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Its Item Number
Is SCP Nine Three One;
Object Class is Safe.

Heed these Procedures,
To keep the item secure—
Special Containment.

Kept at Site-19
In a Level 2 locker,
But no extra guards.

Free access to it
Is prohibited to most:
Need Third-tier clearance.

Effects are triggered
By some images of it—
Depends on angle.

Writing about it
Will always be affected,
Despite ignorance.

A Description of
SCP Nine Thirty-One:
It is a rice bowl.

White, with a blue band,
And a crackled blue pattern
All inside the bowl.

Three inches in height,
Four point five inches across.
(Metric doesn’t fit.)

No makers’ marks found;
Suspected to have been made
Late Nineteen Hundreds.

When viewed or handled,
The item causes people
To write in haiku.

(Not the classic sense:
Themes of nature aren’t needed,
Just Five-Seven-Five.)

Speech remains unchanged,
But trying to write or type
Ends up as haiku.

Exposure effects
Wear off within a few hours
(Varies by subject).

Anything written
About it— also haiku,
Even if absent.

If written by one
Ignorant of its effect,
They’re still affected.

Its effect appears
To be memetic in source—
Though not yet proven.

Evidence for this?
Those exposed who know haiku
Write “proper” haiku.

Most people exposed,
Who don’t know these requirements,
Just know the structure.

More Information
Is in audio format—
See Doctor Stevens.

They've tried transcribing
Using Voice Recognition…
Results looked all wrong.

Addendum for Nine
Three One: This anomaly
Was used to cross-test.

Considered useful
To further contain hazard,
To keep the world safe.

Details of cross-test:
This with Two Six Seven Three
Locked up in haiku.

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