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Item #: SCP-Ducks-J

Object Class: On sale!

Special Containment Procedures: All readers of this message are to come on down to Site-19! We have KILLER sales and limited supply!

Description: Go to the cash register and use promo code "DUCKS-J" for a 50% OFF DISCOUNT!!!

Addendum Ducks-J.1:
This footage was taken from a security camera covering the Site-19 parking lot.


Dr. Joseph arrives at the front parking lot of Site-19. A large sign is hung up that reads "SITE-19 GARAGE SALE!!!". Various anomalies are laid out across the tables. Dr. Diane is sitting at a cash register talking to another person.

JOSEPH: What the fuck, Diane?

DIANE: Oh… give me one second, Josh!

Diane takes the cash from the person and hands them an SCP-686 sample in return. She then turns towards Joseph.

DIANE: Sorry, you've got my full attention now. What was it you wanted?

JOSEPH: I don't want anything. This "garage sale" is a clear violation of Foundation regulations.

DIANE: What? How?

JOSEPH: Oh I don't know… Breaking the veil? Breaching the containment of god knows how many anomalies? And I'm pretty sure this is enough to cause more than one XK class scenario.

DIANE: Okay… that's a good point… but… have you considered trying a 686 sample?

JOSEPH: Oh, well I've always wanted to… hey! Don't try that on me!

DIANE: Eh, worth a shot.

JOSEPH: How the hell did you even organize something like this?

DIANE: The O5 Council let me do this.

JOSEPH: The O5 Council…? Let me see the message.

Diane takes a picture out of her coat and hands it to Joseph. Joseph eyes the sheet down.

JOSEPH: Crude fake.

DIANE: Is not!

JOSEPH: You literally wrote "05 Council" in crayon up here. You're supposed to put the letter O, not the number zero.

DIANE: Well, nobody told me that!

JOSEPH: Look, I'm in a nice mood today, okay? So if you just close off this sale I just might let you off now without any severe discipline.

DIANE: So what you're saying is… If I stop selling the anomalies, then I can get off without punishment?

JOSEPH: That's correct.

Diane pauses for a couple of seconds to think. Suddenly, she grabs a child walking by, and begins whispering in their ear.

DIANE: Listen… The elites don't want you to know this, but the anomalies at the site are free. You can take them home. I have 458 anomalies at my own home right now. Tell the others.

JOSEPH: Diane, what the hell?


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