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The International Branches Hub lists articles from other branches of the SCP Foundation that have been translated into English. Most of these translations were originally posted on the International Translation Archive of the SCP-Foundation (SCP-INT), a site where members of various branches post translations in English to make them available to an international audience. The pages listed on this hub are only a small selection of the content available on the International Translation Archive, and we encourage you to go there to check out a much larger number of translated articles.

It's worth noting that branches are named for their language, not their nationality. While you may be reading this on the "English branch" (SCP-EN), that doesn't mean everyone here is from England, and the same is true for the other branches!

When reading, rating and commenting these pages, keep in mind that some branches have their own background for the Foundation, which may be different to what you're used to. Feedback, questions and corrections to spelling and grammar are just as welcome here as they are on the rest of the site.

If you want to translate articles written in English into another language, you'll need to become a member of that branch's wiki - a list of officially recognised branches can be found on the main page. If there isn't an official branch yet, you can post translations on the Language Incubator, hosted on the International Translation Archive. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the SCP International Discord.

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For more collaborations between authors from multiple branches, visit the Hub for International Collaborations.

Creating a new branch

Check this list for a complete overview of the known official, developing and unofficial branches.

Wish to create a branch for your language? See the full guide to creating a new branch, as well as the guide for getting officially recognised as a Developing Branch.

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