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Item #: SCP-ES-113 Classified
Object Class: Euclid Keter Level 3


Facility-13 (2013-Present)

Special Containment Procedures: Facility-131 was built around SCP-ES-113. Facility-13 must act under the guise of Private School Sir Cantor Padrig, San Carlos de Palacios City2, Chile, with researchers and security personnel under fictitious identities as professors, inspectors, and janitors. Administrative personnel within the Facility must also complete the school's administrative functions.

The entirety of students attending Facility-13 must have families with a minimum of two members working within the Foundation. The number of female students must always remain above the number of male students.

SCP-ES-113 is currently behind the door of one of the women's bathrooms in Facility-13. It must remain constantly closed while tests are not being performed. Once a day, at least one 13-year-old D-Class subject must interact with SCP-ES-113. Given the lack of D-Class subjects fulfilling this requirement, their long-term use and protection against monthly termination is granted under the 'D Parenting" Program.

In case of a containment breach, MTF Ny-13 ("Cult of 13"), are to locate SCP-ES-113's new position and establish a perimeter around it. Immediately after, a new Facility-13 must be built and the prior one dismantled, under the facade of bankruptcy.

Before year 3013, MTF Ni-13 ("Triscaidecaphobia") must be deployed to neutralize the anomaly under the "Scranton Ambush" Protocol.



Description: SCP-ES-113 is a crude drawing of what is assumed to be a caricature of an unidentified creature possessing animal traits.

SCP-ES-113 can be easily erased, as with any graphite pencil drawing. Once erased, it'll reappear in the closest primary school, manifesting within a bathroom corresponding to the most represented gender of students within the school. SCP-ES-113 will also demanifest if an exchange is not performed in a period longer than 26 hours.

Once a subject between 5 and 13 years of age is alone in its bathroom, SCP-ES-113 will animate and begin vocalizing, usually saying "I'm offering you a special deal," or similar phrases, in a slow, shrill voice. Invariably, subjects hearing the phrase will feel a strong compulsion to move towards the source of the sound, where SCP-ES-113 will attempt to convince the subject to 'give something they desire in exchange for something they love the same amount3'. If a subject rejects an exchange, SCP-ES-113 will remain silent and immobile for several seconds, after which the subject begins to feel a growing compulsion to accept the anomaly's deal. Should the exchange not be accepted within 13 seconds, SCP-ES-113 will express sadness and become inanimate.

In 13.13% of cases, SCP-ES-113 will state that the subject 'does not desire or appreciate anything enough', which will then result in the heart of the affected individual (Subject A) being spontaneously and cleanly cut, then teleported centimeters away from the living being they had the most contact with (Subject B). The heart of Subject B is similarly teleported centimeters away from Subject A.

SCP-ES-113 was initially discovered in the door of a bathroom in ███ █████ School, ███████, Chile, shortly after Incident ES-113-1 took place. After the incident came to Foundation knowledge through agents embedded in the local police, the door containing SCP-ES-113 was taken to a Standard Cell in Facility-12 for initial containment. However, upon arriving at the Facility, SCP-ES-113 disappeared. Two years later, it was discovered again in ███ ████████ School in ████████, Chile, after a child exited the bathroom holding a PlayStation 2® and his room and the kitchen disappeared from his house, approximately at the same time, with markings suggesting both were ripped from the ground. Witnesses were administered amnestics and the cover story of a gas explosion was planted.

Incident ES-113-1: On 28/4/2000, during a school recess, approximately at 13:22, a 13-year-old child was found dead in the men's bathroom, covered in gore and bloodied body tissue. An investigation by local police identified the child as Marcelo Astorga, with the biological material he was covered with belonging to Angélica Aguilera, without a third party at the scene nor possible nearby tools to perform this action. Given these strange occurrences, Foundation agents embedded in local police took the case and reported to the scene, where agents rediscovered the anomalous nature of SCP-ES-113 after testing in the scene with pocket Scranton Reality Anchors. Background research revealed Marco 'loved Angélica with all his being'. Facility-13 (2000-2013) was established 13 days after.

Experiment Log

Test 13

Subject: D-9821, Hispanic-American, 20 years old.
Premeditated Desire: A plate of chicken pasta. A rocket launcher.
Results: None. SCP-ES-113 did not interact with the subject. D-9821 is no longer considered a subject for tests relying on trust.
Notes: Perhaps there's an age span appropriate for the activation of the anomaly, after all, until now it was not documented that it would work with non-child subjects — Dr. Sterlab

Test 52

Subject: D-10237, Hispanic-American, 13 years old.
Premeditated Desire: A Coca-Cola bottle.
Results: D-10237 left the bathroom with a Coca-Cola bottle in his hands. When returned to his cell, it was discovered that his favourite book had disappeared.
Notes: Maximum and minimum age set. — Dr. Sterlab

Test 65

Subject: D-10237 D-10238, Hispanic-American, 13 years old.
Premeditated Desire: A Pepsi bottle. His mother.
Note: D-10238 is the cell-mate and twin brother of D-10237- It was suspected that, due to his brother, he heard about SCP-ES-113 and, pretending to be D-10238, was selected for testing.
Results: D-10238 did not exit the bathroom. After 3 minutes of waiting, a researcher entered to locate him. When found, he was discovered deceased in a similar fashion to the victim of Incident ES-113-1, but covered in bones and flesh in decomposition. A background investigation revealed the bones and flesh belonged to his mother, who had been murdered by the twins.
Notes: Despite the low ratio of twin D-Class we possess, I believe this proves we have to be more cautious at the time of choosing who to send for testing. D-10238 was not in the least apt for a test with such high cooperation requirements as this one — Dr. Sterlab

Test 78

Subject: A 6-year-old cat.
Premeditated Desire: Unknown
Results: Cat did not exit the bathroom. Shortly after entering it, the researcher caring for her, present during the test, fell to the ground. When the bathroom was investigated, the cat held the bleeding heart of her caretaker.
Notas: Thirteenth test on animals ending the exact same way. Let's just stop this. I can take the death of a -D, but not the death of my co-workers. — Dr. Sterlab

Test 91

Sujeto: D-9732, african-american, 36 years old. Suffers from Highlander Syndrome4
Premeditated Desire: Be an astronaut.
Resultados: D-9732 did not leave the bathroom for 7 minutes. After this time, a guard entered to locate him. D-9732 was nowhere to be found, and nothing had disappeared from his room. Before the results could be sent to Research Leader Dr. Sterlab, he was declared as disappeared. Security cameras in his office revealed that he disappeared at the same time Test 91 was being realized. After two months of unsuccessful search by the Foundation's Orbital Composition of Unified Solar Study, both were declared dead. A background investigation showed that D-9732 felt great admiration for Dr. Sterlab and his work.
Notes: That's enough. These tests keep better showing how ES-113 works, but at the same time, they do nothing but kill us. Leader Sterlab was the last one left, and now I don't have anyone. I solicit an immediate halting of all ES-113 testing. — Dr. Marin Sterlab
| DENIED | I'm sorry for your father, but more research is required. This object could end up being beneficial. — DC Yerko

Test 104

Subject: D-10483, Indian, 11 years old.
Note: Subject was memetically induced to infer a premeditated desire.
Premeditated Desire: That D-150135 lives a long and happy life.
Results: D-10483 left the bathroom unscathed. D-15013 was found in the ground of his cell. A background investigation indicated he had entered a catatonic state. D-15013 kept a smile at all times. His body was stored in Facility-33's Cadaver Wing for further study. It was confirmed he did not require any sanitary maintenance.

Test 117

Subject: D-10483, Indian, 11 years old.
Note: Subject was memetically induced to infer a premeditated desire.
Premeditated Desire: That D-160156 becomes unable to die.
Results: D-16015 died shortly after beginning the test. A day after, an average of 78% of the world population became aware of the name 'Isaac Newton', relating it to science and repeatedly stating he was an important person for it and with great impact to modern life. Use of SCP-ES-███ was ineffective at removing these memories. To repair ensuing consensus damage, use of SCP-ES-████ to insert memories about Isaac Newton's life (For further information, click here).

Test 130


Facility-13 (2000-2013)

Subject: Dr. Marin Sterlab
Premeditated Desire: Unknown
Note: This test was conducted without authorization. Dr. Marin Sterlab burst in Facility-13 during the Christmas party of 2013. It is believed that negligence from SCP-ES-113's night shift guards allowed Dr. Marin Sterlab access without impediment.
Results: A thaumaturgical temporal regression7 in SCP-ES-113's chamber revealed Dr. Marin Sterlab managed to successfully communicate with SCP-ES-113, this being the first documented case of an adult communicating with the anomaly. SCP-ES-113 claimed it was expecting him, and that he would fulfill his desire. Dr. Marin Sterlab repeatedly thanked the entity before vanishing. Seconds after, Facility-13 (2000-2013) disappeared along SCP-ES-113. SCP-ES-113 was later found and a new Facility-13 (2013-Present) was erected.

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