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SCP-939-J assisting Agent Thornfield in his training exercises.

Item #: SCP-939-J

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-939-J is housed in a standard canine containment cell in Site-20. As SCP-939-J has paradoxically demonstrated a simultaneous absolute loyalty to deontological morality and the operations of the Foundation, SCP-939-J is allowed free reign throughout the facility with the accompaniment of Agent Wu.1 In the event of any unexplained criminal happenings2 SCP-939-J is authorized to take the role of lead investigator. Security personnel are to be briefed on this protocol and on SCP-939-J's anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-939-J is a 50-kilogram German Shepherd. SCP-939-J's anomalous properties are as follows:

  • Ability to speak English.
  • Inability to do anything perceived as morally dubious.
  • Ability to determine the perpetrator of 93% of criminal acts occurring within a 100-meter radius.
  • 93% increase in the number of criminal acts detected within a 100-meter radius.3

Archive of corrupted recordings:

Please note that SCP-939-J didn't actually do the things described in these logs. These are just here for posterity. -Researcher Dinkley

Incident: 20-F-90

Crime: Doctor Edward Jones found dead in Site-20 breakroom.

Audio Log:
Agent Smith had recently entered the Site-20 breakroom with SCP-939-J, and was conversing with Dr. Jones over coffee.

Agent Smith: Mind if I sit here?

Dr. Jones: Not at all. I'm in the market for some pals.

Agent Smith: Well, I'm always looking for more. The name's James. You?

Dr. Jones: Ed. What's the dog's name?

Agent Smith: He's actually a skip. 939-J.

SCP-939-J: Stop fucking calling me that.

Dr. Jones: Is he safe to pet?

Agent Smith: Yeah, he's a sweet little guy.

SCP-939-J: C'mere sunshine, you'll get your petting.

Intense growling punctuated with a snapping sound can be heard for the next 10 seconds, followed by the sound of blood splattering.

SCP-939-J: This man's been shot. The perpetrator probably used a gun. The jury's still out on whether or not they also used bullets.

Agent Smith: Like, holy shit 939-J! They must have shot him so much that his head got torn clean off!

SCP-939-J: (Softly) Heh, clean.

Agent Smith: Wait a second, who the hell shot him? EVERYBODY GET DOWN!

SCP-939-J: Hey everybody, Agent Smith just shot someone!

Agent Smith: Huh, guess it sometimes just be like that. Sorry.

Post-Incident Report: Agent Smith was apprehended and demoted to Class-D for his unprovoked murder of Dr. Jones.

Incident: 20-F-22

Crimes: Attempted theft of an SCP object, destruction of Foundation property, attempted breach of Foundation security, jaywalking.

Audio Log:
Agent Rosencrantz was walking SCP-939-J in the Site-20 recreation yard at the time of the incident.

SCP-939-J: Take me off of this leash or I will discover the resonant frequency of your brain and play it with an instrument constructed from your entrails.

Agent Rosencrantz: Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?

SCP-939-J: Ok, fuck it. There's a crime happening over that wall and it needs your attention.

Agent Rosencrantz: Crap, I'll call security.

SCP-939-J: No, they'll be too slow. You need to blow a hole in the wall and get out there now.

Agent Rosencrantz: Sharp as always, 939-J! I know I can count on you!

Agent Rosencrantz fired multiple rounds into the concrete wall surrounding the Site-20 recreation yard before inserting a grenade, blowing a sizable hole in the wall.

SCP-939-J: Here, follow me.

Agent Rosencrantz: Across that road? There's no stop sign or anything there.

SCP-939-J: You work in a building with hundreds of MacGuffins and you're concerned about traffic?

Agent Rosencrantz: Road safety is no joke.

SCP-939-J: Unlike you.

SCP-939-J proceeds to run across the road.

Bystander: Hey! That dog just jaywalked!

SCP-939-J: Fuck off. It was the idiot behind me.

Bystander: Hey! That idiot just jaywalked!

Agent Rosencrantz: Wai-

Multiple gunshots are heard from the Site-20 guard tower, followed by a dull thud.

Post-Incident Report: Agent Rosencrantz was shot by the guards overlooking the Site-20 recreation yard for attempting to deliver SCP-939-J to GOI-83054 and jaywalking.

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