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Object Class: Uncontained Apollyon Explained? Apollyon Keter Explained Definitely Apollyon Explained, to a degree, I guess Confusing (Pending Class Reassignment)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-META-EX-J cannot be contained at this time. As such, Foundation physicists and philosophers are to research the anomalous properties for the rest of time cease research immediately continue research in a casual way that does not interrupt their professionalism nor cause them irreversible mental harm.

Description: SCP-META-EX-J is the designation for a metaphysical phenomenon in which a system of increasing complexity will begin to show properties akin to sentience. The phenomenon is absolutely anomalous, no doubt about it1.

This phenomenon has been observed in multiple instances throughout man's ability to conceptualize such things. The first hypothesized instance was the development (referred to henceforth as "evolution"2 "creation"34567 just development) of a biogenetic substance found in a 3.7 billion year old sedentary rock formation8 into organisms capable of supporting consciousness.

How true consciousness is formed is unknown; the process is, by all accounts and purposes, impossible to truly replicate vis-à-vis our own technological advancements and understanding of said subject9.

Some theories stand, but the Foundation's current accepted understanding assumption EXPLANATION is that of the existence of a quantum "proto-consciousness" field that permeates the entire universe. As such, consciousness is available as a sort of a uniform broadcast that systems can "receive" given enough complexity.

For example: flora present on earth is capable of responding to stimuli, although no concrete conclusion has been made that plants are capable of "feeling" or "thinking". The paradoxical nature of this is apparent- can the process that causes something to adapt to its environment (Such as growing towards sunlight) be considered thought10111213?

Furthermore, is there a difference between that and the conscious nature of more complex systems such as insects and animals?

Using this model, one can assume that this anomalous behavior can exist in things that are not traditionally alive (Such as rocks and your blender)14. Given that things are primarily empty space consisting of the same subatomic particles, the possibility rings true. In addition, the proof is in the pudding15 when you read other articles. Anomalous objects often exhibit properties that defy explanation. How this process is accomplished is unknown16.

"Response to stimuli" is a loose term. If this implies any sort of change whatsoever, than the entropic nature of the universe can apply in this manner17 (Entropy being considered a process by which things change into a system of uniformity or "break down" over time).

"Time" is a metaphysical construct in and of itself. It is a concept utilized by humans in attempts to justify changes in their surrounding environment. "Time" has no concrete inception nor end. It is simply an endless stream of consciousness. It is an indefinite progress of events through which we experience moments in succession. We will never hopefully one day probably not at all understand this phenomena as its intrinsic nature conflicts within our own current ideas about the subject.

Moving on18.

SCP-META-EX-J seems to manifest itself for purposes of self-preservation or propagation. For example, siphonophorae19 were initially believed to be a single organic structure. Upon closer inspection, specimens are observed to be actually a colony composed of highly specialized individual organisms called Zooids. This collective structure involves the delegation of subsections of itself to complete specified tasks (Such as locomotion or nutrient absorption). Whether or not the collective structure is aware or not remains to be seen, however, the integration of systems into its own host structure implies a necessity or ability to perceive and adapt.

When expanding our view outward, we see this process manifest itself in floral ecosystems. Root structures of trees and other plans20are often bound to one another, aiding in the transportation of nutrients throughout the entire system.

SCP-META-EX-J therefore continues to present itself in systems like other animals and, subsequently, humans; anatomically speaking, a human is a summation of parts as a whole21. The development of speech centers, creativity and abstract thought seem to form upon reaching a certain higher level of physiological and cognitive structure.

Continuing from there, the entirety of humanity itself is a system of vast complexity, whose own nature is conflicting yet again striving towards a stable system of self-preservation22.

We observe this once again if we consider Earth itself as a living organism23242526. This would explain the Earth's ability to attempt to balance itself out when humanity fucks it up27.

Currently, there is no evidence supporting the idea that celestial bodies do possess sentience28.

Using the ideas of micro and macro-cosmic beings, there is some speculation about whether or not our world is a particle of something greater29. The structure of the universe itself bears a remarkable resemblance to neurons in the brain, thus this idea has gained footing in some astrophysicists. This theory is accompanied by the fact that black holes have behavior that is very similar to nuclear membranes. The event horizon is double-layered, and prevents anything that enters from leaving, the nuclear membrane separates cell fluids, preventing mixing, and regulates the exchange of matter between the inside and outside of the nucleus. Black holes and living cells also both emit pockets of electromagnetic radiation, among other similarities.

Foundation understanding of this phenomena is considered of vast importance. However, many beings that contemplate their own means of contemplation can very well be driven mad from such thoughts.

It is recommended than any of those who start to show signs of obsession with this conundrum report to the nearest medical bay as soon as possible. Amnestic treatment may be necessary to avoid further mental harm.

Addendum META-EX-J-1A:

As of this article's inception on ██/██/████, discussion of the content is highly polarizing and often yields conflicting or erroneous information. As such, debate over META-EX-J has often concluded in hissy fits, with one or more such debates ending in participants standing in the corner of a room until they have learned their lesson. No bickering is allowed, not no way, not no how.

Transcription Log Meta-EX-J-VOTMZRIG303132:

Note: This discussion took place on the 'Discussion' page for SCP-META-EX-J. Handles have been redacted to preserve anonymity and the page has since been purged of these comments. Notice the resemblance to true sentience. All individuals possess the anomalous effect to a degree.


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