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CLASS:thaumiel top secret

DISRUPTION CLASS: narrative amida


Currently PROJECT FIREWALL is focused on replicating SCP-PL-355's effect and subsequently installing a copy of the object inside every significant Foundation facility. Any conferences and official discussions on PROJECT FIREWALL or SCP-PL-355 must be held within the object.

Containment and research duties regarding SCP-PL-355 are assigned to the Pataphysics Department and Department of Unusual Architecture. Excluding O5 Council, only personnel of above-mentioned divisions may be informed about SCP-PL-355.


SCP-PL-355 is a conference room in Site PL-07, the headquarters of the Pataphysics Department for the Polish Branch of the Foundation. SCP-PL-355 contains standard equipment typical for a conference room and additional materials allowing to lead discussions significantly lengthier than normal.

SCP-PL-355 was constructed by both Pataphysics Department and Department of Unusual Architecture as a part of PROJECT FIREWALL, with the purpose of creating a safe zone, free from observation by entities from higher narrative layers. In its design, SCP-PL-355 has utilized the fact that such entities require an attachment point for efficient observation of lower realities, commonly known as the "fourth wall phenomenon".

Over the course of many experiments and extensive research, personnel of Unusual Architecture was able to conceptually cut off the area, in which SCP-PL-355 is located, from the rules of three-dimensional geometry, simultaneously not creating any long-term spatial anomalies. As such, SCP-PL-355 is a three-dimensional sealed space in the shape of cuboid, that doesn't have a fourth wall. This anomaly is successfully preventing insight of entities from higher layers into all events taking place in SCP-PL-355, remarkably narrowing down the view seen by those entities.


The following is a transcript of the first recorded conference using SCP-PL-355 and initial testing of its anomalous properties. The meeting was attended by representatives of Pataphysics Department, Department of Unusual Architecture and Overseer Council.

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