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Item #: SCP-9999-J

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: If it is possible to contain or prevent SCP-9999-J from occurring, no method of doing so has yet been discovered.

Description: SCP-9999-J is a multiversal, metaphysical chain of events that results in the continuation of an MK-Class Normalcy Collapse which will eventually infect prime reality. This event has been observed across multiple realities and is currently propagating at a geometric rate. While there are a theoretically infinite number of realities that SCP-9999-J is capable of infecting prior to occurring within ours, such an event is also mathematically inevitable at the current rate of infection.

Through extended observation using the Transient Barriers Of Nearby Existence telescopic array, [Codename: T-BONE], Foundation Researchers have identified the series of events which began 28 days ago that indicate the beginning of the MK-Class event with a 98.7% confidence interval. The following timeline has been constructed to illustrate the current situation:

Day 0: A reported increase of nearly 1600% in the disappearance of raw meats and fresh meat products which have gone missing shortly after purchase by consumers.

Day 1: The reported disappearance of various meats continues to increase but now extends to the disappearance of more heavily processed meats such as ground chuck and sausage.

Day 3: The general public becomes aware of the phenomenon as various raw and processed meats can be seen levitating in commercial settings such as food counters at grocery stores.

Day 5: Raw and processed meats begin ascending vertically from their coolers and storage units at a rate of 0.15 meters per hour. Attempts to secure the meats using conventional means prove incapable of reducing their elevation.

Day 8: The rate of ascension has accelerated to approximately 0.45 meters per hour.

Day 10: The rate of ascension has accelerated to approximately 1.0 meter per hour.

Day 15: The FAA grounds all non-essential flights due to concerns about air traffic congestion.

Day 21: Members of the Bovidae family begin to levitate. Attempts to re-secure the levitating Bovidae are met with universally violent reactions by the animals. While this affects the animals sporadically, it appears to be occurring globally.

Day 22: Members of the Bovidae family which had already begun to levitate now begin to ascend at a rate of approximately 1.0 meter per hour. By this point, the phenomenon has propagated to more than 50% of the world's Bovidae.

Day 23: 100% propagation of the phenomenon to members of the Bovidae family.

Day 25: The FAA and military have grounded all flights.

Day 28: Various meats and Bovidae begin to enter the upper atmosphere.

Day 29: The O-5 Council has instituted a 'Lifted Veil' scenario and convened a meeting of world leaders in order to confront the crisis.

The following is a transcript of the meeting of world leaders regarding the events of SCP-9999-J.

O5-1: Thank you all for coming here today on such short notice. I know this is a lot to take in but we have to work quickly if we want to prevent the collapse of normalcy. We have to—

US President: I was only briefed about your organization's existence at all just two days ago. Do you mind telling me why I am supposed to believe you guys have any kind of answers or explanations for this problem?

O5-1: Simply put, Mister President, no one has any answers. That's why we're here. And if someone has been telling you that it's easy or they can solve this, they've been selling you snake oil.

GOC Leadership: Oi bruv, hang on a minute. This isn't complicated; we just go vegetarian, or even vegan in case this spreads to other stuff like fish or whatnot.

US President: Yeah you keep telling me that but I have to find an answer that I can actually sell to the public and calm them down. Not make the problem worse. Tofu is out of the question.

EU Delegate: We get along very well with lots of nice light salads and pasta dishes instead of so much beef, if you could—

US President: Zip it, Frenchie. I need you to respect that the American way of life is at stake here if we're going to get anything done. This matters. This will affect lives. Tens of millions will starve without this beef.

O5-1: Gentlemen, please. If I could just refocus your attention on my briefing.

UIU Representative: Hello, we have reviewed your materials and I think we've been able to formulate a perfectly reasonable and cost-effective approach to the problem that will protect all of our interests.

O5-1: Please be quiet, UIU.

GOC Leadership: Alright, Foundation, tell us what we need to do now.

O5-1: The fact of the matter is, about a month ago all other realities started to have their meats levitate and then ascend. We don't know why, we don't know who or what started it, and we don't know how far it will go. All we can say for sure is that this is going to happen here and it's going to happen soon.

EU Delegate: So you're saying you don't have any way to reverse this or prevent it once it starts?

O5-1: That's correct. We don't know how to stop it and we don't know how this ends.

GOC Leadership: I really hope we can resolve this soon in some way that all of us will find satisfying.

O5-1: Yes, we do too, and that's why I've gathered you here today to lay everything out. The way we've seen everything building up, we feel leaving here with a resolution is really important.

EU Delegate: Well one thing my constituents cannot stand for is to simply have this event end or pass us over with no real release of this tension. We, that is to say, the people reading my report, are going to demand answers.

O5-1: I understand, but frankly, you're not entitled to them if we can't find them. And I am under no obligation to share anything with you unless you help me to find a resolution here.

US President: Hey partner, nobody wants that.

O5-1: Of course, and I don't want that to happen either. But what choice do I have when the steaks are this high?

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