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Location: Piedmont, Missouri, SCP Foundation secure facility designation Site-44

Extradimensional Reality Designation: 444-P0D-5CP

Site Purpose: Site-44 is an experimental containment facility that solely attempts to implement the most advanced technologies, techniques, and anomalies that are at the Foundation's disposal in order to develop more reliable containment procedures for SCPs. The procedures tested at this site are reserved for those SCPs that the Foundation historically has had difficulty in keeping contained. Knowledge of this facility is restricted to security clearance 05 and above for personnel outside of Site-44 due to the danger of testing novel containment procedures and the potential loss of some of the Foundation's most advanced resources. Typically, only one SCP's containment will be tested at a time.

Incident Description: A containment breach occurred at Site-44 on the evening of September 5th, 2017. The actions of several Persons of Interest and Site Personnel on this evening set the stage for many extraordinary events to occur within Site-44 and the Foundation as a whole. Outlined below is a brief description of the involved PoI's as well as a developing audio log of their actions and activities.1

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Persons of Interest:

Age: 9

Character Classification:2 "The Mundane"

Description: Son of Site-44 Director Dr. Elaine Miller. Born and raised within the Foundation's custody due to certain privileges granted to Dr. Miller. Raised by Dr. Miller in between her Foundation responsibilities with assistance from Miles' caretaker Mr. Clark who smells bad and likes to eat his own shorts. No TV for a weekMom Dr. Miller

(Played/Voiced by Jacob Eck)

Season 1

SCP Play Ep. 0: Secure, Contain, Preview!

Publish date: 02/17/2020
Thinking about checking out our podcast but want to know more about SCP, Monster of The Week, the characters, and/or our cast before you do? Then give this introductory episode a listen! If you feel like you already know enough then go listen to episode 1! We thought this episode would be a nice way to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you may have about the podcast beforehand!

SCP Play Ep. 1: An Able Beginning Part 1

Publish date: 02/17/2020
Welcome to Piedmont, Missouri and the SCP Foundation Site-44. Meet Miles Miller (Jacob), Ned Roswell (Daniel), Benji Dreyer (Hannah), and Agnes Oberman (Jordan) as they are thrown into some of the dangers of the SCP Universe. Do you think they will be Able to make it out alive?

SCP Play Ep. 2: An Able Beginning Part 2

Publish date: 03/02/2020
Miles, Agnes, Ben, and Ned have been brought together to face the looming threat: Able. Lucas tries to help the group come up with a plan to face this monster, but will it be enough to get them through the night?

SCP Play Ep. 3: An Able Beginning Part 3

Publish date: 03/16/2020
Able has appeared! What will the freshly formed group of young monster hunters do to face him? Will Miles, Agnes, Ben, and Ned have enough strength to defeat him, or will Able be able to riposte their efforts? Find out now!

SCP Play Ep. 4: Corruption Part 1

Publish date: 03/30/2020
Our group of monster hunters managed to handily defeat their first SCP: Able! They are now thrown into a new looming threat. How will they overcome this embodiment of corrosion and corruption?

SCP Play Ep. 5: Corruption Part 2

Publish date: 04/13/2020
During this episode we get the chance to look into the past of each of the player characters to get a better understanding of what brought them in contact with the SCP Foundation. They also get VERY up close and personal with SCP-106 and its Corruption.

SCP Play Ep. 6: Corruption Part 3

Publish date: 04/27/2020
Planning episode! The party has learned as much as they can from SCP-106 after successfully escaping his pocket dimension. Let's hope they can figure out a way to make it out of their current predicament!

SCP Play Ep. 7: Corruption Part 4

Publish date: 05/11/2020
Our brave group of monster hunters finally come face to face with SCP-106! Will they be able to contain him? What other twists await them? Was this really the best plan they could come up with?? Listen now!

SCP Play Ep. 8: Integration Intermission I- Part 1

Publish date: 05/25/2020
The wheels of change begin to turn.

SCP Play Ep. 9: Integration Intermission I- Part 2

Publish date: 06/16/2020
Level up! Item get! Seminar on SCP! We're making lots of progress today! And nothing bad at all happens (probably)!

SCP Play Ep. 10: The Circus Part 1

Publish date: 06/16/2020
Welcome to Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting! Agnes, Miles, Ben, and Ned have a fun day at the circus and there is certainly nothing wrong.

SCP Play Ep. 11: The Circus Part 2

Publish date: 07/13/2020
The SCP Play group now traverse The Circus to locate their misplaced shipments! This carnival is disquieting to be sure but our party will not go down quietly! (Or so we hope).

SCP Play Ep. 12: The Circus Part 3

Publish date: 07/28/2020
The journey continues! The party searches the water feature area of the circus and try to find some leads on Anges' item the powerful die designated 776-ARC. They learn much of things both high and deep!

SCP Play Ep. 13: The Circus Part 4

Publish date: 08/10/2020
Embarrassment, quick getaways, and dirty deeds, oh my! You won't soon forget this episode!

SCP Play Ep. 14: The Circus Part 5

Publish date: 08/31/2020
Friendship is key! Hopefully our young adventurers can build a bond that is stronger than blood! (Stronger than blood pacts that is….)

SCP Play Ep. 15: The Circus Part 6

Publish date: 09/15/2020
Welcome, to Herman Fuller's Circus of the DisRICKening!

SCP Play Ep. 16: The Circus Part 7

Publish date: 09/28/2020
Lost and Found

SCP Play Ep. 17: The Circus Part 8

Publish date: 10/19/2020
Time to plan. Magnolia has been found. Manny is near. The Clowns are on the move. We are nearing the end.

SCP Play Ep. 18: The Circus, Closing Act

Publish date: 11/02/2020
All the pieces have fallen into place. The performance of the Clowns is underway. Will the things set in motion be halted by our team? Will Miles get more Root Beer before the circus ends? Listen now to find out!

SCP Play Ep. 19: Integration Intermission II- Part 1

Publish date: 11/16/2020
With the Final Act of the Circus complete, our party and Site 44 begin to take a new direction.

SCP Play Ep. 20: Integration Intermission II- Part 2

Publish date: 11/30/2020
Finally, we're back at Site 44! We're also welcoming a brand new member, Skylar Kalangitan (played and voiced by our good friend, Cielo Dela Rosa). Let's meet some awesome anomalous folks!

SCP Play Ep. 21: Integration Intermission II- Part 3

Publish date: 12/14/2020
As we end our second intermission, we learn more about our new member Skylar, make plans for Piedmont, and uncover more mysteries. MTF Delta-Four has a long way to go as a team, let's hope they can learn to work together.

SCP Play Ep. 22: The Woodlands Part 1

Publish date: 01/04/2021
As Delta-4 moves out of the comfort of Site 44, they must learn that there is plenty more they have to fear outside the walls of the Foundation.

SCP Play Ep. 23: The Woodlands Part 2

Publish date: 01/18/2021
The dawn of a new day, Delta Four is a bit sleepy but they have their breakfast and are on the case (pass the syrup please)!

SCP Play Ep. 24: The Woodlands Part 3

Publish date: 02/01/2021
Into the Wood(land)s! Many strange and amazing things are out here and things are about to get hairy.

SCP Play Ep. 25: The Woodlands Part 4

Publish date: 02/15/2021
After making some BIG discoveries, Delta-4 has some more adventuring to do. Will they find the creature in time? Will they solve the mysteries of the Woodlands? Will Keeper Kenneth ever stop throwing new secrets at them so they can rest for a minute? (Never!)

SCP Play Ep. 26: The Woodlands Part 5

Publish date: 03/01/2021
Delta-Four decides it is a good time to regroup after finding out how hard wood can be, just in time for more players to enter the game. (We also spend way too much time deciding on usernames).

SCP Play Ep. 27: The Woodlands Part 6

Publish date: 03/16/2021
The False Wendigo.

SCP Play Ep. 28: The Woodlands Part 7

Publish date: 03/29/2021
Delta Four must now decide how to deal with the corrupted creature that lies before them.

SCP Play Ep. 29: The Woodlands Part 8

Publish date: 04/12/2021
"What do you know about gods?" asked the god. Delta-Four doesn't know that much as it turns out…

SCP Play Ep. 30: The Woodlands Part 9

Publish date: 04/26/2021
Skylar could use a helping hand (or maybe a leg or two). Delta-Four decided to split up, that should end well!

SCP Play Ep. 31: The Woodlands Part 10

Publish date: 05/11/2021
Skylar's sermon.

CW: Graphic depictions of violence involving animals.

SCP Play Ep. 32: The Woodlands Part 11

Publish date: 05/24/2021
It's the dawn of a new day and Skylar gets a Leg-up!

SCP Play Ep. 33: The Woodlands Part 12

Publish date: 06/07/2021
Pancake Planning Party! *Disclaimer* Less fun than it sounds. Also, don't take Skylar's seat or Skylar's leg's seat either.

SCP Play Ep. 34: The Woodlands Part 13

Publish date: 06/22/2021
Wow these plants are weird! Wonder if there'll be a cliffhanger in this one?

SCP Play Ep. 35: The Woodlands Part 14

Publish date: 07/06/2021
Delta-Four meets Grace, some Friendly Neighborhood Trees, and some folks who are ungrateful for free Pocket Pancakes! (The nerve!)


SCP Play: Standing Together With BLM

Publish date: 06/08/2020
We took the week off to stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement. See the show details or our Twitter for all the content shared.

SCP Play: Sluggo's Protest

Publish date: 10/12/2020
While our Keeper is on vacation, we've made a bonus episode! A heartfelt letter written from Sluggo to Manny, boss of the Circus of the Disquieting.

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