SCP-978 Extended Test Logs
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Testing Log

Log Format
Photographed Activity:
Photo Result:

Testing with Other SCPs

Subject: SCP-001-EX
Photographed Activity: Operating nominally.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-001
Photographed Activity: [REDACTED]
Photo Result: [REDACTED]
Note: Photo destroyed.

Subject: SCP-002
Photographed Activity: At rest in its containment chamber.
Photo Result: A well-furnished foyer in the style of SCP-002. An unlit hallway extends in the opposite direction.

Subject: SCP-011
Photographed Activity: Facing towards the camera with its musket to its side.
Photo Result: █████████ █████ is standing next to SCP-011, while leaning her head on its shoulder. SCP-011's arms are around her back and its head is leaning on hers. SCP-011's musket is not visible.

Subject: SCP-014
Photographed Activity: Sitting in his chair.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-035
Photographed Activity: At rest in its containment chamber.
Photo Result: SCP-035 is being worn by an unidentified individual sitting on a throne. On the floor there are 3 dead masked individuals. The location of the picture appears to be [DATA EXPUNGED].

Subject: Four instances of SCP-039
Photographed Activity: Grooming each other.1
Photo Result: All 23 instances of SCP-039 performing various repairs and modifications on a lime green 1960 Chevrolet Nomad,2 which is resting on a large, rectangular slab of concrete in what appears to be a mangrove forest. SCP-039-A is in the driver's seat.

Subject: SCP-039-A
Photographed Activity: Lying on its bed and listening to music.
Photo Result: Seated at a dining room table with three other individuals. When the photograph was described to SCP-039-A, it identified the scene as the dining room at its grandmother's house and the other individuals as its parents and grandmother. SCP-039-A still lacks facial features in the photograph, as do its family members.

Subject: SCP-043
Photographed Activity: Being questioned as it sits on a turntable.
Photo Result: Being replaced into its sleeve.

Subject: SCP-049
Photographed Activity: Standing in its containment chamber.
Photo Result: SCP-049 is embracing an unidentified approximately 6-year-old child. In the background various instances of SCP-049-2 are visible.

Subject: SCP-050
Photographed Activity: Seated on Agent ██████████'s desk.
Photo Result: A photo of what appears to be SCP-978, with a photo emerging from it. The photo is of what appears to be SCP-978, with a photo emerging from it, ad infinitum. Microscopic examination revealed that the regress continued for 12 levels before details became too small to make out.

Subject: SCP-053
Photographed Activity: Coloring in a coloring book.
Photo Result: Riding on SCP-682's back in a pastoral setting; SCP-682 is wearing a bright red hair-bow and a floral dress similar to SCP-053's favored clothing, and has bright pink nail polish on its claws. Adult humans are present, but facial features are indistinct.

Subject: SCP-055
Photographed Activity: Photographed inside containment cell.
Photo Result: Unknown.
Notes: A researcher misplaced the photograph and we are unable to relocate it.

Subject: SCP-066
Photographed Activity: In the process of transference to a new containment unit.
Photo Result: Inside the opened thoracic cavity of an unidentified individual, with the other organs removed. SCP-066's "eyes" and tendrils are rearranged to resemble a "smiley face".

Subject: SCP-073
Photographed Activity: Eating in the Site-17 cafeteria.
Photo Result: Tending to an assorted range of plants on a small farm. In the background, various domesticated animals are wandering around.

Subject: SCP-076-2
Photographed Activity: Lying in its sarcophagus in SCP-076-1.
Photo Result: Tending to a herd of pigs in a pastoral landscape, while a large city is consumed by flames in the background. Closer inspection revealed that the pigs were consuming the remains of SCP-073.

Subject: SCP-082
Photographed Activity: Sharing a meal with SCP-4820.
Photo Result: Performing at the Paris Opera House, as it appears in the 1986 musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Based on the costumes and sets visible in the photograph, SCP-082 seems to be portraying Méphistophélès in Charles Gounod's opera adaption of Faust while SCP-4820 portrays the title character. Several audience members are visible; identified individuals include Peter Dinklage, Batman (as depicted in early issues of Detective Comics), SCP-507, Lon Cheney Jr. (as the Wolf-Man), and Maximilien Robespierre. All visible audience members have apparently been moved to tears by SCP-082's performance.

Subject: SCP-085
Photographed Activity: Tinkering with a drawn car.
Photo Result: Engaged in the same activity; however, the photograph depicts 085 as a three-dimensional human.

Subject: SCP-086-1
Photographed Activity: Sitting on its desk with its receiver off the hook, as Drs. Margrave and Kosciuszka discuss recent studies into its anatomy.
Photo Result: A human male (identified as a younger version of Dr. [REDACTED]) is engaged in the same activity while dissecting SCP-086-1 and -3.
Notes: SCP-086 has stated that any malevolent entity capable of emulating Dr. [REDACTED]'s behavior well enough to deceive the Foundation might also have the ability to deceive SCP-978, in addition to possessing scientific curiosity.

Subject: SCP-096
Photographed Activity: SCP-096 is seen sitting in its containment chamber, faced away from the camera.
Photo Result: Picture of SCP-096's containment chamber, taken from the same angle. SCP-096 is not present in the photograph.

Subject: SCP-105
Photographed Activity: Testing denied by O5-█
Photo Result: Testing denied by O5-█

Subject: SCP-106
Photographed Activity: SCP-106 emerging from a wall.
Photo Result: SCP-106 roaming a wheat field. Appears to be approaching an old farm house, while a woman, appearing to be in her mid-sixties, welcomes 106.

Subject: SCP-131-A
Photographed Activity: SCP-131-A following Dr. Freemen after bonding.
Photo Result: Dr. Freemen playing with SCP-131-A.

Subject: SCP-134
Photographed Activity: Reading a braille copy of The Cat in the Hat.
Photo Result: SCP-134 floating unharmed in the vacuum of space, curled into the fetal position. Its eyes were closed in the photograph.

Subject: SCP-140
Photographed Activity: At rest in its vault.
Photo Result: A number of ornately-dressed women look on with approval at an assortment of human corpses impaled on stakes. Said corpses include civilians of multiple ethnicities, soldiers dressed in the military uniforms of a number of countries and Foundation, Global Occult Coalition and Horizon Initiative operatives. Background buildings are gray and appear to be made of basalt.

Subject: SCP-160
Photographed Activity: Consuming a rabbit in its containment chamber.
Photo Result: Consuming a rabbit in an environment subsequently identified as the town of [REDACTED], where SCP-160 was first captured.

Subject: SCP-163
Photographed Activity: Painting in its habitat.
Photo Result: Interacting with another member of its species in an environment resembling the landscapes in SCP-163's paintings.
Notes: A copy of the photograph was printed in UV-absorbent inks and presented to SCP-163, who refused to relinquish the photograph for two days.

Subject: SCP-166. Photo taken from twenty meters to account for SCP-166's anomalous effects.
Photographed Activity: Praying in its containment cell.
Photo Result: Roaming a field of wildflowers, catching cicadas with a bug net. SCP-166 is accompanied by an older male with similar ungulate features to itself.

Subject: SCP-168
Photographed Activity: Sitting on its table.
Photo Result: An unidentified male teenager is using SCP-168 to solve several pages of mathematical equations; several textbooks (with titles such as "Complicated Math", "Difficult Math", and "Math You Need Your Calculator For") are visible.

Subject: SCP-173
Photographed Activity: Standing in its container.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: Participants in SCP-176, photographed at 3.1 seconds through the 11.3-second cycle.
Photographed Activity:Working on the device.
Photo Result: (Unidentified researcher #1): [DATA EXPUNGED]
Photo Result: (Unidentified researcher #2): [DATA EXPUNGED]
Photo Result: (Unidentified researcher #3): [DATA EXPUNGED]
Photo Result: (Unidentified researcher #4): Kissing unidentified researcher #2
Photo Result: (Unidentified researcher #5): Using the toilet

Subject: SCP-1793
Photographed Activity: Staring roughly in the direction of [REDACTED], Indonesia.
Photo Result: Two figures (one male, one female) are stood on a hill with their backs to the camera. A concrete structure (later determined to be SCP-900) can be seen in the background.

Subject: SCP-187
Photographed Activity: Eating her evening meal while blindfolded in the cafeteria at Site 19.
Photo Result: Eating a meal in [REDACTED] (a restaurant in the town of [REDACTED], where SCP-187 was taken into custody). SCP-187's blindfold is absent, as are the visible signs of malnutrition from which SCP-187 has not yet fully recovered. No changes are observed in the meal.

Subject: SCP-191
Photographed Activity: Lying in a fetal position on the ground.
Photo Result: A fully robotic SCP-191 stands upright and stares at the camera.

Subject: SCP-239
Photographed Activity:Testing denied by O5-█
Photo Result: Testing denied by O5-█

Subject: A single umbrella under the effects of SCP-243
Photographed Activity: Floating in a containment chamber, separated from its flock
Photo Result: Photograph depicts a complex, radially-symmetrical aerial structure of unclear purpose, composed of an estimated minimum 10,000 individual animated objects. Items include various household objects, articles of clothing, pieces of laboratory instrumentation, instances of SCP-████, [DATA REDACTED], and six exact copies each of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station's A and B reactor assemblies. A mass of batteries ~12 m in diameter, believed to be SCP-243 itself, is visible at the structure's geometric center.

Subject: SCP-261
Photographed Activity: Sitting alone in its hallway.
Photo Result: The hallway is full of yen coins, to a depth of approximately 160 cm; the upper portion of SCP-261 is visible.

Subject: SCP-312
Photographed Activity: Floating in its containment chamber.
Photo Result: Photograph appears to be a unidentifiable location somewhat similar to the surface of Mars with nine (9) more instances of SCP-312 in the photo.
Notes: This may indicate that SCP-312 may not be a terrestrial species.

Subject: SCP-315-1
Photographed Activity: Being interviewed onscreen by Dr. ████ ██████ .
Photo Result: Screen is blank.
Notes: So… does this mean it wants oblivion? Or is it that 978 can't detect it? I'm missing something, I know I am. - Dr. ████ ██████

Subject: SCP-337
Photographed Activity: Braiding itself in its containment chamber.
Photo Result: A naked woman, identifiable as a bearded and fur-covered version of the late Dr. Solomon, is shampooing SCP-337.

Subject: SCP-343
Photographed Activity: Standing and smiling for the camera.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-378
Photographed Activity: Eating lichen in its containment terrarium.
Photo Result: SCP-378-3 as it appeared circa. 1962, frolicking among a field of flowers in Central Park.

Subject: SCP-397
Photographed Activity: Playing the violin.
Photo Result: Examining SCP-978; the mutilated body of the photographer is visible, with the neck of the violin protruding from his torso.

Subject: SCP-411
Photographed Activity: Sitting in front of the news bank.
Photo Result: A young male human (presumably SCP-411) is sitting in an unknown device with what seems to be a neural interface alongside 15 other human figures in similar devices.
Notes: Whatever it is, it does not exist yet. -Dr. ████████

Subject: SCP-418
Photographed Activity: Eating Foundation rations with a plastic spoon.
Photo Result: Eating a steak in a casino. A stack of poker chips can also be seen on the table.

Subject: SCP-423
Photographed Activity: Residing in a copy of The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan.
Photo Result: The room is filled with books and a person is reading in the corner, although only the hands are visible from behind a stack of thick leather bound volumes.

Subject: SCP-426
Photographed Activity: Resting on a table in the centre of my containment cell.
Photo Result: The photograph is zoomed-in further than the location of photography would suggest, and has aspect-ratio, quality, and distortion consistent with the front-facing camera of modern smartphones. I am still a toaster.

Subject: SCP-451
Photographed Activity: Weeping in Site-19 cafeteria.
Photo Result: SCP-451 lies awake in a bunk in the Site-19 sleeping quarters, surrounded by other staff members. SCP-451 exhibits a look of relief on his face.

Subject: SCP-466
Photographed Activity: Testing denied by O5-█.
Photo Result: Testing denied by O5-█.

Subject: SCP-492
Photographed Activity: Helping researchers carry lab equipment.
Photo Result: The photo is unchanged except for the fact that SCP-492 has the appearance of an actual human.

Subject: 6 examples of SCP-504
Photographed Activity: Sitting in a bowl prior to testing.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-507
Photographed Activity: Eating in the cafeteria
Photo Result: Conversing with Foundation researchers over lunch. Subject is dressed as a Foundation researcher.

Subject: SCP-516
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its garage after having been washed.
Photo Result: Sitting under trees in a meadow, with birds perched on its main gun, and flowers growing all over its chassis.

Subject: SCP-519
Photographed Activity: Mounted on its wall.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-524
Photographed Activity: Gnawing on a steel girder in its habitat.
Photo Result: Gnawing on a block of granite in its habitat.

Subject: SCP-527
Photographed Activity: Watering a small potted cactus.
Photo Result: A muscular SCP-527 wielding a large trident stands triumphantly atop the beached carcass of large, serpentine creature. SCP-644, SCP-2148, SCP-2284, and SCP-2396 stand around the defeated sea monster, cheering and applauding SCP-527. SCP-527 is still wearing its suit and top hat in the photograph.

Subject: SCP-529
Photographed Activity: Grooming herself.
Photo Result: Grooming herself in a different position; SCP-529 is shown as whole rather than bisected.

Subject: SCP-537
Photographed Activity: Playing its record.
Photo Result: Seated on a log in a swamp, opposite Kermit the Frog; Kermit is holding a banjo as in the opening musical sequence in The Muppet Movie.

Subject: SCP-542
Photographed Activity: Doing a crossword puzzle.
Photo Result: [DATA EXPUNGED] with several individuals recognizable as Foundation personnel.

Subject: SCP-548
Photographed Activity: Drinking water out of a dish in its terrarium.
Photo Result: Eating an anole lizard.

Subject: SCP-549
Photographed Activity: Rubbing its hindquarters against a tree in its terrarium.
Photo Result: Mating.

Subject: SCP-573
Photographed Activity: Laying in its container.
Photo Result: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Notes: It appears as if 573 is indeed sentient, in any case. -Dr. Bright

Subject: SCP-590
Photographed Activity: Subject is playing with blocks.
Photo Result: SCP-590's face is close up to the camera, filling the entire photo. His hands are displayed as if pressed against the lens. His mouth is open, and tears fill his eyes.

Subject: SCP-607
Photographed Activity: Being restrained while having its ears cleaned.
Photo Result: Lying dead alongside the mutilated bodies of the personnel engaged in cleaning its ears.

Subject: SCP-645
Photographed Activity: Seated in its containment chamber prior to testing.
Photo Result: Seated in what appears to be its original location in ████, Italy. It is surrounded by a large crowd of weeping people, all of whom have had both hands severed. 14 are identifiable as Foundation personnel; 19 have been identified as current and former Italian political figures.

Subject: SCP-650
Photographed Activity: SCP-650 is standing in its containment chamber, faced away from the camera in a neutral position.
Photo Result: SCP-650 facing in front of the camera in a threatening posture.

Subject: SCP-662
Photographed Activity: Posing for the camera.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-665
Photographed Activity: Drinking his evening meal.
Photo Result: Walking free and unencumbered.

Subject: SCP-682
Photographed Activity: Contained in Holding Tank.
Photo Result: SCP-682 was shown surrounded by several dead personnel, and mauling the cameraman.
Notes: Well, that was predictable. -Dr. Valence

Subject: SCP-698
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its box
Photo Result: No change
Notes: Photographer waited 5 minutes and 25 seconds, and reported being told that using SCP-978 on SCP-698 was pointless.

Subject: SCP-706
Photographed Activity: Maintaining appearance
Photo Result: A human male, and female matching the description of SCP-706's parents are holding a now human SCP-706 while sitting on a sofa.

Subject: SCP-805
Photographed Activity: Frolicking in its paddock.
Photo Result: Being patted and hugged by smiling humans, one of whom is astride its back.

Subject: SCP-811
Photographed Activity: Looking at the camera.
Photo Result: A human woman with the same height, build, and facial features as SCP-811, braiding yellow ribbons into her hair and wearing a blue sundress.

Subject: SCP-882
Photographed Activity: Testing denied by order of Dr. Gears.
Photo Result: Testing denied by order of Dr. Gears.

Subject: SCP-887
Photographed Activity: Writing in a notebook.
Photo Result: A list of names and numbers, subsequently identified as every member of the Parliament of Lithuania (current and former, beginning at independence from the Soviet Union), and their birth weight in grams.

Subject: SCP-887
Photographed Activity: Writing in a different notebook, later the same day.
Photo Result: A list of names, tentatively identified as the attendees of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, in reverse alphabetical order.
Note: When shown these photographs, SCP-887 expressed gratitude at these having been transcribed for him, and requested to be photographed regularly so as to recover from writer's cramp; request is under consideration.

Subject: SCP-890
Photographed Activity: Seated at its desk in its cell, reading a non-classified medical journal.
Photo Result: SCP-978 is visible on the desk in front of SCP-890. SCP-890 is rolling its eyes and pointing to the door to its cell.
Note: When shown the photograph, SCP-890 stated that although it would never actually "be that rude to a patient", it has "no time for hypochondriacs".

Subject: SCP-905
Photographed Activity: Standing in its containment chamber.
Photo Result: Photograph is unchanged with the exception that SCP-905 appears to be human and fully clothed.

Subject: SCP-914
Photographed Activity: Idle between tests. Picture frames 914's console and both booths.
Photo Result: No change. Careful analysis of the picture shows 914's knob is pointing to a sixth setting after "Very Fine". The label for that setting is not readable.

Subject: SCP-966-1 through 4
Photographed Activity: 966-1: Moving around 966-2; 966-2: Resting on the floor; 966-3: Cleaning its claws with its tongue; 966-4: Walking around the room.
Photo Result: 966-1: Mating with 966-2; 966-2: Feeding on a deer corpse; 966-3: Stalking an unidentified human; 966-4: Resting in a jungle-like environment.
Note: This seems to prove that, although humanoid, SCP-966 specimens do not have human-level intelligence, possessing only simple desires normally seen on other animals.

Subject: SCP-978
Photographed Activity: Pointed at a standard mirror (Men's room 4B).
Photo Result: Jr. Researcher ███████ sitting in office. The researcher's name is visible on the office door.

Subject: SCP-978
Photographed Activity: Pointed at a standard mirror (Research room 12C), operated by automated device, no sentient creatures within line of sight.
Photo Result: Photograph did not develop. Second and third attempts yielded same result.

Subject: SCP-999
Photographed Activity: Eating from a bowl of M&M's.
Photo Result: Enveloping the photographer, who is laughing hysterically.

Subject: SCP-1000
Photographed Activity: Standing mostly hidden behind a tree, cautiously watching the photographer.
Photo Result: The photographer has taken the instance's place behind the tree.

Subject: SCP-1020
Photographed Activity: Sitting inactive in its containment locker.
Photo Result: The photographer's mother, weeping, tied to a chair, with duct tape over her mouth.
Note: MTF dispatched to photographer's mother's home found her unharmed. The 6 subsequent instances of SCP-1020's letter were all addressed to the photographer, and demanded that she perform various acts of sabotage and assassination in exchange for her mother's life.

Subject: SCP-1030
Photographed Activity: Resting in a fetal position in its containment cell.
Photo Result: SCP-1030 is standing up holding the severed head of the photographer; SCP-1030-2 appears to be carved all over the head.

Subject: SCP-1040
Photographed Activity: Standing in his its containment vault.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-1048
Photographed Activity: Standing in a hallway outside the break room.
Photo Result: SCP-1048 is accompanied by a host of replicas, many of which have not been documented at present.
Notes: Dr. █████ noted that SCP-1048 disappeared shortly after she took the photo. A full search of the area is advised.

Subject: SCP-1049
Photographed Activity: Tethered to its podium while feeding on a rodent.
Photo Result: Same activity, with the exception of SCP-1049 resting on the boneless remains of the cameraman.

Subject: SCP-1054 and six instances of SCP-1054-1
Photographed Activity: SCP-1054 sitting in its containment cell, being worshiped by SCP-1054-1.
Photo Result: SCP-1054-1 appear to be ritually [DATA EXPUNGED] photographer in apparent dedication to SCP-1054.
Notes: Don't like that.

Subject: SCP-1057
Photographed Activity: Being fed in its aquarium.
Photo Result: Being fed a significantly larger quantity of food in its aquarium.

Subject: SCP-1063
Photographed Activity: Being interviewed in its habitat.
Photo Result: Seated on a fallen tree in a woodland environment, contemplating a potted plant which it holds in its hand. Its axe blade seems to be covered in blood.

Subject: SCP-1123
Photographed Activity: At rest in its container.
Photo Result: Two photographs emerged, the first displaying an online news article reporting the recognition of the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek genocides by the Turkish government. The second displayed a similar headline detailing the rise of democracy in China and freedom of Tibet and the former Xinjiang.

Subject: SCP-1156
Photographed Activity: Being interviewed in the paddock outside its stable.
Photo Result: Surrounded by four other horses (one adult female and three juveniles), in its paddock.
Notes: The photograph was shown to SCP-1156, who identified the other horses as its mate and offspring, and then attempted to purchase the photograph using its Foundation scrip. SCP-1156 was subsequently allowed to purchase a copy of the photograph for █ pounds.

Subject: SCP-1177
Photographed Activity: Eating her evening meal while reading a magazine.
Photo Result: Eating a much larger meal while reading a magazine, with a stack of other magazines next to her. Close examination reveals that SCP-1177's scars, amputations, etc., are all healed.

Subject: SCP-1192
Photographed Activity: Drawing on a piece of paper
Photo Result: A boy resembling that of Timothy ███████, showing his mother a drawing he's made.

Subject: An instance of SCP-1216
Photographed Activity: Standing on a steel table at Site-144.
Photo Result: Consuming the table and the camera with several other instances. The table and camera are broken into pieces and coated in rust.
Note: This may indicate sentience…

Subject: A captive instance of SCP-1238 during its active spawn cycle. Experiment was part of a larger effort to develop an effective means of controlling SCP-1238's population.
Photographed Activity: Being presented with a variety of Foundation-developed bait mixtures.
Photo Result: Consuming a portion of continental shelf.
Note: Worth a shot.

Subject: SCP-1284-1
Photographed Activity: Being interviewed.
Photo Result: Photograph is overexposed; no details are visible. All photos of all instances of SCP-1284-1 have been similarly overexposed.

Subject: SCP-1285
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its containment cell.
Photo Result: Photograph is unchanged, with the exception that SCP-1285's roots are wrapped around what looks to be an Oscar statuette.

Subject: SCP-1336
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its frame, depicting the molecular structure of colchicine.
Photo Result: A chemical data sheet which is not that of colchicine; actual molecule remains unidentified.
Note: Further experimentation has revealed that 978-mediated photographs of SCP-1336 in its structural depiction phase are always chemical data sheets, and that none of these have corresponded to the chemicals whose molecular structure is being depicted.

Subject: SCP-1336
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its frame, during its random-dot phase.
Photo Result: Sitting in its frame, depicting the molecular structure of a fluoxetine/remdesivir/vanadocene/glucoraphanin tetramer.
Note: Further experimentation has revealed that 978-mediated photographs of SCP-1336 in its random-dot phase are always molecular structures. As of this writing, SCP-1336 has not depicted any of those structures.

Subject: SCP-1356
Photographed Activity: Floating in a standard bathtub.
Photo Result: Being held by a child in the same bathtub, tub appears to be empty.
Note: That was unexpected.

Subject: SCP-1363-1-A
Photographed Activity: Being interviewed through D-89235.
Photo Result: Two subjects, identified as H████ D███████ and L████ S█████, standing in front of the Lady Godiva Device, smiling. D-89235 is seen sitting at the edge of the photograph, smoking a cigarette.

Subject: SCP-1370
Photographed Activity: Threatening the photographer with dismemberment.
Photo Result: Ruins which can be identified as the subterranean room housing SCP-1370's containment display, which is now exposed to the surface. Massive, rusted clockworks drenched in a greasy rain dominate the landscape. Smog obscures the sky, except for one area where a tower of pipes and gears appears to be reaching towards the full moon. There is no sign of SCP-1370.

Subject: SCP-1424
Photographed Activity: Pacing in its containment cell.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: SCP-1454-3
Photographed Activity: Watching a televised football game between [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].
Photo Result: All four members of SCP-1454 are present in the photograph: one is attending the football game in person, one is sleeping, one is using a toilet, and one is engaging a Foundation security guard in a fistfight.

Subject: SCP-1459
Photographed Activity: Stored in its containment vault.
Photo Result: Two photographs were produced. The first depicted the photographer bludgeoning a Doberman Pinscher puppy with SCP-978. The second photo depicted an oatmeal raisin cookie. Oatmeal raisin is the photographer's preferred cookie type.

Subject: SCP-1465
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its containment, listening to music.
Photo Result: Initially thought to be blacked-out, closer examination revealed the photo to be a dense collection of writings in SCP-1465's cypher.
Notes: SCP-1465 was additionally allowed to extract from the photograph and record its observations. When questioned, SCP-1465 could not immediately determine the significance of the light, but did note that it was "significantly easier on the eyes".

Subject: SCP-1468-18
Photographed Activity: Carving the text of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.
Photo Result: No change Careful analysis of the picture reveals that SCP-1468-18 is in significantly improved physical condition.

Subject: SCP-1609
Photographed Activity: Distributed in its flower bed.
Photo Result: Reassembled, and being sat in by the photographer.

Subject: SCP-1728
Photographed Activity: Conversing with the photographer.
Photo Result: Holding a bag of gold coins while being hugged by an unknown woman.

Subject: SCP-1759
Photographed Activity: Stationary in its hangar.
Photo Result: The "Lovely Lucy" figure appears as a separate entity, blowing a kiss to the camera.

Subject: SCP-1783
Photographed Activity: Standing on its hind legs in its containment safe as it attempts to peer out the porthole.
Photo Result: "Carrying" a stick in its mouth in the courtyard at Site 38 where it was previously contained. Several unidentified humans — all of whom are made of cardboard — are visible.

Subject: SCP-1802
Photographed Activity: Being interviewed.
Photo Result: Concealing the photographer's left shoe on a nearby windowsill, behind a stack of documents.

Subject: SCP-1810
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its containment cell.
Photo Result: SCP-1810 is surrounded by children. The children in the photo are visibly happy.

Subject: SCP-1849
Photographed Activity: Looking up at the photographer while eating.
Photo Result: Mating with the photographer. Appears to be saying something.

Subject: SCP-1850
Photographed Activity: Being hand-washed in its hangar.
Photo Result: Having several dead rabbits shoveled into its cockpit. Subject's propeller is spinning so fast as to be nearly invisible.

Subject: SCP-1867
Photographed Activity: Relating his discovery of the ghost of a medieval Crusader deep within Burmese territory.
Photo Result: Receiving the Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire from Queen Victoria in a lavish ceremony. Of note is that SCP-1867 is still a sea slug in the picture, as is 'Queen Victoria'; all other attendees are human.

Subject: SCP-1881
Photographed Activity: Standing in its store room.
Photo Result: SCP-1881 is surrounded by numerous children of various ages and genders and all of them appear to have quarters in their hands.
Notes: This may indicate that SCP-1881 is at least sentient to some degree.

Subject: SCP-1977-B
Photographed Activity: Resting on a table facing the camera.
Photo Result: An adult male looking through a telescope at the night sky. There is no light pollution present. Appearance is consistent with known information about █████ ██████.

Subject: SCP-2006
Photographed Activity: Standing in its containment cell.
Photo Result: Close-up of SCP-2006's face, "screaming" at the camera. SCP-2006 is in its Ro-Man form.

Subject: SCP-2273
Photographed Activity: Sitting on his bunk, reading a novel shortly after his allotted social time.
Photo Result: Two unidentified men of European ethnicity performing farm work as three women watch. The four oldest persons have a strong familial resemblance. The oldest man and oldest woman appear to be similar in age, as do the younger man and younger woman. The youngest woman appears to be SCP-191 as she would appear without her anomalous augmentations.

Subject: SCP-2337
Photographed Activity: Eating a plate of gummy worms in the center of its containment enclosure.
Photo Result: Inconclusive. Dr. Naismith, who supervised the test, later remarked the presence of a human face resembling that of Welsh musician Tom Jones.
Note: Before it fully developed, the photo was seized by SCP-2337, who tore it into pieces which it then ate. When prompted to explain, SCP-2337 replied: "Apolojones of mine, friendola. Profound embarrassassins, cack! No what-newfangles of pussycats to be am thisward, no joséways."

Subject: ●●|●●●●●|●●|●
Photographed Activity: Standing still.
Photo Result: A blank photograph with ●●|●●●●●|●●|●'s designation written on it.
Note: Shortly after it was developed, ●●|●●●●●|●●|● stole the photo before disappearing.

Subject: SCP-2547-1
Photographed Activity: Regurgitating water in exchange for an offering of peyote.
Photo Result: Reclining on a pile of furs and addressing a collective audience of nine naked humans, one of whom has been identified as Agent Miller.

Subject: SCP-2598
Photographed Activity: Circling the lighting implement within its containment cell.
Photo Result: Subject is standing in front of a miniature house with another, smaller moth. Both subjects appear to be
wearing small helmets.

Subject: SCP-2599
Photographed Activity: Attempting to solve a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle.
Photo Result: SCP-2599 is being praised by a researcher. Photo did not fully develop.

Subject: SCP-2677-1
Photographed Activity: Sitting inert in Site-2677.
Photo Result: A still shot of the ██████████ Desert in which SCP-2677-1 is located. Neither SCP-2677-1 nor Site-2677 is visible.

Subject: SCP-2703-1
Photographed Activity: Talking with D-9845 (Female, 29) during testing.
Photo Result: Both subjects are located below a large metallic arch while wearing white tunics, embracing each other. Other entities similar to SCP-2703-1 are visible in the background, staring at the subjects.

Subject: SCP-2735-4
Photographed Activity: Attempting to remove its shock collar.
Photo Result: SCP-2735-4 is motionless in the center of its containment chamber with its shock collar removed. There are several large wounds on its upper body. SCP-2735-1, SCP-2735-2, SCP-2735-3 and several Foundation personnel known to have studied SCP-2735 are also in its containment chamber. The other SCP-2735 instances display similar wounds to SCP-2735-4. The Foundation personnel appear to be drowning.

Subject: SCP-2735-1 and SCP-2735-3
Photographed Activity: Motionless in the center of their containment chamber.
Photo Result: SCP-2735's containment chamber is replaced with a large unidentified body of water. Multiple unidentified SCP-2735 instances are within frame, along with SCP-2735-1, SCP-2735-2, SCP-2735-3 and SCP-2735-4. SCP-2735-1 is constructing a device out of an unknown substance. SCP-2735-2 is emitting bioluminescent light near a large group of SCP-2735. SCP-2735-3 and SCP-2735-4 are several meters away from the other SCP-2735 instances, and appear to be communicating with each other.

Subject: SCP-2918
Photographed Activity: Stored in its hangar
Photo Result: The photograph shows SCP-2918 and Captain Derek Kato surrounded by several smiling children of seeming Middle Eastern decent. Captain Kato is embracing SCP-2918, an expression of relief on his face.

Subject: SCP-2952
Photographed Activity: Being petted behind the ears by Researcher Yew.
Photo Result: SCP-2952 has shifted onto its back. Agent Davies is now scratching its underbelly.

Subject: SCP-2979. Photographer was amnesticized upon the test's conclusion.
Photographed Activity: SCP-2979-1 sitting in its containment locker.
Photo Result: Two photographs developed. One showed an empty containment locker, while the other consisted only of a block of text:
To Whom It May Concern,
Thanks for keeping this whole thing less of a clusterfuck than it could have been. I just wish it didn't have to be this way.
Your imaginary friend,
Mr. "Redacted"

Subject: SCP-3003-3
Photographed Activity: As one instance of SCP-3003-3 visited earth for diplomatic negotiations, a photograph was taken by an agent hiding behind a bush.
Photo Result: On the photograph, the instance appears to be bound to multiple chains that show great similarities to those of SCP-3003. A head of SCP-3003-1 seems to bite into the human's head, with the victims face showing expressions of fear.
Note: Following this test, it has been theorized that the victims of SCP-3003-1 are still self aware, but are unable to control their actions.

Subject: SCP-3042, SCP-3042-1 (photographed in tandem by anomalous necessity)
Photographed Activity: SCP-3042 being held by, and licking the chin of SCP-3042-1
Photo Result: Both subjects unconscious and in close proximity in a conspicuously expensive bed
Notes: I have no idea what this picture is telling us, but if it gets that beast to calm down it’s worth looking into -Dr. Gellman

Subject: A single specimen of SCP-3209
Photographed Activity: Resting on an artificial plant.
Photo Result: A heavily distorted photo of what appears to be a teenager playing a “Mortal Kombat” arcade cabinet, distortion is consistent with overexposure and “melting.”
Note: Specimen had recently fed on a D-Class, who informed researchers their interest was video games before exposure. A test conducted 48 hours after the specimen had fed revealed no changes from the photographed activity.

Subject: SCP-3310
Photographed Activity: Floating within Crater Lake, undisturbed.
Photo Result: Scene has completely changed. A large hemlock tree now dominates the majority of the photograph, located on the shore of Wizard Island. Two unidentified humanoids are visible at the base of the tree, with one being depicted in the act of ripping out and consuming the heart of the other.
Notes: It is unclear which mythological figure is represented by each figure.

Subject: SCP-3413-A
Photographed Activity: Presenting for an SCP-3413 video.
Photo Result: Video thumbnail has changed, showing SCP-3413-A in casual clothes and an unidentified woman and child in front of the Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Video title reads "FIRST TIME BRINGING SHAUN TO DISNEY WORLD!!!"

Subject: SCP-3428
Photographed Activity: Sitting inert, partially submerged in a vat of dirt.
Photo Result: Sitting inert, partially submerged in a vat of soda. The █████Co logo is visible on the vat's insides.

Subject: SCP-3721-1
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its containment cell in the HLRS.
Photo Result: Entire scene has changed. A woman resembling the late Dr. Zellweger is teaching what appears to be an advanced neuroscience lesson to a room of students, all of whom are blond-haired.
Notes: Test conducted on 30/05/1950.

Subject: SCP-3721-1
Photographed Activity: Sitting in its containment cell in the HLRS.
Photo Result: Sitting in a ruined containment cell.
Notes: Test conducted on 30/05/2000.

Subject: SCP-3836
Photographed Activity: Modifying a Pontiac Aztek's engine system.
Photo Result: Resulting photo is a heavily blurred image of an unknown vehicle against an indistinct background.

Subject: SCP-3867
Photographed Activity: Displaying a page dedicated to Technician Empira's dog.
Photo Result: No change.
Notes: Not surprised, given I'm only really viewing what the server spits out.

Subject: SCP-4043-B
Photographed Activity: Destroying several houses in Costa Rica surrounded by multiple felines once living in there.
Photo Result: Happily sitting in a vast tundra similar to Siberia surrounded by feral cats.

Subject: SCP-4225
Photographed Activity: Sleeping in its terrarium.
Photo Result: SCP-4225 sleeping in its terrarium, intertwined with another sleeping snake of similar size and appearance. The second snake, instead of being silver and scarlet, is violet and vermillion. A line of black text runs along its back, presumably reading "Vivian the Violett Viper, by Dr. Wondertainment," although much of it is obscured by SCP-4225's body or the camera angle. SCP-4225 confirmed the second snake's identity and requested permission to keep the photograph, which was granted.

Subject: SCP-4252
Photographed Activity: Standing in 4252-A2 through -A4’s chamber, ordering the cameraman to “avert their gaze.”
Photo Result: SCP-4252 is sitting on a throne surrounded by dozens of entities similar to itself bowing, its right arm appears as it was prior to Incident-01.
Note: A painting of three entities is seen on the only wall visible, one of the entities presumably similar in appearance to SCP-4252 has had their face crudely scratched out.

Subject: SCP-4645
Photographed Activity: In its containment cell. Photo was taken shortly after Incident 4645-1.
Photo Result: Photo is of an Apple MacBook Air, lying in a destroyed city. The dead body of Researcher Jaeger can be seen behind it.

Subject: SCP-4820
Photographed Activity: Sharing a meal of its own sauteed and seasoned flesh with SCP-082.
Photo Result: The same, but a greater selection of sauces and spices is present on the countertop behind it.

Subject: SCP-4999
Photographed Activity: Standing next to a supine Stage IV cancer patient at ████████ Hospital, smoking a cigarette.
Photo Result: The same photo, except SCP-4999 is absent and the patient is standing and next to a man instead.

Subject: SCP-5094
Photographed Activity: Instructing a lesson to D-54031 on the history of Māori culture.
Photo Result: No change. Upon closer inspection, D-54031 has a star-shaped sticker reading "Super Duper!" affixed to his chest. There is a package of █████ brand peanut butter crackers next to the terminal hosting SCP-5094, opened and half-eaten.

Subject: SCP-5595
Photographed Activity: Conversing with Dir. Lague.
Photo Result: Standing behind a desk, with a name plate atop it labeled "Site-Director Geoffrey Q. Harrison".

Subject: An instance of SCP-5867
Photographed Activity: Exchanging a small branch from a recently-terminated instance with a nearby juvenile instance
Photo Result: An unidentified humanoid of indeterminable size wearing a red flannel shirt and blue jeans is stepping over a snow-capped mountain. Several hundred uprooted trees are present under its left arm, and a large metal axe is held in its right hand. A hoof, left leg, and the lower body of an unknown ungulate much larger than the humanoid is on the right side of the image.

Subject: SCP-5952
Photographed Activity: Lying motionless on the floor of its containment cell.
Photo Result: Several members of WWSCSFTT faculty stand, sit, or lie around its containment cell. SCP-5952 itself is nowhere to be seen.

Subject: SCP-6051
Photographed Activity: Resting in its natural environment.
Photo Result: Two photos produced.
First Photo Result: A large wooden cabin, well furnished with a lit fire place. Seated in an arm chair is SCP-6051, prior to the manifestation of it anomalous properties, reading a copy of 'Crime and Punishment'. 'Silent Night' entity can be seen outside.
Second Photo Result: 'Silent Night' entity is seen observing the Battle of Stalingrad with pre-manifestation SCP-6051 sitting by its side.
Note: This marks one of the few times SCP-978 produced two photos from one usage, likely due to SCP-6051's origin.

Subject: SCP-6395
Photographed Activity: Several instances of SCP-6395-B walking in the town square of Alancakaranlik
Photo Result: Several children were now shown running around playing games. Those are believed to be child instances of SCP-6395

Prompt: Construct a test log describing the test in which you were photographed by SCP-978.
SCP-6973's response:4

Subject: SCP-6973
Procedure: SCP-6973 is to be photographed by SCP-978, "The Desire Camera", a camera capable of depicting the desire of any being photographed, at the time the picture is taken.
Results: SCP-6973's photograph showed it to be in a state of self-loathing, surrounded by a black void.

D-Class Testing

Subject: D-11424
Photographed Activity: Eating in the cafeteria.
Photo Result: D-11424 scuba diving near a coral reef, accompanied by a woman and an adolescent girl that subject identified as his wife and daughter. D-11424 was allowed to keep the photograph.

Subject: D-217-017, a late-stage SCP-217 subject.
Photographed Activity: Sitting in her cell, taking her prescribed painkillers.
Photo Result: Kneeling in front of a tall obelisk. D-217-017 has been fully converted by SCP-217.

Subject: D-23192
Photographed Activity: Reading [REDACTED] pornographic magazine while wearing a helmet made from SCP-148.
Photo Result: Photograph appears blurry and distorted, but appears to involve nude human figures. In the centre of the photograph the outline of a man reading a magazine can be faintly distinguished.
Note: Result appears to indicate Telekill interference. Further tests involving SCP-148 are forbidden by order of O5-█.

Subject: D-7294
Photographed Activity: Seated in his cell.
Photo Result: Subject is playing a makeshift cello, which appears to have been constructed from the body of a female mannequin. A second cello lies broken in the corner of the cell.

Subject: D-952
Photographed Activity: Sitting alone in the Site-56 exercise yard with a neutral expression on her face.
Photo Result: D-952 is openly weeping. The sky is noticeably overcast.

Subject: D-978-432 (blind)
Photographed Activity: Sitting in a testing chamber.
Photo Result: An image of a hallway lined with large reel-to-reel audio recording and playback machines bearing the "Polaroid" logo, the company is not known to have ever made devices of this nature. The hallway is unlit except for a ray of light extending from where the image is being taken akin to a flashlight making the length of the hallway undetermined.

Subject: D-978-433, brain-dead but biologically alive via life-support
Photographed Activity: Laying in a hospital bed connected to machines.
Photo Result: The same room with empty limp skin replacing D-978-433.

Subject: D-978-434. It is worth noting after integration into the D-Class Program D-978-434 became highly apathetic and has no determinable wants.
Photographed Activity: Sitting on the floor looking down.
Photo Result: Laying on the same floor with dimmer lighting.

Testing with Foundation Personnel and Possessions

Subject: Dr. Jack Bright
Photographed Activity: Engaged in a heated discussion with Dr. Clef. Only Dr. Bright is caught by the camera.
Photo Result: Entire scene has changed. Appears to be outside, sky in background, grass in foreground. Subject of picture is simple tombstone bearing the engraving "Jack Bright, Resting at Last."

Subject: Dr. Clef
Photographed Activity: Walking away from a heated discussion with Dr. Bright.
Photo Result: Walking away from a heated discussion with Dr. Bright. Head was replaced with an image of a hand with a raised middle finger (as expected, given Dr. Clef's unusual properties). Unexpected, however, was the inclusion of a small girl wearing a white dress in the background, sitting on a desk and swinging her feet with an expression of boredom on her face. The identity of the child is currently unknown.
Addendum: Closer analysis of the photograph reveals that structures previously believed to be shoes on the child's feet are in fact polished black cloven hooves.

Subject: One golden hamster (Charles) and Dr. Fisher
Photographed Activity: Being held in Dr. Fisher's left hand.
Photo Result: The hamster is sleeping in a cage. Dr. Fisher's hand is nowhere to be seen.

Subject: One blue swivel office chair
Photographed Activity: Positioned near and facing a corner.
Photo Result: No change.

Subject: Site Director Aktus
Photographed Activity: Standing next to Researcher Conwell and Agent Navarro, discussing material related to SCP-████
Photo Result: Subject is standing between two men on what appears to be the top row of a section of bleachers, outdoors. The shortest of the men is laughing and pointing at something out of frame, the other has his hands in his pockets, and Aktus is smiling widely.

Subject: Dr. Berggren
Photographed Activity: Taking the first bite of a garden salad in the Site-19 cafeteria at precisely 10:54:00 AM.
Photo Result: Laughing and eating salad with delta blues musician ██████ ███████ at precisely 10:54:00 AM.

Subject: Agent "Mister" Bibs
Photographed Activity: Standing in Examination Room #5233, attempting to convince staff that their experiment involving SCP-███ will prove dangerous.
Photo Result: Bibs is standing with O5-█ outside of Examination Room #5233, who is smiling and patting Bibs on the back. In the background, experiment staff are seen out of breath but relieved. SCP-███ can be seen in the background, which not [DATA REDACTED] as is normal.
Note: Everyone expects me to gloat when I wind up being right. I only gloat when the people survive, thank-you-very-much. - Bibs

Subject: Dr. Cimmerian
Photographed Activity: Sitting at his desk reviewing containment procedures for SCP-2091.
Photo Result: Dr. Cimmerian is shown on a dock with an unidentified lake in the background. Also shown is a man later identified as Dr. Cimmerian's late grandfather. Dr. Cimmerian is shown holding a large fish up for the camera while both men smile.

Subject: Research Assistant Corbette
Photographed Activity: Sitting at desk, eating Corn Nuts.
Photo Result: Initially thought to be unchanged, however, Research Assistant Corbette was able to inform researchers that the name plate on his desk had changed from "Research Assistant Corbette" to "Researcher Corbette". Research Assistant Corbette expressed extreme dismay.

Subject: Agent Davies
Photographed Activity: Filing a report for an undisclosed SCP object.
Photo Result: Subject is seen with the front half of SCP-2952 which was protruding through a hole through the office floor. Davies is seen caressing SCP-2952, and appears to be highly pleased.
Note: I guess I really do love that dog. - Agent Davies

Subject: Director John Doe, Department of Unreality
Photographed Activity: A section of blank wall in Site-19's central unrestricted access corridor, located near Administrative Offices. Nobody is present.
Photo Result: Unchanged. Photo framed and now resides in Director Doe's office.

Subject: V. A. Eisenberg к.т.н.
Photographed Activity: Running a set of experiments on SCP-836 samples.
Photo Result: The photograph shows a collared lynx sitting on a Russian "troika" type-sled, in nondescript snowy wilderness. The sled is pulled by Professor Crow, Dr. Bright, and SCP-953. Upon closer inspection, the collar is seen to hold a tag with "O5-13" engraving.
Researcher Eisenberg pointedly refused to comment on the contents of the photograph.

Subject: Dr. Chelsea "Photosynthetic" Elliott
Photographed Activity: Sitting at desk writing a report on the biology of "plants" produced by SCP-697.
Photo Result: Using a jeweler's loupe and her bare hands to examine a mat of live plant specimens produced by SCP-697. Dr. Elliott is not wearing protective gear beyond her lab coat.
Note: Of course I wouldn't actually do that. I'm not an idiot. Can't a woman dream? —Dr. Elliott

Subject: Researcher Ford
Photographed Activity: Surprise and alarm covers subject's face (researcher Ford was taken by surprise while walking out of an observation of Keter level SCP-███.)
Photo Result: Picture shows Researcher Ford observing SCP-███ with the photographer inside its containment unit.

Subject: Research Assistant Fourier
Photographed Activity: Facing the camera with an expression of mild contempt.
Photo Result: Photograph appears to be plain white, except for the text "[EXPLETIVE REDACTED] YOU" printed neatly in the bottom-right corner.
Note: Thanks. —Dr. ██████

Subject: Dr. Garcia and Dr. Patel
Photographed Activity: Standing side by side, facing the camera and smiling.
Photo Result: Facing each other, each with his hands wrapped around the other's throat.

Subject: Dr. Gears
Photographed Activity: Standing in Service Hall A-9, holding a file folder in his right hand, looking at the camera with no observable expression.
Photo Result: Standing in Service Hall A-9, holding a file folder in his right hand. Dr. Gears appears to have a expression of very mild amusement. His ID card also appears to have been signed with his signature, as opposed to the standard Foundation barcode.
Note: Photo immediately seized by Site Security, and ██████ ████ remanded to custody. Request for return of photo denied.

Subject: Dr. Simon Glass
Photographed Activity: Subject is sitting in office, writing psych-reports, with a neutral expression.
Photo Result: Subject appears to be sitting on a picnic blanket in a park, laughing as a small beagle puppy licks his face, and surrounded by Site 19 and Site 17 personnel, including [REDACTED]. All pictured seem to be smiling, eating a variety of picnic foods and desserts, or engaging in a variety of leisurely activities.

Subject: Junior Researcher Hertz
Photographed Activity: Trimming beard in men's lavatory.
Photo Result: Subject, now with a comparatively larger beard, is seen kneeling over a large bronze-colored pot, whose unseen contents are copiously steaming. Subject is barefoot and clothed in what appear to be the Israelite priestly garments. Behind him is a low wall overlooking a small desert city. A number of similarly dressed individuals are also visible.
Note: I was just looking at the brazen sea? No qorbanot or anything? That's disappointing, but I'll take what I can get! —J. Researcher Hertz

Subject: Dr. Hu An
Photographed Activity: Sending a text message to her colleague in regards to said colleague's complaints of overtime work.
Photo Result: Dr. Hu An is pictured with her two younger brothers (Jr. Researcher Hu Zhi and Agent Hu Bao), side-hugging one another and posing for a picture together. All three appear to be smiling towards the camera. Notably, Jr. Researcher Hu Zhi appears to be standing on his own, and his prosthetic is not seen in the photograph. All three of them are wearing red-coloured attires, with Dr. Hu An wearing a cheongsam. Red-coloured decorations are also seen in the photograph.

Subject: Dr. Kald
Photographed Activity: Filling out medical paperwork, very bored expression on face, one eye looking at the cameraman, eyebrow raised in ire.
Photo Result: Foreground shows a man in combat fatigues with a gut wound. Dr. Kald can be seen in the background, sprinting in the general direction of the man. A First Aid kit is held in one hand, Dr. Kald appears to be shooting somebody with a pistol held in his other hand. Large sections of the surroundings are apparently enshrouded in fire.
Note: …I knew I missed working in the field, but I didn't know my subconscious was this…testosterone-laden. -Dr. Kald

Subject: Senior Researcher Kassidy Kara, Unreality Department
Photographed Activity: Sitting at their desk, with an incomplete termination form in front of them.
Photo Result: The room is empty. The form is visible in the nearby garbage can.

Subject: Dr. King
Photographed Activity: Standing in the break room and smiling towards the camera.
Photo Result: A close-up photograph of one apple seed.

Subject: Dr. Mark Kiryu
Photographed Activity: Sitting at desk reading a stack of documents.
Photo Result: Sitting on the branches of a tree, reading from a large book with an embossed cover. SCP-1457 appears to be perched on his head.

Subject: Dr. Klein
Photographed Activity: Photographed at desk, mixed expression of surprise and marked disapproval.
Photo Result: Seated at desk, mixed expression of surprise and pleasure. Protruding from the bottom of the frame is a chocolate birthday cake.

Subject: Agent Jonathan Lancelot
Photographed Activity: Socializing with members of Mobile Task Force Epsilon prior to an operation. Lancelot is the only subject within frame.
Photo Result: Agent Lancelot is shirtless and covered in viscera of unknown origin, sitting atop a rough-hewn stone furniture piece of indistinct function. He appears to be telling a story to Agents Hae and Norman, who appear to be smiling and listening intently. On further examination, their PPE have been improperly equipped.

Subject: Agent Kilroy MacLeod
Photographed Activity: Lacing a boot in preparation for a nighttime training exercise.
Photo Result: Agent MacLeod is seen sitting with his father and his younger brother at a campfire. Of note is the fact that Agent MacLeod's father died in a vehicle accident-induced coma while MacLeod was deployed in [REDACTED] with the United States Air Force prior to his recruitment into the Foundation.

Subject: Researcher Mark Metzger
Photographed Activity: Sitting in break area while writing in personal journal.
Photo Result: Appears to be a photograph of a piece of paper with SCP-085 and a drawing of Researcher Metzger embracing.
Note: By order of Director ██████, Researcher Metzger is no longer allowed access to SCP-085 and is to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Subject: Researcher Krona Midaeus
Photographed Activity: Stood outside of SCP-914 testing area before a scheduled experiment.
Photo Result: Researcher Midaeus is sat in an untidy room playing a game on a laptop. She appears slightly younger in the image.
Ah, uni. Such a good crack.

Subject: Agent Miller
Photographed Activity: Preparing equipment for a collection mission
Photo Result: Engaged in a firefight with soldiers wearing Nazi insignias
Note: I watch too many war films, don't I? - Agent Miller

Subject: Dr. Lisle Naismith
Photographed Activity: Eating lunch in the Site-59 cafeteria.
Photo Results: Posing for a hunting picture with his daughter, Penny, in the Site-59 cafeteria. Both are dressed in orange vests and hats. Penny holds a youth-grade hunting rifle, while Dr. Naismith gives a thumbs-up as he holds the corpse of Researcher ██████████, who has sustained at least seven separate bullet wounds to the head.
Note: No hard feelings, I swear, he was just the first guy that came to mind. - Dr. Naismith

Subject: Research Assistant Reject
Photographed Activity: Sitting at his desk, filing paperwork.
Photo Result: The desk is cleared off, chair is empty. Research Assistant Reject is nowhere in sight.
Note: It appears that a metal desk has more personality than that senile bastard. —Dr. ██████

Subject: Officers Efrain Rodríguez and Connor Zhou
Photographed Activity: Studying a portion of the Southern United States Extranormal Organization Cooperation Treaty.
Photo Result: The resultant photograph displays two images, depending on which side it's viewed from.

  • When viewed from the left: Officers Rodríguez and Zhou smiling at the camera with their arms around their shoulders, wearing matching sweaters. Two mugs of hot cocoa are visible on the table.
  • When viewed from the right: Officers Rodríguez and Zhou eating takeout. The various documents on their table have been crumpled.

Subject: Senior Technical Researcher David Rosen
Photographed Activity: Approving requisition forms. A supervisor is in the room with him.
Photo Result: Sitting at his desk, eyes closed. The window behind him is broken. There is nobody else in the office.

Subject: Dr. Conrad Scott
Photographed Activity: Listening to a recording of SCP-058's vocalizations and taking notes.
Photo Result: Subject is seated at a metal table in a small, bare room. A black-robed figure with a conical hood (possibly SCP-1981-1) is seated opposite him. Dr. Scott appears to be taking notes, as if interviewing the hooded figure.
Note: Dr. Scott was previously assigned to SCP-1981 before his transfer to Armed Bio-Containment Area-14.

Subject: Junior Researcher Stevens
Photographed Activity: Sitting in the cafeteria, waving at the camera.
Photo Result: Subject is using a flamethrower to burn SCP-1048 and SCP-1048-A. SCP-1048-C is in 4 pieces in the background.
Note: I still wish I'd never heard about that bear, it gives me the creeps…

Subject: Researcher Talloran
Photographed Activity: Speaking to Agent Kondraki, who is not visible in the shot.
Photo Result: Researcher Talloran appears to be female in the picture. Image is otherwise unchanged.

Subject: Agent Draven Kondraki
Photographed Activity: Speaking to Researcher Talloran, who is not visible in the shot.
Photo Result: Agent Kondraki embracing his father, the late Dr. Benjamin Kondraki.

Subject: Dr. Trebuchet
Photographed Activity: Reading Incident Report 811-██ at her desk.
Photo Result: Sleeping at her desk.
Note: Bah. Sleep can go [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] itself. I've got work to do. ~Dr. Trebuchet

Subject: Dr. Trebuchet
Photographed Activity: Passed out at her desk after 89 straight hours of transcribing interview logs. A small puddle of drool is forming on the papers under her head.
Photo Result: Still transcribing interview logs.

Subject: Dr. Vang
Photographed Activity: Taking his anti-anxiety medication.
Photo Result: Leaning against the door to a containment cell and holding a key, grinning. The face of former Governor of █████████ ████████████ is seen pressed up against a small window in the door.

Subject: Dr. Weppler
Photographed Activity: Discussing research regarding SCP-2842 with Dr. █████.
Photo Results: A still frame from the music video of the song 'Never Gonna Give You Up' by Rick Astley, showing the aforementioned singer.
Note: I'm burning this picture. — Dr. Tonne

Subject: Researcher Yehezkel Yarkoni
Photographed Activity: Drafting documentation for URA-4947
Photo Result: Relaxing on a living room sofa alongside his wife, Dr. Rivka Yarkoni, as their twin daughters collaborate on what appears to be graduate-level coursework. Several abnormally large annelid corpses are mounted on the walls.

Subject: Custodial Technician [REDACTED]
Photographed Activity: Mopping the floor after a coffee spill.
Photo Result: Scene identical except instead of oil there is a puddle of red liquid with several stalks tipped with human eyes pointed in seemingly random direction.
[REDACTED] applied for custodial service within low-risk containment chambers at one point.

Subject: [REDACTED], Mobile Task Force Eta-10 "See No Evil"
Photographed Activity: Standing in casual clothing with a neutral expression.
Photo Result: Totally black except for the text "DATA SEALED BY ORDER OF η TEN COMMAND" in the center.
[DATA EXPUNGED] apparently goes both ways.

Subject: [REDACTED], Mobile Task Force Beta-7 "Maz Hatters"
Photographed Activity: Standing in casual clothing with a neutral expression.
Photo Result: The room is much cleaner.

Subject: Dr. Dim █████
Photographed activity: Sitting on a bench.
Photo Result: Dr. Dim █████ was holding a newspaper on his left hand and an unknown brand of cigarettes on his right hand. Dr. Dim █████ is seemingly high on the cigarettes he was smoking. Cigarettes presumed to be █████-J.
Note: "Can we not talk about this again?" - Dr. Dim █████

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