Foundation Gripe Sheet
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Foundation personnel submit maintenance reports, also known as "gripe forms", to inform level 2 site mechanics about any problems they experience with containment cells and connected facilities. The maintenance crews process the requests, solve the problems, document their repair solutions and file the reports away by once resolved. Submitted problems are marked with a "P", while the solutions are marked with an "S".

Collected Maintenance Reports. Ten per page. Current as of 1/26/2018 5/25/2020.
Overseen by Site-██ Head Maintenance Supervisor Jaimison.

Submitted maintenance reports (P) and filed solutions (S) from ██/██/████ to ██/██/████.

P: Security key card reader doesn't work.
S: Diagram for proper security keycard reader card swiping has been installed.

P: Smells like there might be a lot of shit inside containment cell.
S: Confirmed, there is a lot of shit inside containment cell.

P: Containment cell door almost needs oiling.
S: Containment cell door almost oiled.

P: Request viewing window on test chamber be made of thicker, non-transparent material.
S: That's called a wall.

P: Specimen has damaged toilet bowl in containment cell.
S: Sturdier model toilet bowl has been installed.

P: Security key card reader still not working.
S: That security key card reader is for level 4 clearance or higher.

Just because you guard the thing doesn't mean you get to peek in on it whenever you want.
-Head Maintenance Supervisor Jaimison

P: Muffled screaming can be heard from within containment cell.
S: Audio system set up so screaming is no longer muffled.

P: Specimen uprooted toilet bowl from wall and damaged containment cell.
S: Plastic litter box installed until specimen learns not to break its things.

P: Entities keep erasing recordings from surveillance cameras.
S: Fake security cameras have been installed.

P: One of the containment cell corners smells like piss.
S: One of the containment cell corners has been bleached.

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