 Audio Links
SCP-1903 - Jackie's Secret HauntedReader
SCP-1913 - The Furies Eastside
SCP-1915 - Status Quo SCP Archives
SCP-1930 - The Surgeon in the Box Reel to Reel
SCP-1932 - Differently-perceived Playground Dr.REDACTED
SCP-1933 - Baileys Santa Site-42; SCP Jack; Morbid Memories
SCP-1938 - Dr. Wondertainment's Amaze-O Dive Tank® Morbid Memories
SCP-1943 - No Anomalies Detected Synthetic Alien
SCP-1953 - Artist Stomach Bugs Eastside
SCP-1956 - The Gnomes Ordinary Men
SCP-1958 - Magic Bus HauntedReader
SCP-1959 - The Lost Cosmonaut NaturesTemper; Synthetic Alien; Ordinary Men
SCP-1964 - Anomalous Television NomadicArchives
SCP-1965 - A Voice Amidst the Silence TL333s
SCP-1974 - Debating Tub and Communist Water TheVolgun
SCP-1975 - Vindictive Hula Girl Ordinary Men
SCP-1977 - Eye of the Storm Morbid Memories
SCP-1980 - Alien Invasion Eastside
SCP-1981 - "RONALD REAGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING" SCP Archives; Site-42; Maxwell; Eastside
SCP-1983 - Doorway to Nowhere SCPDataPodcast; Eastside
SCP-1990 - Mediocre Wish Granter Researcher Redacted; Teamsauce]
SCP-1991 - Cybernetically Enhanced Mammalian TheVolgun
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