Item #: SCP-947

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-947 is stored on a textfile in a USB drive. This drive is currently stored in a secure locker in the Site-42 Digital Armory. Junior Researcher Gautam Ramesh is currently working with Mobile Task Force Upsilon-4 ("Sugar Pill") to develop a countermemetic agent for SCP-947.

Description: SCP-947 is a contagious, memetic expletive defined by its creator as meaning "a really fake, annoying person or thing that you wish would just naff off already"[sic]. Any English speaker who hears or reads SCP-947 will automatically understand its definition, know the name of its creator, and begin to incorporate it into their vocabulary. Over time, affected individuals will gradually replace all expletives in their vocabulary with SCP-947.

SCP-947 first came to the attention of the Foundation on 30 June 2017, when it was used in tweets by members of the British Cabinet. The anomalous properties of SCP-947 were immediately recognized due to the insertion of its creator's name. An investigation of the Cabinet's social media activity traced the meme to a tweet made by one Gautam Ramesh, an Indian immigrant living with his parents in Leeds, England. Ramesh sent the initial infection vector via Twitter and Facebook to the social media accounts of several British defense contractors, where it rapidly spread and was able to infect the British Cabinet within two days.

Ramesh's initial tweet was as follows:

You Should Check Out This Cool Technology Or Youll Look Like A [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] [sic]

His Facebook post was as follows:

Hi All, Ive Just Come Up With A Very Cool New Technology: IDEAS IN WORDS. Help Me Spread The Word Or Youll Look Like Real [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] ' [sic]

At this time, SCP-947 is used by approximately ██% of all English speakers worldwide.

Addendum: Interview with Gautam Ramesh

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