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Object Class: E(pic)uclid

Special Containment Procedures: Copies of SCP-PU1P-J-1 are to be disseminated across as many Foundation sites as possible, and an annual budget of USD $500 is to be allocated to SCP-PU1P-J-1 production. SCP-PU1P-J is to be contained in the Site-75 break room, for ease of staff use. SCP-PU1P-J and it's contents are to be "tested" regularly, for general entertainment purposes.

Description: SCP-PU1P-J appears to be a standard slot machine adorned with detailed art of Foundation staff and anomalies1, drawn in a classic comic style. The machine only has three spinning slot sections as opposed to the typical five. The left slot contains names or designations of different Foundation personnel and anomalies, while the right contains a "premise"2

SCP-PU1P-J’s anomalous effect manifests when .10¢ USD is slid into the token slot and the lever on the right side of the box is pulled downwards. This will cause the slots to spin, and a presumably random figure and premise will be selected. The middle column does not move and only contains the letter “X”. SCP-PU1P-J then enters a “hibernation state” in which the machine cannot be interacted with, and money is no longer accepted. After exactly 2 hours, a "pulp magazine" with a heavily stylized cover and title will be produced.

The magazine, now designated SCP-PU1P-J-1, contains a short story which details the exploits of the chosen character within the chosen premise. These stories are usually not of excellent quality, but are generally entertaining, being very reminiscent of pulp magazines of the early 1900s.

On the underside of the box is a note, scrawled in pen:

I am so sorry. That last thing I sent was not tested well, and was much worse than anticipated. Not even you guys deserve that. I, Cornelius Everett Wondertainment, have crafted this writing box, which should produce works of genuine entertainment value.

it was just a prank bro please don't be mad.

Cordially, Dr. Wondertainment

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