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An example painting affected by SCP-PL-393.

Item #: SCP-PL-393

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any recorded sighting of an SCP-PL-393 instance must be documented, and the aftermath of its manifestation kept to a minimum. If the phenomenon occurs in a large human cluster, it is required to provide amnestics and remove the affected painting.

Description: SCP-PL-393 is a phenomenon affecting some paintings, making the observer feel that the moon, the Earth's natural satellite depicted in the painting, seems to be out of place in the artwork. Moreover, affected inviduals were also accompanied by feelings of nostalgia and anxiety caused by the presence of the moon in the painting.

A comparative analysis of the recorded paintings affected by SCP-PL-393 has shown the following similarities:

  • All paintings were made by Homo sapiens sapiens;
  • All paintings started to display signs of SCP-PL-393 influence after October 12th, 2078;
  • All paintings caused observers to possess a knowledge about Lunar Area-32.

Although the Veil Protocol has been lifted for a long time now, SCP-PL-393 poses a threat to the secrecy of the existence of Foundation's facility on the Moon to unauthorized individuals, which is why it has been classified as a conspiratorial object.

Addendum PL-393/01: Discovery

The first manifestation of SCP-PL-393 has been documented on October 12th 2078 of the Earth calendar at Earth Memorial Art Gallery in one of the human colonies on Venus. The affected painting was "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh, which was quickly removed from the exhibition.

It was noted that this phenomenon has occured several minutes after a raid on the headquaters of the Rising Moon sect, which successfully performed an unknown ritual. The capture of any of the cultists alive also failed, as they committed suicide by gunfire at any possible attempt to stop them. It is believed that the sect is resposible for the occurence of SCP-PL-393, although the reason and purpose for causing it is unknown.


Mare Imbrium, the location of Lunar Area-32.

Incident PL-393/01: Memories of Lunar Area-32's Personnel

On October 31st, 2078 during an attack of an hostile antimeme on Lunar Area-32, a protective protocol was initiated, which included the usage of mnestics. After the substance began to work, all personnel reported disorientation regarding their location, as well as lack of any memories.

The investigation revealed that the facility's CK-Class Scenario Detector (CSD) didn't report any recent change in reality, although it was functioning properly. The Facility Administration made a request to verify the operation of the CSD on Mars, but neither gave a different answer.

Due to the cause of this phenomenon remaining unclear, a test was conducted by personnel of Martian Observational Station-448, who, after the administration of mnestics, responded that they "do not identify the object orbiting the Earth".

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