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Item #: SCP-930-J

Object Class: Euclid, if you don't let the cute little bugger out of your sight.

Special Containment Procedures: I'm in a bit of a hurry for my dinner date, but I can give you the run-down while I'm here! SCP-930-J really likes apple juice, so I have a few extra cartons in the fridge which should have enough by the time I get back. For dinner tonight, there's a box of microwavable french fries for dinner, which is around when some kids' specials should come on TV. That'll at least keep it occupied for a couple hours. Try to keep a watch on it whenever possible. If it disappears when you're not looking at it, just leave some apple juice out. Oh yeah, if you want to order some takeout or eat any meat, wait until it sleeps before going out to get something. And don't bring it back in the house. The kid likes to make a mess.

Bathing? I already gave the little tyke a bath before you arrived, but in case it somehow finds a way to get even dirtier, just start up the bath. It really likes very hot temperatures, so make sure to crank the temperature up all the way. There's also a box of rubber ducks nearby for it to chew on while it gets bathed.

If SCP-930-J falls asleep, it's best to just leave it sleeping wherever it is. If it sleeps close enough to its bedroom, you can probably risk rolling it over to the bedroom. Don't worry about the way the texture feels, it'll probably be the only time you need to touch it, but be sure to roll it back into bed as quickly as you can. Really, once it falls asleep, it's more or less out for the next 48 hours. You just need to wait until I get back after that.

If anything goes wrong and it starts acting crazed, text me and immediately sprint 50 meters out of the house. Any direction. You have my number if you need it.

Description: SCP-930-J is a cute little ball of assorted tentacles and mouths, isn't it? I named it Daniel! I tried measuring it a few times before, and I got approximately 230 cm in diameter, but it's sort of hard to do that with everything in the way. It also kept trying to bite my fingers, and I didn't want to give it a taste for blood again. I think it's mostly pacified by this point.

There's sort of weird, sticky texture that covers it. It's gelatinous, but it feels weirder than that. Do you know what rotten egg smells like? Imagine that except you feel it all over. Even though it feels weird, it'll pacify you and try to absorb you in it if you touch it long enough. Its tentacles infrequently ooze black sludge, but not too much. I wouldn't taste it if I were you.

It gets shy real easily, and wants to hide whenever it can. It'll come back quickly enough if you leave something out for it to eat or drink. The sense of smell it has is very impressive!

Discovery: Where did I find it? Well, I was driving to buy some groceries around a year ago, and I passed this farm. The farm's out of the town by quite a few miles, you might have seen it on your way here. When I passed there, I found a bunch of sheep just dead out in the front. Poor things. Absolutely torn to shreds. SCP-930-J was hopping around in a crater nearby, sounding really crazed.

I managed to subdue it before it could leave the farm and cause havoc elsewhere. I saw there were some sort of runes nearby, but I couldn't decipher them. Anyway, you can't just leave something like that there, you know? I wanted to take it back here and at least raise it until I could understand it better or whatever family it has comes to pick it up again.

Oh, no, don't worry, nothing will happen. It can be a bit of a troublemaker, but nothing you can't handle, I'm sure! You two have fun!

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