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Item #: SCP-987

Object Class: Euclid (Class currently under reevaluation. See Addendum.)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-987 is to be kept, at all times, within an opaque brown, black or manila envelope in a filing cabinet in room ██ in the Nunavut Facility a secure bunker at Site 19 (See document #987-3). At no point should SCP-987 be removed from this envelope except under the supervision of [NAME REDACTED, SEE ADDENDUM]. Following removal from its envelope, SCP-987 should only be opened by expendable Class D personnel.

Description: SCP-987 appears to be one (1) double-hung sash window measuring 20.32cmx25.4cm (8inx10in). While the “exterior” side is totally transparent [DATA EXPUNGED, SEE ADDENDUM].

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #987-1 and #987-2. Those with Level 4 Security Clearance should see document #987-3. Class D Personnel are required to be briefed as per document #987-4.

Document #987-1: July 11, 1999 Summary Report on SCP-987

SCP-987 was found in a Saskatchewan farmhouse in 1997. The house’s residents were found sitting in front of it, armed, having apparently starved to death while looking through. The properties of SCP-987 were originally assumed to have been limited to its location in the north wall of the house’s living room. The anomaly was soon discovered to be contained between the double-paned glass itself.

When looking “out” the window, one sees a living room furnished and decorated circa 1987. The room has been ransacked. Naked, bloodstained men and women pass through the room occasionally. While they ape normal human behaviour, no evidence has surfaced to support the hypothesis that they understand their behaviour or interact socially in a meaningful manner.

Document #987-2: Transcript of [NAME REDACTED] Log Entry for August 13, 2002

[NAME REDACTED]: Jules has recommended removing the camera from room ██. Six L1’s have gone catatonic watching the feed. ███████ ████ believes that this is connected to the circumstances under which it was found. She also believes that this is connected to [unintelligible] or else #008. Murkasky dis [sic]

[Alarm Klaxons].

[NAME REDACTED]: This is [NAME REDACTED], this is not a drill. SCP-987 has been opened. Repeat, SCP-987 has been opened. All non-security personnel [unintelligible]

[log ends]

Document #987-3: Memorandum on the Closure of the Nunavut Facility

As of August 15, 2002, Site 21 in Nunavut, Canada has been declared closed following the accidental release of SCP-987’s contents. SCP-987 was recovered. There were six survivors, all Class D Personnel. Each exhibits signs of severe paranoia and suicidal tendencies. SCP-987 will be transferred to a secure bunker in Site 19 on September 20, 2002 following standard screening procedures and reevaluation of object class.

Document #987-4: Procedures for Handling of SCP-987 (Class D Personnel Only)

1. Before entering Room ██, take 2 50 mg Buspirone tablets.

2. Don 50% opacity glasses

3. Enter Room ██

4. Wait until camera deactivation signal sounds

5. Remove SCP-987 from its envelope

6. Take still photographs of SCP-987 at one second intervals

7. Return SCP-987 to envelope

8. Wait until camera reactivation signal sounds before leaving room ██

Any viewing of SCP-987 without proper handling procedures is grounds for termination. If any personnel are exposed to video footage of SCP-987, activate Freeman Contingency.

Document #FRE-01: Freeman Contingency Procedure

1. Security Clearance Level 3 Personnel are to set up roadblocks at all viewing room exits.

2. Security Personnel are to be equipped with Class B Freeman “Icepicks”

3. Any personnel attempting to exit are to be subjected to a transorbital leucotomy and interrogated before being terminated.

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