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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-ROCKS-J are to be stored in a soundproof container large enough to contain all twenty-six instances. As instances of SCP-ROCKS-J have reacted negatively to being separated from one another, instances have been allowed to be contained in the same container as long as they keep disputes and arguments to a minimum.

Description: SCP-ROCKS-J refers to a total of twenty-six varying types of large river rocks. All instances are fully sentient and capable of vocal communication despite lacking mouths. All instances speak in an identical, loud, high-pitched voice. Each instance bares a pair of large googly eyes, which despite appearing non-anomalous, allow instances to visually perceive their surroundings. All instances of SCP-ROCKS-J are capable of minor telekinesis which they use to move. Instances are unable to use their abilities on any life forms or objects other than themselves.

Instances of SCP-ROCKS-J have been designated SCP-ROCKS-J-A to Z.

SCP-ROCKS-J are considered non-threatening to Foundation staff. Instances show a low level of intelligence and lack the ability to pay attention to one specific subject for even short amounts of time and on occasion experience severe memory loss. With instances often forgetting personnel and previously learned information.

SCP-ROCKS-J was discovered in ██████ river located in █████, England. Instances at the time of discovery were attempting to communicate with a nearby pigeon. This ended with an instance of SCP-ROCKS-J having apparently become ‘inspired’, and proceed to perform a rap about pigeons1.

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