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Item #: SCP-K9-J-EX

Object Class: Keter Solved

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-K9-J has been abandoned, due to hauntings. Its property value is expected to drop significantly, making it a steal for anyone who is willing to buy it in spite of the hauntings.

Description: SCP-K9-J is a large, Victorian household filled with several squeaky floorboards, cobwebs, and a kitchen that is always stocked with food. SCP-K9-J was originally built by an old Scottish lord who died ~50 years ago, stating on his deathbed that he would seek vengeance upon any person who dared to disturb his manor.

SCP-K9-J-1 appears in SCP-K9-J upon investigation of the household. SCP-K9-J-1 frightens off any and all potential customers of SCP-K9-J. Further investigation would be performed into SCP-K9-J-1's properties, but it's a GH-GH-GHOOOOOOST!

SCP-K9-J-2 is a hallway within SCP-K9-J that has a non-euclidean geometry. When rock or pop music is played and SCP-K9-J-1 pursues (a) subject(s) into SCP-K9-J-2, any doorway entered into in SCP-K9-J-2 will lead out another doorway within SCP-K9-J-2. Subject(s) may find themselves running alone, with each other, or with SCP-K9-J-1. This effect persists until any or all parties trip or attack one another.

Addendum K9-J-A: Wow, what a shame. I'll buy this and take it off your guys's hands! - Dr. Jenkins

Addendum K9-J-B: Incidents involving SCP-K9-J:

Incident K9-J-A: Renovation workers were renovating what is now SCP-K9-J. They were then attacked by SCP-K9-J-1. No casualties were reported, however worker equipment was destroyed and victims were purportedly "spooked".

Incident K9-J-B: Mobile Task Force Mu 4 sent into SCP-K9-J to investigate.

Incident K9-J-C: After "splitting up", Agents Mu 4-4 and Mu 4-5 were engorging themselves upon the food discovered in SCP-K9-J's kitchen. They were then attacked by SCP-K9-J-1, which chased them throughout SCP-K9-J. The agents successfully tricked SCP-K9-J-1 by "like, convincing it that we were make-up artists, man. We spun it around a bunch of times and it was, like, dizzy, man. We still gave it a make over, though. Ehehehehe." Agents Mu 4-4 and Mu 4-5 were able to rendezvous with the rest of the MTF following this distraction.

Jinkies! - Agent Mu 4-3

Incident K9-J-D: Agent Mu 4-1 was able to convince Agents Mu 4-4 and 4-5 to act as "bait" utilizing [REDACTED]. Agent Mu 4-1 reportedly had to give them two [REDACTED] each. Disciplinary evaluation of Agents Mu 4-4 and 4-5 is underway.

Incident K9-J-F: Agent Mu 4-3 loses her glasses. She can't see without her glasses.

Incident K9-J-G: Agent Mu 4-2 fights off SCP-K9-J-1 using previously unexpected skill. Although the use of Agents Mu 4-4 and Mu 4-5 as bait was not successful, SCP-K9-J-1 was contained by MTF Mu 4 after it became stuck under a fallen bookshelf.

I knew it wasn't a ghost ever since I saw those accounting reports about the house pricing. This ghoul is actually… - Agent Mu 4-3

Dr. Jenkins!? - Agents Mu 4-1, 4-2, and 4-4

Oooh, I was just about to get this house for rock bottom prices. And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for Mobile Task Force Mu-4 "Meddling Kids"! - Dr. Jenkins

Incident K9-J-H: A second instance of SCP-K9-J-1 was reported following Incident K9-J-G, but this was soon revealed to be Agent Mu 4-5 wearing a bed sheet.

Rooby rooby [REDACTED] - Agent Mu 4-5

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