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Photo of SCP-PL-067 from the private collections of SCP-PL-███1.

Item #: SCP-PL-067

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PL-067's remains are held within a lead container, placed inside a separate room of a warehouse in Site-214. The room must be under constant camera surveillance, and secured with one Scranton Reality Anchor.

All future manifestations of SCP-PL-067's past form, while unlikely, should be reported to Dr. Adam Kostrzewa. Due to the lack of retro-active hazards in manifestations and the Foundation's inability to prevent them, containment efforts are a low priority.

Description: SCP-PL-0672 was a 38 kilogram dog (Canis lupus familiaris) of mixed breed, similar in appearance to a Siberian Husky, with the exception of its bright pink nose.

SCP-PL-067's primary anomalous traits were its increased intelligence and unusually strong loyalty to its caretaker. SCP-PL-067 was able to solve simple logical puzzles and use devices adapted to its physiognomy. SCP-PL-067 understood Polish and English, and answered using a sound system established under the WEAVER Project3. The subject, using the aforementioned system, created a set of sounds responsible for expressing emotions.

The following are other anomalous abilities that were given to SCP-PL-067 during the original version of the WEAVER Project:

  • Resistance to the majority of temporal anomalies. (The criteria for this resistance is not known. During one test, SCP-PL-067 was exposed to a temporal anomaly, and experienced a rejuvenating effect.)
  • Ability to travel in time (ability originally active only in the presence of SCP-PL-███ — see Addendum 067-02).
  • Increased strength. (SCP-PL-067 was capable of moving objects as heavy as ~190 kilograms.)
  • Biological immortality. (It should be noted that the object felt thirst and hunger similar to non-anomalous specimens of Canis lupus familiaris.)

The majority of the above anomalous traits were gradually given to the subject by combining SCP-PL-███'s local reality weakening effects with [DATA EXPUNGED], whose task was to direct the ongoing changes. This resulted in the modification of SCP-PL-67's elementary particles, breaking them out of a stable temporal position. As a result, the subject's existence has been extended beyond the present so that it exists simultaneously at multiple points in time. The subject traveled in time by using microscopic, local gaps in reality to connect its physical form with the temporal spectrum existing at others points.

Addendum 067-01: On ██/██/████, due to the abduction of SCP-PL-███ (at that time designated SCP-PL-2418-1) by an unknown sect of the Church of the Broken God, modification of the WEAVER Project's direction has been accelerated. The motivation to change the project was also due to the unreliable control of SCP-PL-067, which began to display personal attachment to SCP-PL-███ despite official orders. Upon SCP-PL-███'s recovery from the Church, the use of alive partner in the WEAVER Project became unnecessary, as the object was extensively augmented. SCP-PL-2418-2 has been redesignated as SCP-PL-067 and contained as a separate Euclid-class object.

Addendum 067-02: On ██/██/████, SCP-PL-067's cell experienced numerous systems failures, which resulted in its door opening and the subject escaping. Due to the extremely low probability of all malfunctions occurring randomly yet simultaneously, it is suspected that SCP-PL-067 performed a jump in time to sabotage its cell during construction. The subject's prior ability to perform jumping solely in the presence of SCP-PL-███ was presumably falsified to hide the subject's full extent of abilities.

After 14 days, SCP-PL-067 reached [DATA EXPUNGED] and, using its abilities, entered SCP-PL-███'s containment cell4. Video and audio footage from the cell's camera surveillance showed that SCP-PL-067, after observing SCP-PL-███'s state, began to make sounds expressing deep despair, fear, and anger, and then made 47 jumps in rapid succession. After the 47th, the subject did not return to the cell.

Analysis of historical data gathered by Foundation scraper bots revealed numerous observations of entities with a similar appearance to SCP-PL-067. These observations often took place near other anomalous activies. The following is a list of significant and confirmed examples; the entity's object class has been upgraded to keter.

Addendum 067-03: On 02/08/2017, SCP-PL-067 appeared at the gate of Site-214 and willingly gave itself into Foundation custody. The subject was heavily injured and found suffering from radiation sickness. Over the course of the next two months, during treatment, SCP-PL-067 constantly made noises previously attributed to resignation, regret, and helplessness.

After curing SCP-PL-067, an attempt was made to improve security by using a special collar containing a miniature Scranton Reality Anchors. On 15/10/2017, for unknown reasons, the subject instantaneously lost structural integrity, and its molecular structure transformed into a pool of thin, inanimate biomass. No further anomalous activity was noted.

After the subject's death, Dr. Pasik physically assualted Dr. Kostrzewa and wounded his eye with a pen. After detainment by the site's security, Dr. Pasik has been demoted and removed from work in the Temporal Department.



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