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Item #: SCP-Jaguar-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Jaguar-J is not currently capable of being contained, due to an uncertainty as to its position. Agents deployed to the zone SCP-Jaguar-J is supposedly situated has not resulted in confirmed visual contact. Inspections of all nearby auto repair shops within a 7 mile radius of this location disproved Researcher Hutchin's claims of its current status.

Description: SCP-Jaguar-J is an anomalous automobile which is hypothetically owned by Researcher Hutchins. Although all known documentation of SCP-Jaguar-J depict a total lemon, it has been vehemently claimed by Researcher Hutchins that these photographs are an anomaly, and that when viewed with the eye it appears to be a Jaguar luxury automobile. These claims have not been substantiated.

Dr. Hutchins has been making such claims since he was a Junior Staff Member on the SCP-2600 research team, and despite persistent attempts to view it has always been unable to show any of the Site 88 staff. Despite hosting the annual Site-88 Decemberween party on multiple occasions, not one individual has reported seeing SCP-Jaguar-J. During visual inspection of the garage only a large empty patch of concrete covered with oils and unidentified metallic parts were found.

Should Researcher Hutchins ever be able to provide substantiated evidence of SCP-Jaguar-J, he will be promoted to a full Operations Researcher and be assigned as the lead science adviser on all SCP-Jaguar-J testing.

Researcher Notes(2)

Come on guys. This is unprofessional. I joined the SCP Foundation because I thought you guys would be into this sort of thing. I have to take it to the shop a lot because insurance companies won't cover me with the pictures. Also, one time my girlfriend from up in Canada came down and borrowed it to go meet a man about a horse. You guys are really not taking this as seriously as you should. I've had this car for years, if you came when I said it was there you'd totally see I'm telling the truth. — Researcher Hutchins.

Fine. It is possible that SCP-Jaguar-J may also be of the Jaguar XKR-S model, but due to the lack of visual evidence I predict this visit will result in an SCP-Jaguar-XK-End-of-Your-Lies scenario. — Dr. Morse.

Addendum Jaguar-XE: After the deployment of Mobile Truth Force Lie-7 "Randi's Pants, On Fire" it was discovered that SCP-Jaguar-J did in fact exist and displayed surprisingly accurate anomalous properties. As promised, Junior Researcher Hutchins has been given Level 1 Clearance and the title of Operational Researcher. He is currently assigned to work on SCP-Jaguar-J.

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