A Great Idea, Probably...
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To be honest, you felt pretty lucky that you were assigned to one of the least dangerous skips you could think of. It wasn't memetic (or antimemetic for that matter) and all you were required to do was talk to it. The thing eats paper for God's sake!

You get up from your seat, a little apprehensive but not too frightened, and follow her into SCP-2020's cell.

"Hi!" SCP-2020 says, sitting in its chair. "It's nice to have someone to talk to. I'm working on some ideas of mine. Writing, you know. Do you write stories by any chance?"

"I do, actually. I haven't recently because I've been having some trouble thinking of anything to write about though."

"Oh, me too! Maybe, maybe we should brainstorm some ideas together? It always helps me to talk with people about ideas."

You consider for a moment before responding.

"Sure, I don't see why not."

The both of you discuss some of the things you've written before SCP-2020 comes up with an idea that gets your attention:

Maybe something else?

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