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This variant theme was used for 2021 April Fool's incident, "Subpar Creative Products".

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Header banner by stormbreath. Header logo by UncertaintyCrossing.

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Item#: 9000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Use them.

Description: Look with your eyes, dingus.


The first couple of images were really just me learning how to do SCP symbols.


As you can see, not very good. Just kinda eh. Nonetheless, if it happens to strike a particular authorial chord within you, feel free to use it. Plus, do note that I'm an amateur.


Same with this.


And then I realized you don't have to stay within the solid border! You could break out, establish your presence, and become the new normal. Such is the way of the wiki.


I start experimenting, creating something newer.


French Department. This was mostly a joke icon.


And then I started taking requests. These ones are the most realistic, and inspired by prompts instead of imagination.

That's a book. Anomalous education maybe?

Anomalous childcare. This one I would really, really enjoy if someone made it.


That's space! See, very grounded in reality. I was taking some Discord requests.


This one was inspired by Pastaphysics. Go check it out if you haven't already.


Fucking pattern screamers. I really, really doubt this one will ever see the light of day. I honestly don't really want to see this on the wiki any other place than this. I love me some pattern screamers, keeps the mystery alive.


And back to something normal for once. Yes. On a related note, this is my single favorite icon, because it's so simple and evocative. Grodyyyy!


Another request.


And then we're back to abstract. The departments people were asking me got really, really specific, and I couldn't handle them. Like Department of Environmental Sociology. Like, what the fuck?

And finally, my baby, Department of Atypical Persuasion. I flubbed the dimensions, so you're gonna have to deal with this as is. But this one is already in use in one of my articles, SCP-6970. Don't use this one unless it's DAP. This is seriously non-negotiable, do NOT use this unless it's for a DAP article.

Addendum: Feel free to use this (with the exception of the last image) for whatever you want! Just make sure to plug me/my author page. Even though I have ideas on what departments these SCP symbols should be used for, they're supposed to be open ended. On that note, I made all these images in ms paint.

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