SCP-938 Containment History
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March 6, 1943: In light of the tremendous electrical energy which constitutes SCP-938 and the inability of current technology to contain it, a different approach to the mitigation of its threat is necessary. Efforts should instead focus on understanding and predicting SCP-938's behavior to mitigate its threat until containment becomes feasible.

January 13, 1950: SCP-938-A has been located and is in Foundation protective custody.

July 3, 1969: Security operatives responsible for ensuring the safety of SCP-938-A and researchers assigned to study SCP-938 have been folded into MTF Theta-9, "Bad Moon Rising." MTF Theta-9 will assume responsibility for ensuring the safety of SCP-938-A candidates and study of SCP-938 as circumstances allow.

December 19, 1986: SCP-938-A has died of a heart attack. Ten minutes prior to SCP-938-A's death, an ambulance arrived at Safe House ██-█. No MTF Theta-9 operatives claimed to have requested emergency services and SCP-938-A denied responsibility. The ambulance was dismissed as a probable prank 911 call. Following SCP-938-A's heart attack, an attempt was made to contact emergency services. By the time assistance arrived, SCP-938-A had expired. Further investigation revealed the local emergency dispatch center received no initial call requesting assistance to Safe House ██-█. An emergency dispatcher on duty claimed his terminal indicated an unanswered request for emergency services at the address.

Reevaluation of feasibility of containment is underway.

June 2, 1989: Containment of SCP-938, while likely to require a substantial expenditure of resources, is believed to be potentially feasible. Additionally, a likely SCP-938-A candidate has been located. Upon construction of the necessary containment facilities, SCP-938-A will be used to lure SCP-938 into containment.

October 1, 1989: SCP-938 has been successfully captured. It will henceforth be housed within Bio-Containment and Research Site-06 Bio-Containment and Research Site-07. No testing or observation which would require or potentially allow SCP-938 to be removed from or escape containment within Capacitor Bank Zero is permissible.

September 20, 1991: Containment of SCP-938 has been compromised following a "Silent Night" breach scenario at Bio-Containment and Research Site-06. Site-06 infrastructure is not expected to be salvageable. New containment facilities must be constructed before SCP-938 may be recaptured.

December 21, 2005: On 12-19-2005, Dr. ██████ entered Storage Warehouse Zero to assist with inspection of SCP-938 containment carrying a flash drive on his person. After realizing his error the next day, Dr. ██████ reported the accidental breach of protocol and relinquished the flash drive for study, stating it was completely overwritten with meaningless data. This drive is available to research personnel for examination on request.

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