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SCP CC-BY-SA 3.0-CO, looking simply fine.

Item #: SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO

Object Class: Uncompliant

Special Containment Procedures: An O5 vote will be conducted to determine whether or not retrieval of SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO is worth the trouble.

Description: SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO is a Dudleya greenei, located and grown within a ceramic pot. Any photograph taken of SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO is automatically licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0. This is recognized by all individuals who view SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO, including those without prior knowledge of the object. This does not result in an understanding of what CC BY-SA 3.0 is, or what it means. No sapient being has proven to possess any knowledge of CC BY-SA 3.0. There have been multiple hypotheses as to its meaning, which are presented below:

  • Cack cack! By Yaldabaoth, so acidic!
  • Criminal cases bring yams southside, Adam.
  • "Cry, Caroline!" "But you said 'Ahoy'!"
  • Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike1
  • Cupity co, Bipity yee, slimer ass.

There is one individual who may possess knowledge of CC BY-SA 3.0, O5-7. However, instead of answering to Foundation queries, he merely rocks back and forth in a fetal position, breathing through his nose loudly.

It has been determined that SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO can be used in any way, shape, or form with no repercussions. Thus, the Department of Theatrics has performed multiple shows of My Plant Pam, based off of the book of the same name2 focusing on SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO. Further adaptations are proposed.

SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO was discovered via a photo posted on Wikimedia Commons by the account "stnalp_looc_repus_2020"3. Upon tracking of the account's IP address, SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO was found in a dumpster behind a Denny's. Attached to the object was a sticky note, which read "haha bitch totes cc by-sa 3.0". This was quickly discarded, along with the Denny's, for having no worth to the investigation into CC BY-SA 3.0.

Research into newly discovered GoI-2001 (Creative Commons) is ongoing.

Addendum CC-BY-SA-3.0-CO-1: Larceny

On Apr. 1, 2020, a bandit entered SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO's containment cell and stole the object before de-materializing. Afterward, a piece of loose-leaf paper was found stranded on the containment cell's floor, which read as follows:

You fucks,
You actually thought that was under Creative Commons? The image that clearly had Copyrighted █████ ███ All Rights Reserved watermarked on the fucking top? I'm fucking done. Image removed.

Addendum CC-BY-SA-3.0-CO-2: O5 Vote

In a 12-1 decision, it has been determined that SCP-CC BY-SA 3.0-CO is worth the trouble of retrieval. God bless the Foundation. The one dissenting O5 member, O5-7, made the comment below:

I try to fix things, and you MESS THEM ALL UP AGAIN.

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