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Item #:
There was an anomalous fella
Born magic, nix abracadabra
He turned words into poems
Which landed him alone
Locked up, branded SCP-AABBA

Object Class:
There once was an SCP object
Whose containment was really a project
Despite lacking cake-eaters
They labeled it Keter
For it was a pervasive concept

This middle-aged guy known as Willy
Had quite the strange ability
When people talked to him
Their speeches were trimmed
To limericks, though it was quite silly

When SCP-AABBA was talked to
The researchers found it was quite true
No matter their efforts
(And they were no halfwits)
Their words were changed out of the blue

Amnestics posed no help to victims
Of AABBA's peculiar system
No matter how many
5, 10, even 20
Was no cure, for nothing could aid them

And so it was that the Foundation
Though spread throughout hundreds of nations
Could not stop the limericks
With words, stones, or sticks
And it overtook the population

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