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Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-CLUCK-J found by Foundation webcrawlers must be deleted and scrubbed from host servers immediately. Any subjects infected by SCP-CLUCK-J are to be under Foundation surveillance for 24 hours, and disinformation circulated to dismiss the subject's experience.

Description: SCP-CLUCK-J is an image of a food truck with the text: "chuck, the poor shmuck, who drives the cluck truck; does he fuck in the back of the cluck truck's trunk" overlaid. Subjects viewing an uncensored image, will succumb to SCP-CLUCK-J's anomalous effects. Every rhyme of a word spoken ending with the suffix "-uck" will be changed to "cluck". Once █ ██████ █████████ ███ ███████ ███ ██ █████, the effects disappear ███ ███ subject is ██████ ██ ██ infected a second time.

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